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    posted a message on Barack Obama won. I now have a problem.
    Quote from cnerde

    you have been bullied a long time and you support a bully.

    I love how you insist to say that same fact over and over, when you should know, I do not care.

    Everyone makes mistakes in life that they regret. Some guy I know, used to do tons of drugs. Then he accepted God into his life,
    got married to a beautiful women, had kids, and happy ever after.

    That same man was ruined by our current president. He lost his job, because he refused to lie to customers, like they wanted him to do, so his 10 year job gone. He tried other car dealerships, but they were awful. They lost thier dream house, and moved away. Ever since then, they have been sturggleing.

    That was my dad.

    My mom, and my dad work now, so my mom is never home.
    Quote from KaciChan

    I got bullied a bunch in school too. For me, it was because I was shy and I hung out with all the 'nerdy' kids. I hung out with them because they were nice, polite, and weren't going to make fun of me if I did something weird. Don't worry too much. It's hard now, but it gets so much better later on. These days my friends and I are able to look back on it and laugh at some of the stories.

    As for the politics thing, I think you've already kind of stated the issue:

    I have the belief that you can't change anyone's mind about politics, religion, anything. Everyone comes to these conclusions on their own (well, mostly from their parents influence but they should come from their own personal beliefs). That being said, I generally don't share my political views with anyone but close friends or family. I knew who I was voting for, I know my reasons, and I'm not interested in arguing about it with anyone. In fact, yelling at people and disrespecting people's beliefs is one of the worst ways you can promote your own, and I can't understand why people do it.

    Please don't misunderstand, I'm not saying that it's your fault or that you deserve to be bullied or anything. And I'm really sorry that your going through that right now. If anything, it's really ­­ty of the teacher to force kids to publicly display their political views like that, and I would probably complain to the principle about how that effected you. In this case, my advice is: Don't skip school. Getting good grades and then getting a kickass job later and becoming rich is how you can put yourself above all of their petty bullying.

    And from now on, try to be a little more modest about your opinions and try to avoid getting into heated debates like that. Religion and Politics brings out the worst in a lot of people, and disrespecting people by arguing and yelling wont change anything, ever. I also don't think the solution to your problem is "think of good comebacks to use" like someone else said. Be polite when you can, ignore the people that mess with you and focus on what you love (art, videogames, friends etc.)

    Sorry for the long rant, but I wanted to do whatever I could to ease your mind a bit, seeing as we were both bullied. I think it would be cool if people could focus less on the things that make us different, like politics and religion, and more on the things that make us similar, like being human.

    I'm here for you. Thanks.
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    posted a message on An awesome starting seed (Friendly environment, nice plains, NPC at spawn, Tekkit advantages... much more!)
    Quote from manmaxie


    Get a better computer.
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    posted a message on If You Could Remove A Block!
    ...None. Not even lapis.

    I would like to ADD
    REDSTONE jack-o-lanterns!
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    posted a message on So today, I tried to build a statue of myself...
    Quote from Barlycorn

    You should have made it out of stone and looking in a pool of water,

    Why would I do that?

    Look at the resemblance!

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    posted a message on Are you new to minecraft?
    Even though I'm not new, I kind of want to see what you would do for a new player.

    My friends are new though.
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    posted a message on Why am I scared to play Survival on SP?
    I go to the end normally on SMP but I never even go in caves on EASY on SP.
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    posted a message on How do you build?
    Well, first I right click. Then again. Then again. And again... and again... untill i have a bunch of blocks on the ground.
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    Reminds me of the time I spawned in a world an I was in a room made of soild diamonds when herobrine showed up and showed his UGLY PIXEL BUTT. Then I died, in hardcore. The end.

    What? That story is stupid, and un-real?

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    Quote from PHYCOSMILEY999

    No one gives a **** minecraft is shitty

    Well, 12 pages of people do. And this is the "MINECRAFT" forums. Did you sign up on purpose?
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    OMG i saw him too!

    He had a big nose, a large forehead, and green eyes. I snapped a picture of him!

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