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    I would say yes and no. To someone who knows nothing about it the game doesn't provide much tutorial. That was one of the nice features about the legacy consoles is that they had tutorial worlds that helped you with the basics. When I first started I dug dirt with my hand and hid underground at night until I knew better.

    Then once you know the basics (food, how to craft, what each tool and armor does) then I'd say the game is a lot easier and straightforward, especially with the recipe book. New players would probably build a little house and explore and then the learning curve is a lot less steep. Sure there's a ton of little features and items, but knowing the basics makes it a lot easier to learn on the go.

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    Has the difficulty increased? I'm getting slaughtered by skeletons (is this due to their bizarre strafing behavior) and even in full iron armor a single creeper blast takes me out. Or is this buggy too?

    Also, villager AI seems more broken than ever. I lost 80% of a village because they simply refuse to go indoors at night. They will stand in front of doors, but not go in and they will run around within their wandering distance, but when night falls, they just stand around like they have no idea what's going on. Could this be related somehow to all of the lighting issues going on? (I had full daylight at about level 20 in a cave, despite being no where near open sky).

    The difficulty change is a feature
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    Make like the Tri-Wizard Tournament and fill your maze with monster traps or puzzles

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    Use the enchantment table to put a 30 on your diamond pickaxe, and use that to get more diamonds.

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    This happens a lot, actually. It happens because on the surface, some other mob pushed your dog, causing him to stand up for a brief moment and teleport down to you.

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    go on creative and spawn them then save and go on to survival

    But that's cheating. We'd like to do things without creative.

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    Quote from Emerald99»

    Not that much of a veteran but back in my day, the tutorial world was this when I first started.

    And to this day, it still remains as my favorite tutorial world. It was simple, but it was where is all started.

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    Check out my signature\/

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    -Find a zombie who'll wear a pumpkin, and name him.

    -Try all of the challenges in my signature

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    With the addition of the new game settings, I've compiled a list of game types that you can play on at least TU19. If you have any changes, or new suggestions, I'll add them to the list.


    Key- Achievements Disabled

    Achievements Enabled

    Collection lists can be found in the spoilers.

    Requires Game Options:

    Game Type 1: Starvation: A game in which food is very scarce.

    • Create a new world on easy, and disable mob loot and disable tile drops.
    • You will need to get food before you starve. With no meats from animals, and no wheat seeds from grass, how and what will you eat?
    • (Hint: Become Gollum, what does he eat? And get stringses in your pocketses)
    • To ease up the game, use the bonus chest, and play on easy. You won't get hungry as fast, and you"ll have a little food to start off with. Play on a world with lots of villages, and lots of temples.

    Game Type 2: Eternal night: Night never ends, and your foes are numerous.

    • Create a new world, and play on hard. Enable host privileges.
    • You have 10 minutes to collect whatever resources you can. When the sun sets, exit and save. Reload the world on adventure mode, with the daylight cycle disabled.
    • Night will now last forever, and you can only use whatever you mined on your fist day. How long will your armor last?

    Game Type 3: Ultra Hardcore Mode: Gold is your new best friend. (I did not come up with this game type)

    • Create a new world, play on hard. Disable automatic health regeneration.
    • You have 10 minutes to collect whatever surface resources you can. You may not enter a cave, or mine any minerals, yet.
    • When the sun sets, head into a cave. You may not return to the surface at any time. Try to go as deep as you can. Survive until you are killed.
    • (Hint: Collect oak saplings on the surface, and gold underground. You'll need to eat golden apples to regen health)

    Game Type 4: The mother of all challenges: Play Minecraft without mining or crafting.

    • Create a new world, play on hard.
    • You have 10 minutes to play normally and collect resources. After night falls, exit and save.
    • Disable the daylight cycle. Change to adventure mode. Disable: Daylight cycle, health regeneration, mob loot, tile drops and mob griefing.
    • Additionally, you may not mine, trade, or craft. Your goal is to defeat both bosses. Can you do it?
    • Settle in, this may take a while.

    Game type 5: Survival Island: Look on the bright side. There's dirt, and water... and dirt. And water.

