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I believe it shall all be archived. Until next time, dear fanbase.

Serial artist and proud creator of some pretty good ideas. Not as good at physically manifesting the ideas as I am at making them up. Necessarily.

Extremely regretful about my teenaged past with these forums. Sorry mapmakers. Sorry POTC redstone recreator. Sorry Aether Mod guy...

Also had my fair share of pain from multiplayer in tandem with Let's Play serieses from the past. Most of it was the wrongdoings of others, and I like to think I was nice to the people I called friends. I'm also more sensitive than 2011 Worldsshrugged would have made you think.

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Adventure Time

The Amazing World of Gumball

Minecraft roleplay videos, IF well executed. Usually they are not.

Minecraft but it's well-balanced, challenging, and hella-nifty.

Location New Zealand

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