About Me

Hey! I'm Ryo, but you can call me Ryo! I'm 9-14 years old (i won't tell my actual age but it's something between 9-15) I like red, black, white, grey and green. I'm always happy to talk with someone and i’m usually online. I'm building a city for my future roleplay and here to find trusty players to help me! it takes time and i want to make the city faster, so i decided to find players to help here! Interested in being in a future roleplay, maybe building or just trying to find a friend with whom you can play? Feel free to talk with me! You can message me on IG: Wooflie_Ryoko, FB: Ryoko Dragolf, Twitter: Wooflie and Twitch: wooflie_ryoko. I hope i'll find trusty players to help!


Playing minecraft, watching mc roleplays, building, talking, listening to music (Dupstep, electro house and random remixes), drawing, writing stories, making characters and just being on the internet (memes, videos, pictures, etc.)

Profile Information

Minecraft Wooflie Twitch wooflie_ryoko