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    Quote from Naao

    Make sure to play with the 'custom colors' setting as well, if you set it to on, you should get grass that is more of a dark green. (I'm using JS technician's mix with A4)

    Aha. Custom colors was already set to on, but I toggled it off, then on again and that fixed it. Thanks! No more purple swamps!
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    I've seen this mentioned, but after a search I didn't find a solution.

    I'm running a John Smith texture pack, with Optifine 1.5, current release. I have Swamp Color set to ON.

    My swamps look like this (left side)

    It's just the purplish overlay. I checked, and I do have custom "swampfoliagecolor.png" and "swampgrasscolor.png" in the /misc folder, and they look fine. I just tried swapping in the ones from SphaxBDcraft, and there was no change. Any suggestions?

    In addition, custom sky is set to on, and the skybox is correct, but the sun is the default square. Same with the moon. But the sky, sunset, and stars are the custom ones. The files look fine. Any help?

    UPDATE: I just tried removing the custom swamp color files, to see if I could get it to revert to default. The trees and grass stayed purple. I then tried setting to "Swamp Colors: OFF". Plants are still purple, but the swamp water is blue now. So it's, like, half working.
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    Quote from Greenhawk837

    JohnSmith:Legacy V1.0.1

    <FIXED> potato and baked potato textures swapped.
    <CHANGED> new Wither Skeleton texture to match new Wither Boss.
    <ADDED> recolour of EchoZeero's Squid texture.
    <UPDATED>icons.png with new boss health bar and connection icons.

    :o Woah! I'm really honoured by this, guys. And that is a totally rad edit of the Wither Skelly.

    And thanks for the potato fix, I was confused when my furnace started un-smelting stuff!

    EDIT: OH! Anyone using this pack, and Optifine: are you getting weird colors in the swamps, different lighting on sideways logs, and the default sun and moon? Because I am.
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    I forgot to mention:
    That Wither texture is a combination I put together of the wither skull from the JS pack, and the body of the Wither drawn by SilverLimit, intended for the Summerfields pack (though I believe not included). I altered colors, and added the glowing, but I should really give credit for the base pixel art. Sorry I didn't mention it sooner.
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    The Wither

    Fiddled with this tonight, not 100% on it, but at the very least it's a placeholder:


    Invulnerable Wither

    Not sure about .png names, sorry!

    If someone wants to give suggestions, or take a crack at this, I'd appreciate it. I almost feel like the "bone" part of him isn't dark enough.

    UPDATE: I darkened the background of the skin a bit, fixed an error with it's mouth, and dimmed the blue glow on the standard one a little. I think it looks better now.


    Invulnerable wither
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    I noticed in vanilla that when the comparator is powered, the quartz lights up a little, so:

    With quartz that glows (it's subtle)

    With quartz that does not glow

    Unpowered with quartz

    Fixed the "repeater wiggle": the powered and unpowered repeaters now have aligned triangles
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    Hi guys. Since it's going to get super easy to customize texture packs soon, I thought I'd drop off a few of my personal texture edits in the new format. Most are edits of the great work people here have already done, and a one or two are 100% custom. Not expecting everyone to jump on these, just putting them out there.

    Also: has anyone noticed that the chiseled-in-stone triangle on the repeater shifts between the on and off states?

    The vanilla E-chest has an eye of ender on the front, so I edited the JS e-chest a bit.

    I really liked the bench in both John Smith and in Sphax, so I merged them together.




    I know people like the glowstone to look like lamps, but that bugs me. Here it is as a crystal.

    Added quartz to the comparator:


    Blue version of the amazing beacon block someone made here.

    This isn't perfect, but I love the effect it has when it comes creeping over the horizon.

    Creeper pumpkins. I don't know if the animation file for the Jack is broken, I guess it'll need a text file.

    And I gotta say: the newest versions of the quartz blocks are gorgeous. Great work. Though, I might tweak the chiselled lines a bit lighter for my pack, but I love them. You bunch have been busy!
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    Hey everyone, thanks for the attention so far, and the positive comments. I was a bit nervous doing this..

    Ice: That's just a suggestion. I'm more than happy to discuss alternatives, so suggest away, I'll update the OP if we come up with something good. However, let me explain my reasons for ice: There's a balance reason, and a "minecraft physics" reason.

    My balance reason is straight forward: you can't get ice right away. you can build hoppers as soon as you can smelt iron and afford them, so the basic shipping technology is available very soon. But pipes, a massive advancement to the technology, would only be available once you managed to enchant a silk-touch to get ice. You'd need diamonds, obsidian, books, and enough XP to get it, plus it would encourage people to look around and find the right biome. So it requires time and effort to be invested. But ice is renewable, so we're not using up our glass or diamonds to build these systems.