    • Create a world on a seed with one large island without any trees. Play on hard, and disable automatic health regeneration and mob loot.
    • Survive with the few things your island has. This is a sort of combination of UHC and the starvation challenge.

    Game Type 6: Superflat Survival: Plenty of wide open spaces. (Rendition of BrandonvsGaming's idea)

    • Create a world in survival, with automatic regeneration disabled. Play on easy.
    • Try to survive in a superflat world for as long as possible. Kill animals for food, and try to find villages.
    • The game ends when you die.

    Game Type 7: Nomad Challenge (Works best on the Next Gen consoles)

    • Create a world in survival, on a random seed. (On next gens, set world size to large). Play on adventure mode, with bonus chest enabled and automatic regeneration disabled.
    • Move across the entire world as a nomad. Don't stay in one place for too long. Climb mountains, cross oceans. Try to find the four corners of the world.
    • You can't go caving, and can't extensively mine, you must stay on or near the surface. The only armor you may wear is leather. And the rest of the rules are for you to decide on.
    • You "win" when you find the four corners, or have filled out your entire map. You must end the game if you die.

    No Game Options Required:

    Challenge 1: Benchmarking: Defeat the dragon without a crafting table (Credit goes to BloodyPhoenix for this one)

    • Create a new world, and play on hard. Enable host privileges for an extra challenge.
    • You must defeat the dragon without ever using a crafting table or trading. Use ingenuity to mine, and get into the nether.
    • (Game Option: Play in Adventure Mode, and disable health regeneration)

    Challenge 2: Nether Challenge:

    • Create a new world, and load in creative. Create a nether portal, and give yourself 14 iron, a stack of cobble, 24 eggs, 2 oak saplings, 6 blocks of sand, 2 buckets of water, and 4 dirt.
    • Switch to survival, and head into the Nether. Try to survive for as long as possible.
    • You may not leave the nether. The challenge ends after you die. (Or if you get bored, try to defeat the wither)
    • To increase the difficulty of this challenge, give yourself only half the items.
    • (Game option: Play in Adventure Mode, and disable tile drops)

    Group Competitions: Best Played with a group of friends.

    Competition 1: Scavenger Hunt

    • Load up a new world with a random seed, and play in any difficulty. You don't need any host options.
    • Try to collect all of the items on the provided list (Or, use a list of your own)
    • Aim to be the first player to collect all of the items. You can also play Bingo style, and try to find all the items in one row.
    • For an additional challenge, disable automatic regeneration. If you die, you're out.

    The items are in the spoiler:

    Melon Block
    Slime Ball
    Diamond Shovel
    Block of Lapis
    Purple Wool
    Bucket of Lava
    Pumpkin Pie
    Mushroom Stew
    Ink Sac
    Mossy Cobblestone
    Clay Block
    Cracked Stone Brick
    Eye of Ender
    Glowstone Dust
    Gold Ore
    Cooked Fish

    Competition 2: Potions

    • Load up a new world with a random seed, in creative. Build a Nether portal, as well as a few small huts for each of your players. Inside each hut, place a brewing stand, and a chest filled with glass bottles. (Though you can create these yourself, if you want to get achievements)
    • Once the huts and portal are done, switch back into survival.
    • The goal of this competition is to brew one of each potion in the game. The first person to do so wins.
    • Potions obtained by killing a witch are fair game.
    • **For an added challenge, disable the daylight cycle at mid-day. This will reduce the spawn rate of spiders and witches.

    The list of potions required to win:

    Night Vision
    Fire Resistance

    Competition 3: Food

      • Load up a new world with a random seed, and play in any difficulty. You don't need any host options.
      • The goal of this competition is to collect these 16 types of different food.
      • Food may be obtained by killing animals, crafting, trading or finding loot chests (Found within generated structures.
      • Food may not be obtained by creative mode or stealing from other players.

    The food you need to collect:

    Steak (Cooked)
    Pork (Cooked)
    Chicken (Cooked)
    Fish (Cooked)
    Melon Slice
    Pumpkin Pie
    Golden Apple (Ingot Version)
    Golden Carrot
    Baked Potato
    Mushroom Stew
    Rotten Flesh
    Spider Eye
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