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    Whoever's idea it was to "just sleep" should have stayed in bed and left everybody else alone. It's not my bedtime, it's your bloody bedtime. When I play Minecraft, I sleep when I want to sleep.

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    There's nothing juvenile or childish about building a castle in a 3D simulation game, mate.

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    Support for this map, and all other Worldsshrugged maps from its age, are now discontinued. Quite simply, it's just been too long. There wouldn't be much reward for fixing or upgrading maps like The Button or Assault on the Creeper Fortress now that Minecraft 1.4 and 1.3 are long gone. This map was going to have a sequel, but as of a few months before now, that plan is not being considered.

    I am currently in the process of a "re-pilot" for map creation, starting my first post-1.12 map at an unknown date, which will eventually result in elements from all six of the old maps being salvaged, recycled, and then reused inside much more playable creations.

    Notice: You will spawn in the wrong place in Multiplayer! To fix this, you must use /tp @a -369 4 -913 And then have each player take turns in the bed or use the spawnpoint command.

    Boxes of the Chambered is a map about a man stuck in imprisoning boxes filled with monsters. It is my second challenge map released, but it should have been my third because I started another map before it called Nostalgia Dungeon, but I rejected it because it was too problematic. This map is somewhat short, but I will make a much longer sequel to it. The goal is simple, reach the end (not the dimension).

    1: You will need at least Minecraft 1.2 to play this map.
    2: This map contains no dimensions besides the Overworld, however, there are mobs from The Nether. If you want to see them legitimately first and haven't already, do not play this map.
    3: There are secret chests, but no score-based items such as gold ingots.
    4: If you somehow end up outside the right part of the map, you may kill an Enderman and use his pearl to get back in.

    1: Do not play on Peaceful.
    2: Do not break blocks that aren't torches.
    3: Do not place blocks that aren't torches.


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    posted a message on Some presets you might find useful UPDATE(W/Pictures and Better Names) (More to Come when I make good presets)

    Actually you got it right. Way better than all those other people who like to litter this forum with seed requests and survival maps they built for some reason.

    As for this topic, great! There's not much of a description or any images, but it's good to have more than one preset to a page, and the spacing out of variables is great. I had no idea how much I always wanted to have this visual clarity in preset codes until now.

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    In addition (sadly) Mojang's biggest weak-suit is coding pets in a way that makes them consistently work. We're still at a point where even wolves kinda suck, and they were added in mid-beta.

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    posted a message on "Majestic" Super varied terrain prone to enormous mountains and floating continents mixed in w/ normal land apparently at random

    God, the Minecraft Forum website designers need to improve their stupid attachments system; they said they'd make browsing pictures that people upload breezier 2 years ago.

    Great preset, anyway. I'd try it out myself, but I'm sure it would completely overload my computer. Did you think of putting certain minerals in only the highest mountains as a gameplay quirk to make finding diamonds or so and so more interesting? I once did that with lapis, making it generate only in the highest hills of a low base preset I made.

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    I hate to be very indirectly helpful, but... I really think for this information you should just read what it says about each slider on the wiki. Here's the exact page I'm thinking of.

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    OK, this is straight freaking impressive. I really want somebody to use a world like this next time they host a let's playing server.

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    posted a message on 1.11 News and Updates - [Information from Mojang AB]

    I was a bit hesitant to post this, worrying that people would have some problem with it or because somebody could make all my work obsolete with their own post, but now here it is, and with a bit of work left out. So, here's all the Minecraft screenshots I took at the crack of dawn with great difficulty this morning, but without the yet-another-laborious-step of me adding descriptions to a Minecraft Forums post. For now, here's just the pictures:

    And so we now wait for Wednesday. :)

    Update: Yes, I have realized. Somebody else made a picture post. Luckily it wasn't the same images at all. Edited post to better arrange the images to show a more chronological order.

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    I'd probably watch, but I'm pretty sure your microphone is picking up low-key mouth noises.

    My old nemesis: Mouth noises in almost every Minecraft video...!

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