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    posted a message on Best farmable food (melon, potato, etc)
    Focus on carrots mostly. Even when eaten raw —without making golden carrots out of them— they're still way above wheat; same production costs for bigger harvests. If you plan to fully automatize the farm then pick melons, however. And as everyone said, wheat is a must if you'll be keeping animals.
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    I play Classic perhaps once every few months, but I agree wholeheartedly that the Classic version is a completely different experience.

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    posted a message on Stories of Survival and Hardship
    Do you guys even feel like you're playing Minecraft with the ­ ton of guns and tanks?

    Good storytelling anyways.
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    posted a message on SummerFields - 1.11 Update! (NOW WITH MOAR GROUP EFFORT!)
    Couldn't wait until you uploaded the resource pack version of this.

    I just noticed the horse life gauge is apparently missing.

    Still a fantastic work — Summerfields is by far the resource/texture pack I use most of the time.
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    posted a message on Help me please.
    Quote from OliTrick
    I just got one more post so i'll explain: SergioFah ( hoster ) said that weren't any mods on the server and he was playing with us all the time. No one joined the game when we were playing. And i still want to know how does appeared a Herobrine Warrior and a Demon mobs with nameplates and those custom sets.
    It's simple. Either

    I. Your friend who hosted the server lied to you and did that on purpose to scare you, or
    II. You're lying here trying to start a Herobrine thread.

    Can some admin lock this thread, please?
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    posted a message on Touhou Items Mod [Version 2.90.1] [June 4/2016] [Check the 32nd Page]
    This looks very well done. Can't wait for the update to the 1.6.1 game version.

    Quote from SaikouTM
    I just noticed that the title of one of the video say ANIME weapons! TOUHOU IS NOT A FREAKING ANIME!!!!!1 èoé
    You know, the Touhou fanbase is horrible and pathetic just because of people like you. Imbeciles who believe they own the franchise or something and think Touhou is going to get away from their hands if an official anime is done of it and masses of people get into it — to begin with, it is incredibly mainstream and well-known on the anime/manga fanbase already.

    Touhou has been an anime ever since people made fanmade PVs and OVAs about it. Deal with it.
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    posted a message on Horses... a cheap shot.
    I like how the OP admits the introduction of horses attempts to please the community and then goes to dismiss them because he doesn't like them and disregards the thoughts of those who do by telling them to go play something else — effectively rendering his post as "stop liking what I don't like".

    You're a month or two late for the whole horse hating bandwagon, kid.
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    posted a message on is creeper racist
    2/10 for actually making me fall for this for a second.

    Quote from Charrax
    Nobody knows what racism is anymore.
    The people from the US are completely obsessed with racism — they label as such pretty much everything that doesn't give feminists, jews, blacks, and Latinos an extremely high upper hand over the majority of the population.

    Minorities in America use racism as a scapegoat for demanding unfair benefits from the government, such as welfare, and the population masses buy into that and fill themselves with an absurd guilt.

    Not being racist isn't about hiring black people in an all-white staff or about forcing Black History Month on TV. That's racism towards the majority. True equality is not giving a damn about what other people's skin colour is when it comes to judging their mindsets. (And anybody who bases his own mindset on his own skin colour is pretty dumb to begin with.)
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    posted a message on Replacing the Wool in Pyramids (Implemented)
    Quote from Little_Nick
    a pyramid should not be a partially flammable structure.
    Saying that with a blaze avatar... actually looks quite hilarious.

    (No offense intended, I am legitimately saying I found it funny.)
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    posted a message on ★ Kurdish Language Suggestion ★ PLEASE READ ★
    Complete support. Making new language packs is extremely simple —comparatively— and there's no reason to not include a real language when useless, purely cosmetic packs like Esperanto, "Pirate", Quenya and Klingon are already included without any further problems.

    Quote from gypsyblackmagic
    it isn't cheap to get things translated and then verified to make sure it's all correct and non-offensive. Speaking another language doesn't entitle you to translations, minecraft is a privilege, not a right.
    It's extremely cheap in this particular community, even more so when the OP offered to do the translations himself, and anyone that purchases the game is more than entitled to suggest changes. That's why companies have marketing departments.
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