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    Quote from Chewy2014

    I'm kind of wondering, you've thought this through a lot, haven't you? Also, the reason everything is so easy to get is because the mining isn't working properly. I had a choice to add armor or proper mining, and everyone wanted armor. However, I think I've figured out how to use ToolUtils, which will fix the issue with the easiness.

    Regarding the tools being useless: I wanted the mod to add special tools and blocks. The tools are made to be useful, but work in the same linear progress as the vanilla game (like when you mine diamond, almost everything is useless to you afterwards). And making the alloy was supposed to remove the other two blocks, but I had some issues with that. I will work to figure that out soon though.

    Awesome textures! I will add them to the OP.

    well i didn't though about it it is just things that apeared obvious to me ingame, and i tryed to convince you.
    But yea aparently it is more hard to do it than to think, so don't bother with that , well exept for the sword , i want my super sword :tongue.gif: (for now i need to install black diamon to get the sword witch is little anoying).

    However the v1.4 is horrible for me, i found no way to get alloy :sad.gif: since infinitium, requier alloy to be mined ( in v 1.2 there was still obsidian tool able to mine infinitium)
    also the lavarock give block ore when mined when in v1.2, it gave the inget , plus the fact that lava ore block can't be melt.
    -> mean impossible to get legitimly alloy and lava rock tools :'( , not that it bother me a lot for lavarock but i hoped lavarock pick to mine infinituim: witch btw could have been very interesting and make the alloy hard enough to find...
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    -IGN (In game name): Wootsicle

    -Why you want to join: I've been looking for a Survival Server to build on with people (rather than alone) for a while, and this one seems nice.

    -Age: 20

    -Experience: I've been playing Minecraft since the only blocks available were Cobble, Dirt, Stone, and Planks. Have been admin to Creative Mode servers multiple times, and have run my own servers before, in fact my personal server will be up again after this weekend. But I'm looking to play on a server with a larger amount of people on it when I'm not just playing with my close friends.
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    Ah, I love it.
    Thanks man. I'll be using this one for a while.
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    Yes, I mean that guy.

    I was checking out google for some better in game images, but it seems more difficult to find good ones than I had expected.

    I'll also try to find a head on shot.

    Here's a pretty good shot:

    http://media.urbandictionary.com/image/ ... -25931.jpg
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    I want someone to make me the skin of Doom Guy.
    I will love you forever. :biggrin.gif:

    http://www.dzarchive.com/iragination/cl ... oomGuy.jpg


    Four seconds after posting this I noticed that there's ALREADY a skin request forum. Geez, these guys are on top of things, eh?
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    Quote from Anvilfolk »
    I'm with Krynvelhat on this one. Don't make loads of stuff necessary to start playing just because of idiots.

    A simple votekick procedure should work. As long as a predetermined percentage or number (%s don't make sense of there are 32 people on the server, I'd say 5 or 6 are enough) of the players chose to kick some guy, he'd get kicked. The number or % could be higher for a voteban.

    It'd also be much better if you didn't have to type it in the console, which might be a bother for a few of the players. A simple point and click interface would be handy.

    This is silly. I have been in games where people have claimed that someone is griefing, and with the current system, there is NO WAY to tell if they're telling the truth.

    On the Huge maps that are being used in Multiplayer, something needs to be implemented to at least identify who it is that's griefing.

    Maybe next to everyone's name in the Tab list, you can have a number displaying how many blocks they've deleted in the last 5 minutes (the only problem being that, anyone making a tunnel can cause a griefer to go "Ohh, this person is griefing, ban them!" Maybe only count blocks that were not map generated). With something this simple, as well as a votekick (probably with a SHORT ban, in order to stop it from being abused), it would be easier, but still not easy, to slow the griefing down.
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