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    posted a message on Looking for a Co-op High Fantasy / Adventure Map or Quest Maps

    Hi. Just got back into Minecraft after like four years. I'm looking for some sort of Co-op high fantasy (think Dungeons and Dragons or Lord of the Rings) type adventure maps, for 3-4 players. If not high fantasy, at least like the open world quest-type maps with NPCs and a good solid story line.

    I'm not particularly looking for strictly puzzles, but puzzles within the context of the story would be cool. And definitely no levels or teleporting. Just something that's adventure.


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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Jbond98's Beginner/Advanced ModLoader Minecraft Modding Tutorials! -Everything Updated to 1.4.7! [Updated 1/23/2013]
    Also, how do I make it so when killed with a specific sword I made, mobs drop custom Items?
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Jbond98's Beginner/Advanced ModLoader Minecraft Modding Tutorials! -Everything Updated to 1.4.7! [Updated 1/23/2013]
    Data Values?

    like red wool and white wool.

    How can I have one item that is green, and another item that is the same ID but with a different data value that is red.

    I also want them to have slightly different properties. One spawns a skelly and the other spawns a creeper.

    Also, spawning mobs off of an item like spawn eggs.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Jbond98's Beginner/Advanced ModLoader Minecraft Modding Tutorials! -Everything Updated to 1.4.7! [Updated 1/23/2013]
    Hello! You're really, really good at tutorials! The best I've ever seen! I really do hope you keep making this to the 250 mark... I want to learn that :DD
    Quote from PikaRock2882

    Hmmmmmmm...I never tried to make a minecraft mod but I can give it a shot i hope you don't stop this anytime soon because I can see this being very helpful.

    You're pic perfectally matches that >.>
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    posted a message on Assassin's Creep [Hardcore RP] [Bukkit] [Spout] [Custom Weapons] [Whitelist] [Strict Apps]

    IGN: Plazmotech

    Age: 14

    Role-Play Experience: I have a good amount of roleplay experience. I have joined lots of RP serves in the past, some of which do not exist anymore, and I have played my share of D&D as both a dungeon master and a player.

    Why us?: I have stopped playing Minecraft for a while, and now I got back into it. I absolutely LOVE roleplay, but I couldn't find the servers I used to go on to. So, I browsed the MC forums, and this looks absolutely magnificent!

    Time you can dedicate: Lots. I spend pretty much all day on the computer (after school of course). So as long as the server is fun and has cool people, LOTS.

    Have you played AC?: I do not own a copy of the game, as I do not have a video game console. Although, my good friend owns all three of them, and I have played the game a bit at his house. I know what it's all about.


    Name: If it has to be Italian, Brizio, if not, Akihisa.

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Fears: Brizio is not a man of too many fears. Although, he does fear isolation. and by isolation, I mean total isolation for a long period of time, like in abandoned town. He also fears spiders, and big unstable bridges.

    Personality: Brizio is an upbeat man. He actually likes working, and his dream job is owning a successful craftsman and beer shop. He gets along well with others. But if somebody insults him, he can snap. He detests people who do harm to others, and does his best to prevent that kind of action. He is curious, but his curiosity sometimes gets the best of him.

    Skills: Brizio is a skilled craftsman and shop owner. Although he would not want to be a builder, he is fairly good at building. He's skilled at talking to people, and turning awkward situations onto a right track.

    Nickname: Briz

    RP example: Brizio was walking down town, and he noticed a scragly old man on the streets. "Hello," said Brizio, "what are you doing here on the streets?"
    "I have no home, no nothing. I've lived all my lifes on the street." replied the old man. "Well, come with me!" Brizio took the old man by the hand and lifted him up, then let go.
    "Follow me to my shop! Do you like pork?" and they walked to the shop.
    "My goodness, is this YOU'RE shop?" said the old man. Brizio did not respond, instead he took a porkchop from behind the counter and gave it to the man. He then proceeded to get the man a glass of water.

    More RP example: "Hi Abele," said Brizio, "did you see that hanging the other day? That was horrible."
    "Yeah... 'twas." said Abele
    "Well, let's get to the shop! It's 8:00 after all."
    "Alright!" Brizio and Abele walked to their shop, as they discussed politics.

    Note: I'm sorry if my RP is a bit dwarfish. I don't know much about italian RP, but I'm sure I'll get used to it if I get accepted :) I usually only play as a dwarf or in a dwarf city in most RP instances.

