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    Murder meh
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    Ok! This is my first texture pack, i hope you like it!
    It makes minecraft have a cartoony feel to it (hopefully ^^)
    Any feedback is appreciated including media, such as photos and videos
    Overall, if you like my texture pack, please try to get it around! The last texture pack post (which was just like this one) was taken down due to unpopularity. Lets try to prevent that this time!

    Feel free to use my texture pack in photos in videos! But if you do, please include link to this post! Thanks!
    BUT do NOT under ANY sircumstances say that it is your texture pack!

    Banners! Please use them if you love my texture pack! Thank you!





    PIxeltoon Pack V1.0

    Pixeltoon Pack V0.8

    Change log:

    - Made actual pack xD
    - Did terrain
    - Did pack logo
    - Did both large chest/normal chest





    EDIT - Hmm.. Ive been noticing most of the members that see this top are guests. Which kind of sucks cuz they can't reply! So if your a guest and your reading this, please, please sign up to reply to this! Or tell it to your friends, etc! Cuz i really need more replys or this is gonna be taken down like last time! Thnx

    EDIT - Hmm... It seems people actually like this texture pack. And I hate it when some1 doesn't update something you like! So... I WILL ACTUALLY WORK ON THIS :biggrin.gif:

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    Please don't hurt mehh....
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    Quote from zekerman99

    i shall trap a goat and call it......... george

    That made me lol so loud for some strange reason....
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    I solute to this idea! i will try to make this mod! I just started modding and i have one mod out. Check it out! But srrsly, i will try to make this happen!
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