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    I haven't seen anyone mention this but in flatcore this is being discussed quite a bit. It is very cool to see a variety of plants growing in villager farms but the ammount of food you can get in one quick run is a little over powering... it really takes survival elements out of the equations. In a number of tests I did I found myself getting 50+ Carrots, 30+ potatoes and about 30+ bread just from quickly harvasting a single village. I think the ammount of food in villages needs a good tweaking.

    Potatoes seem to be alright they heal for .5 hunger and need to be cooked to be effective, and you one get 1 - 4... spending coal/charcoal seems reasonable trade off to make these nice to have. The real problem seems to be carrots they fill 2 food, don't need to be cooked, and drop in multiples.They are still nice to have for astetic and variety reasons, but for survival purposes they seem a tad bit over powered and could use a little blancing.

    Wheat is quickly losing its potential as a food source because its inneffient compaired to carrots, and wheat production seems to be replaced by a easy way to make emeralds for villager trading. I'd hate for it to be its only useage.

    Seems to be a pretty petty complaint, but it is something I found a bit annoying and took the difficulty away from fun survival modes like flatcore.
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    My pickyness when starting a new world... unless its a challenge map or something I end up spending 5 hours looking for the perfect spot... find it play for a few days and end up creating a new world.
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    I'd be willing to spend more than 50 cents, maybe 2 bucks. Would be a great way to fund projects. Funny lots of community members are willing to spend more to support Mojang, most would be rather upset if this idea was suggested for other companies.
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    I'm still under the assumption that there are too few mobs. Their distribution seems to be a little off as well... I mean I have worlds where you can walk a whole biome and not see an animal then suddenly 12 all spawn in one place.

    Personally I'd like to see more mobs, a few more passives, a few hostile day time animals, different types of sentient mobs (goblins/pigman villages specifically), and a few more types of enemy mobs but done in such a way that they are unique to a certain biome, dungeon, abandoned mine or some sort of other area to make them tougher.

    The ocean could really use some work.

    If MC never got another mob after this update... well I could live with that but personally I'd like to see more and slightly more interesting mobs. Mobs that manipulate the world a bit would be the ultimate addition to me, I'm mainly thinking the testificates or other villager mobs... but I would not be opposed to Bees or Ants (or something along those lines) gathering materials for a independent small colony.
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