    Skin: I'll edit this post when I make my skin. I'm quite picky about skins, so I intend to make my own. But it shall be an italian man with a a black beard and short black hair. He will be wearing a white shirt with buttons, and kaki pants.


    Brizio was born in Monteriggioni. His father and mother were were normal, money wise. Although, his father was a great craftsman, and supported most of the family. His mother was interested in politics, and was a politician. Although, her opinions were often not successful. They owned a small, simple, two story house in Monteriggioni, and their shop was the first story. Brizio grew up around this shop, and his dad crafting. Not to mention, he dealt with people all the time, as they were always admiring him, running around the little shop.

    When Brizio grew about 12, he started to help his father with crafting. His items were often sold, because they were quite good. Brizio started saving up for a house of his own, under his parents consolation. When he became just 17, he bought his own house. He divided the small one-story house into to parts with a curtain. The first being a shop, the second being his home, and crafting area. He dedicated lots of his time crafting, and crafting. He became near legendary. People loved his crafts, and he acquired more money then he needed. One day, one of his relatives came back from a trip to Italy. She was amazed at everything there! It was so much better then Monteriggioni!

    So that made up Brizios mind. He dicided he wanted to live in Italy. He saved up, and when he became 20, he bough a small shop and house there. And boy was it expensive! Nearly used all of his savings! But he managed. He slowly started progressing, now his shop is well known around the city, and he makes average income.


    What is roleplay?: LOL! Role Play is when you play the role of a made up (or not) character of a certain period of time. You have to think like he does, act like he does, and live like he does. You have to interact with other characters. It's like living life. You don't know someones name 'till you meet them. You DON'T know that you're in a game. You're living his life.

    What is Metagaming?: It's using what you know about the game to make you're life easier. Like exploiting game bugs, mechanics, anything else. Knowing that you will respawn when you die, and therefor not valuing you're life is also metagaming, and it enrages me. It's so annoying when people do that.

    What is Powergaming?: Powergaming is finding shortcuts in the game, to try to maximize you're life as fast as you can, and generally does not make for a fun RP experience.

    What is assassins creed?: Assassins Creed is a third person game in which you play an Assassin in Italy. You complete quests and stuff.




    Quote from Builderman1200

    Can I completly rewrite my app, and does it refresh the 5 apps thing?

    Oh, this Brony isn't mad at thy pic. So what if you hate MLP? We like it.
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    posted a message on Utopian Realm Server
    Plazmotech here.
    I vote for unbanning powdergamefreak.
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    posted a message on Cormacraft - HARDCORE PVP [Hardcore PvP] [No Whitelist] [Factions] [McMMO]
    Picture credit: [Co-owner] Plazmotech


    1) No hacking of any sort; this shows you suck at MC, and will result in ban!
    2) No whining if you get raided/griefed; this is a PvP server!
    3) Respect those of higher superiority than you!
    4) No rank begging; this annoys people, and will result in kick!
    5) No spamming chat; this annoys everyone, will result in kick/tempban!
    6) Trolling is highly approved #TROLLFACE (don't worry, if you are being trolled, and ask to stop. If they don't stop we will have a talk with them.)
    7) Tell mods or above if you are having problems with someone, or if you don't like something.

    1) GroupManager
    2) WorldEdit
    3) mcMMO
    4) marriage
    5) Essentials
    6) EssentialsChat
    7) EssentialsProtect
    8) EssentialsSpawn
    9) Factions

    1) Man
    2) Mod
    3) Admin
    4) Co-Owner
    5) Owner




    Say this when you log on: ASDF PLAZ ASDF, this will ensure that you will be respected!



    Server credits
    Server host: mrcormac
    Plugin setup: Plazmotech
    Permissions setup: Plazmotech
    Spawn builder: fishword
    Statue builder: Whom ever the statue is for
    Forumposter: Plazmotech
    Partial server setup in general including port forward: Plazmotech
    Person who told every admin on this server about minecraft: Plazmotech
    Picture at top: Plazmotech

    Our mods, admins, co owners, and owners, are very friendly. If you are abused, please tell Plazmotech or Mrcormac or ashley_vbplayer

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    posted a message on Single Player Commands Mac OS X problem - WorldEdit.class
    Hey, I'm having a problem. I installed single player commands properly (hopefully) on my Mac. I have the WorldEdit.jar in the bin, and all the classes in the jar. Although, when I boot up MC, it says ' Plugin(s) failed to load: __MACOSX/._spc_paint.class __MACOSX/._spc_path.class __MACOSX/._spc_WorldEdit.clas Please refer to installation instructions'

    It is indeed SPC 3.2.2, and I don't know whats happening! Please help!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Login Issues With Migrated Accounts
    Not found

    The file public/resetpassword does not exist

    Thats what it says when I click the link.