    So, while this would immediately be available to a seasoned player, it would make pipe technology a goal post, a big achievement, to new players and new play throughs. The same way that enchanting isn't immediately available.

    The "Minecraft physics" reason is that it fits. Ice ships items in water streams quickly, and as a transparent block it can ship items up if you use ice and sticky pistons to press items into a vertical column of blocks. Basically, pipes take both those properties, and compact them. So it's sort of a weird logical extension of ice's player-scale properties into a block-scale property.

    But, I'm more than happy to discuss better crafting recipes. The goal is to keep it balanced, interesting, and simple.

    I'll be back later, time to hit the gym and eat!

    Quote from Badprenup

    The one thing I'm not sure on is if they should ship items instantly or not. It all depends on what would be less resource intensive for the game.

    This is also a really good thing to discuss. I went with "instantly", because the logic is already worked out with the hoppers, it means the pipes don't need an internal inventory, and it makes them different than the Buildcraft and other pipes. Basically, it prevents logic problems like "what if the item is on it's way, and the target inventory fills up while it's moving?" The answer is "it gets there right away."

    But, that also might be super overpowered. Balance is just as important here as simplicity.
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    Now, Mojang has said "No pipes, use minecarts."

    Well, I take issue with that. I feel that we're all getting unduely penned in. With hoppers coming to Vanilla, it's silly having our only options for moving things up in our machines be "use minecarts (with an automatic minecart station required, but never mentioned)" or "use transparent block item elevators", which take up a lot of space and aren't necessarily sticking around.

    Pipes have been suggested a hundred times, but I'm suggesting them restrained. I'm suggesting them with only one type of pipe, many limitations, and functionally all they do is tell Hopper A that it now feeds into Block B, which is over there at the other end of the pipeline. They're nothing more than a direct extention of the Hopper's existing capabilities, plus the ability to go upwards.

    So, for your consideration, Simple Pipes: they're worth a look.

    So there you have it. A simple and limited edition to the existing hopper system. Branching and combining pipelines can be handled by intermediate hoppers and chests, sorting can be completed with current hopper methods, as can switching by locking hoppers with redstone.

    I'm not asking for much, and I'm not expecting much to happen. But it's worth an attempt, and I think this limited form of pipe fits the sort of gameplay style that Minecraft is known for, and will work well with the hopper block being developed.

    Followup: I also tried to post this in the Minecraft Suggestions Reddit, and I don't know what I did wrong, but I seem to have messed it up. Never used Reddit before.
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    People have trouble with this because there's no official documentation, and the grammar used on the wiki is able to be parsed in two different ways. The degrees aren't my issue, the lack of clarity about vector length was.

    IronMagnus: Thanks for the heads up. Like I said, it wasn't clear if it was random per Stronghold or per Map. Ok, well, at least this means I know what line to set myself perpendicular to for Eye-throwing, and a convenient starting estimate on distance.

    We blundered across the first Stronghold on my server, because the arbitrary spot we found that was big enough and flat enough for our shared village turned out to be 160 blocks due south of the End Portal. Completely random luck.
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    Sorry to re-animate this thread, but I googled my way across it, and am currently facing the same issue. I've located one Stronghold, but need the other two.

    The issue is: when a map spawns, does a random distance from Origin get selected, and then used to place all three strongholds? Or are the directions-from-Origin (vectors) selected, and then each stronghold gets a random distance that isn't shared.

    That's what I can't work out.

    If we assume that all strongholds on a map spawn with a shared distance from the (0,0) origin of the map [in other words, if you can draw a perfect circle through all 3 strongholds, and the center of the circle sits right on (0,0)], then the math is easy.

    Let's call Xa and Za your first stronghold's coordinates.

    To get stronghold #2, the math is:
    Xb = (Xa * ( - 0.5)) - ( Za * (0.866)) <---- Remember the negative sign on the 0.5!
    Zb = (Xa * ( 0.866)) + (Za * ( -0.5)) <---- Remember the negative sign on the 0.5!

    To get stronghold #3, the math is:
    Xc = (Xa * ( - 0.5)) - ( Za * ( - 0.866)) <---- Remember the negative sign on the 0.5 AND 0.866!
    Zc = (Xa * ( - 0.866)) + (Za * ( -0.5)) <---- Remember the negative sign on the 0.5 AND 0.866!

    So, for me:
    Stronghold 1 is at Xa = 518, and Za = -165.

    and my math, assuming equal distance, says:
    Xb = -115, and Zb = -532
    Xc = 402, and Zc = -366

    If they don't share a distance from center, I'm toast. That just gives me a direction to walk. Which means I have a line that it should have spawned on, so I'll have to go toss ender eyes, see where the flight intersects with my math-line, and find out.

    I'll look for them this week. If I find them, I'll do the math and answer if Stronghold distances from center are equal or not.

    (I don't think they are. :SSSS: )
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