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    Hello Minecraft players!

    NavalClash is a military game server that has moving modern ships. We could be considered a Post-WW2 era weapons and equipment. Missiles, Modern Cannons, Machine Guns, etc.

    • NavalClash, This server world which is based on old but not forgotten Naval Battlezone (NBZ) server, where players can build vehicles in our Shipyard world, play them on our combat world called War World 1 or WW1. Server vehicles have Submarines, Large WarShips, Aircraft Carriers, Airplanes, and Tanks! In the wild, players form Faction and go to war attacking each other's bases using the vehicles as well hand weapons. We have the TankSpawn which is exclusively for tank vs tank combat. We also have special event mini-games as well. Earn XP to level up and get additional plots to build your creations and bring them to LIFE! Vehicles do not need to be refilled, no does guns needs to be filled with ammo, it's built in!


    NavalClash powered by a modified Movecraft code that was created by Maximuspayne back in January 2012.
    Maximumpayne has returned and works as a freelancer to help update our new server under the ownership of Droopstarfish come back to life since NBZ ended in April 2017. The server merged with rival Navycraft server, IronSeas bringing new features to the Navycraft thanks to IronSeas developer, Solmex.

    Join the community! Talk to fellow players on NavalClash's Discord Channel and is now MC 1.12 version after many years being 1.8.8.

    Come play and enjoy with us. PLAY.NAVALCLASH.NET

    For instructions on How to play, see our Wiki for Help!

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    Question will be will it capture the magic Mojang and Minecraft had before it was purchased? There hasn't been any significate development that has enhanced minecraft experiences as much as it used too.

    Biggest development has been Minecraft Earth. However, i don't see the lure of it.

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    I'm just sticking with 1.12.x and that's that. Mojang's team is coding and not doing enough testing see what their code doing on lesser machines. I know MS tries force people to upgrade, but that not always option. I play only on semi-vanilla servers and modded servers. 1.13.x stuff is just too iffy with the mc now.

    I wish to hell they would done more testing before releasing this version. I wonder how soon 1.14 suppose to be coming since it suppose to be the other half of the update for the Java users.

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    Quote from DaBiggman»

    Wow, a year later and still not released?

    Rather see them get it right than hurry and make mess of things.
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    Hi Cuchaz

    I'd really like to see steam engine.

    I've tried other movecraft items, only thing i personally dislike is how long fuel lasts on the powered ships. Which distracts from doing say combat and so forth. I guess depends on what your aim with the minecraft vehicle.

    As for your payment idea, i'm not sure. However being transparent about what your working is a good thing so they know what their backing.

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    Quote from MrPyle»
    The xBox version already employs this model. Texture packs, skins, avatar items ... all for a fee. With minimal freebies here and there. What does that mean for the future of MC?? Get your wallets out.

    Mojang I think was mostly in it for the love of the game and community. Microsoft ... loves money.

    I have to agree, that freebies isn't going make MS purchase of Minecraft and Mojang profitable. it depends if the leadership of MS will change. If it does, its different ballgame. The community needs to hold on and not give up itself to self-destruction.
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