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    posted a message on Account Migration Issues!
    I try to log on to minecraft, but it says, "Account migrated, use e-mail as username." I then use my e-mail, and it does not work! It says, "Login Failed." I try to go on on minecraft.net and sign in and it says "Account Migrated etc." I log in on Mojang.com, does not recognize my account. I do not know what to do! I would like help, but its stupid, it was working this morning. I do not know why they have you log in with your migrated account now. Please help!
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    posted a message on Help! I am making a modloader mod... but I got an error...
    K, so Im making a mod loader mc mod. Imma tryin' to make EntityPig drop an ItemBrain I made. Here's the part of code that I modified in EntityPig.java:
        protected int getDropItemId()
    	    if (isBurning())
    		    return Item.porkCooked.shiftedIndex;
    		    return Item.porkRaw.shiftedIndex;
    		    //this is what I modded
    		    return mod_Slimes.Brain.shiftedIndex;

    And here's the mod_Slimes:
    package net.minecraft.src;
    public class mod_Slimes extends BaseMod{			  
        public static final Item Brain = new ItemBrain(500).setItemName("BrainName");
        public static final Item RawSlimeEgg = new ItemRawSlimeEgg(501).setItemName("RawSlimeEggName");
        public static final Item SlimeEgg = new ItemSlimeEgg(502).setItemName("SlimeEggName");
    public void load(){			  
    	    Brain.iconIndex = ModLoader.addOverride("/gui/items.png", "/Slimes/Brain.png");
    	    RawSlimeEgg.iconIndex = ModLoader.addOverride("/gui/items.png", "/Slimes/RawSlimeEgg.png");
    	    SlimeEgg.iconIndex = ModLoader.addOverride("/gui/items.png", "/Slimes/SlimeEgg.png");
    	    ModLoader.addName(Brain, "Normal Brain");
    	    ModLoader.addName(RawSlimeEgg, "Normal Raw Slime Egg");
    	    ModLoader.addName(SlimeEgg, "Normal Slime Egg");
    	    ModLoader.addRecipe(new ItemStack(RawSlimeEgg, 1), new Object[] {
    		 "%%%", "%*%", "%%%", Character.valueOf('%'), Item.slimeBall, Character.valueOf('*'), Brain.shiftedIndex
    	    ModLoader.addSmelting(RawSlimeEgg.shiftedIndex, new ItemStack(SlimeEgg.shiftedIndex, 1));
        public String getVersion(){			  
    	 return "1.2.5";		   

    and ItemBrain:
    package net.minecraft.src;
    public class ItemBrain extends Item
    	    public ItemBrain(int i)
    			    maxStackSize = 16;			 

    And MCP is giving me this error :
    src/minecraft/net/minecraft/src/EntityPig.java:118: unreachable statement
    		    return mod_Slimes.Brain.shiftedIndex;

    I do NOT know why this is happening! Please help!
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    posted a message on GIF avatar...
    Quote from IXIArblargIXI »

    If you make an image larger than the maximum pixel limit, it will rescale the gif, which in turn ruins the animation. Forum specifications are 150x150, 250 Kb maximum. Meet those and it will be fine.

    k thanks
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    posted a message on GIF avatar...
    <------ See this avatar? WHY THE HELL AINT IT ANIMATED?!? Help me!!! I made the GIF, uploaded it, and its not animated! Help!

    Edit: I rezised it to 100x100 and it STILL isnt working. I dunno wats happeninig, its only 5 frames, 100x93 each.
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    posted a message on (MOD REQUEST/IDEA) The Curse Mod
    Like you: You?re obsessed with usin? question marks in the place of apostrophe?s. Isn?t this annoying? I thought so too. So neva? do it again! Look were you?re typing.
    Normal: You're obsessed with usin' question marks in the place of apostrophe's. Isn't this annoying? I thought so too. So neva' do it again! Look were you're typing.
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