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    I need a little help installing this. See, I recently had to do a completely fresh reinstall for Minecraft(some idiocy going on with the appdata), including deleting the two .minecraft folders(the aforementioned idiocy).

    The problem is, when I go to install the Rogue folder now, I can't find the saves folder it's meant to go in. I tried looking to see if the reinstall had made a new .minecraft folder, but there's no sign of it.

    Does the folder automatically appear from just playing the game, or have I made a big mistake in deleting the original one? :/


    NVM, Found it. Installing Rogue now. :)

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    Quote from Zera_Fox»

    Are you certain you're using the right MPM version for your Minecraft, as well as the correct forge version as well?

    Well, like I said I've tried several different versions of the mod, including the latest 1.9.4 version just now, and none of the ones I've tried work. The Forge version I'm using is "release 1.8-Forge1.8-". That's what it says anyway.
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    Need some help please. I've downloaded the mod and followed the instructions on installing it, but it won't show up. There's no crashes, everything else is working fine, but MPM just doesn't get loaded up and doesn't appear in the Mods menu ingame.

    I've tried multiple versions of the mod, the 1.8, the 1.8.8, 1.8.9 and even the 1.7.10, to see if that'd work, but none of them are loaded up.

    I'm using Forge 1.8, here's the other mods I have on there;

    Not Enough Items (and the CodeChicken Core needed for it)

    Treecapitator (and the bspkrsCore for that)

    Battle Towers

    Chance Cubes

    Wonderful Wands

    Damage Indicators

    Doomlike Dungeons


    Ruins (and AtomicStryker's update checker mod that goes with it)

    Xaero's Minimap (needs updating, but still works)

    There's also Forge itself, the Forge Mod Loader and the Minecraft Coder Pack on the list.

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong? :/

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