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Hello, most of you may know me as Wretchedrom. However, my name is Adam and I live in Canada, Alberta. I am fifteen years of age, but being home schooled has slightly put haste on my maturity. For my appearance I am a 6' 1" male with blue eyes and dirty blonde, recently shortened, hair. I am very active when it comes to "gaming" and you could easily label it as my top interest. Within gaming I am mainly active on Minecraft, this includes the Minecraft forums and a management position on a magnificent server. I have a keen eye for fantasy lore and stories, as you can most likely tell by my association with the server I manage. The series I enjoy most would be the Harry Potter series along with Lord of the Rings. When I was a bit less busy I would usually take a chunk of time out of my day to go on the popular MMORPG, Lord of the Rings Online. I also have an interest in vehicles, specifically cars and motorcycles. I plan to start an apprenticeship in this craft for the following year.

Those who know me online may take me as fairly serious and sometimes I can be taken as arrogant, though I do not attempt to portray myself that way. I am actually a very kind person when the circumstance calls for it. If you present me with respect you will only be given the same or more. To those who are my close friends I talk casually and release my tendencies to portray myself in a more professional manner.

My roles within the Minecraft community have mostly involved running servers, providing those in need with my advice and guidance, and contributing to any projects I view that seem worth putting my time and effort into. Past projects have led me to have a mild knowledge of web development, which has proven helpful in Minecraft when providing websites with further advancements than what is more easily accessed already. I have never gotten serious about learning others languages such as Java and Bukkit source, but I have not removed it from my list of possibilities.

Let's see...oh yes! Home schooling has shifted my behavior slightly and I now am more introverted, but not to any large extent. I still enjoy having conversations via Skype with others and gaming with people. I know a great deal about Greek Mythology and plan to visit Greece some time in my life, preferably sooner than later. I do not mind the odd vacation, but I am not a fanatic about them like many people. My home is comfortable and I am delighted to be right here.

I think that's the end of this tale, but if you are interested to know more about me or talk to me than my contact information is on various profiles of mine including Enjin and the MinecraftForums. Farewell for now.
Interests Staring at people for long periods of time; Professional Pig Riding; Ice Cube Activist;

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