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    posted a message on Minecraft Anonymous -- Get tested for Minecraft addiction
    Oh ya!
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    posted a message on [1.5_01][16x][WIP]1-bit Craft V0.1
    Ok guys this is NOT dead but i lost my progress to windows dying but i will finish this! I will edit details into the main topic.
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    posted a message on [V1.4]Survival Plus[Hard]
    The moment i download this mod i walk outside to grab seeds to make my farm indoors and i was creepered 3 TIMES!! And i underestimated the size of those explosions... i lost a good portion of my wall and my old biplane hanger :'(

    Anyways awesome mod!
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    posted a message on Siegecraft [Re-Opening Soon]
    Name: Tassaris
    SMP Experience: Plenty of crappy servers, and one nice survival server.
    What are you looking do on this server: Have a nice server to go to in my spare time and join a clan and have a fun time, plus make some friends. :biggrin.gif:
    What Job will you take: Soldier/Militia or a blacksmith.
    Why do you want to join the server: Because i love Medieval RP's and I need a good server to hang out on during the weekends.
    Anything else special about you?: What do you mean special? There are many things. Many things...
    Rules read?: Yes.
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    posted a message on [1.5_01][16x][WIP]1-bit Craft V0.1
    Quote from RandomMac5 »
    Thanks for changing the name.

    Not a problem. I felt the name was taken but wasn't sure. And i couldn't find the search (i found the "Advanced Search" area as a was typing this xD) and i will make some of the ores more clumped. I will make them all less random. Redstone is a dust, so should be spread out more.
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    posted a message on [1.5_01][16x][WIP]1-bit Craft V0.1
    Quote from ytsejam »
    At least change the name. There already is a SimpleCraft pack.


    Ok thanks dude, i didn't know.
    I will change it now
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    posted a message on [1.5_01][16x][WIP]1-bit Craft V0.1
    I understand that this has been made before. Do not start yelling at me about how we don't need another. If you hate a texture i have, don't download it! But don't start flaming me to change it.

    Table of Contents
    :Diamond: What is 1-bit Craft?
    :Diamond: Download
    :Diamond: Progress
    :Diamond: Pictures
    :Diamond: Suggestions/Tips?
    :Diamond: Ideas for the Paintings?

    What is 1-bit Craft?

    1-bit Craft is my first texture pack. So the name is fitting, I won't make a 128-bit texture pack my first time. 1-bit Craft is a texture pack for people who like older, simplified textures for whatever reason. Enjoy it! I will be updating this as updates come along to keep people who use it happy and joyful :SSSS:


    Unavailable for now, its not close to being finished.


    terrain.png - 0%
    gui folder - 0%
    Other - 0%


    A picture of some sand and grass.

    A picture of a desert cliff or overhang. Vice versa

    A picture of a forest. Yes i know that the leaves haven't changed, they will.

    Again, not completely done. Signs are the same and so are paintings. Will be changed. And the 3 rainbow blocks are soul sand, glowstone, and netherrack. (Yes, i did that)
    NOTE: These are old pictures and are no longer accurate, new pictures will be released soon.


    If anyone wants to give a suggestion for a SIMPLE texture pack. Whether its just a mob, files, or the entire thing. Post it here. And if anyone would be kind enough to lend some protips it would be helpful, like good programs to use, how to do things, etc. Thanks! And one question, how do you get anchors to work on this site? For the table of contents

    Ideas for the Paintings?

    Ideas for the paintings, because i have no idea. Any ideas must be simple. Or i will make them simple (Da da da!)

    NOTE: I lost my progress to Windows and will have to restart, but this time i will finish it! Basically and unfortunately my Windows got a corrupted boot file (Perfect!) so i got some Ubuntu! But at the expense of the texture pack, school work, and a lot of games :'(
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    posted a message on Bed Issues
    Your on top of it. Thats why. Yep :3
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    posted a message on In-Game, Online, Single player chat!
    Seems like a good idea to me. Although it would be hard to integrate.
    Quote from alfonzo97 »
    this would have to be a separate server than the in-game multi-player chat

    That makes no sense :biggrin.gif: because you host your own servers for multiplayers so the chat would have to link into minecraft.net on a area designated for this kind of chat. It would be hard, but nice. Because you could finally play your singleplayer world & chat with friends at the same time.

    Oh and good job putting it in the right place (people seem to not find this place easy...)

    EDIT: thanks for changing that.
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    posted a message on NecroCraft
    Note for Minecrafters... don't right click the slimes!
    Every time i do i crash :'(
    Maybe he did it >.> -stares at :SSSS: -
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    posted a message on More plank blocks.
    Quote from KarkasmolenKlok »
    I also see this as becoming a bigger strain on inventory space.

    Although true. Thats what chests are for :tongue.gif:
    Anyway,i support :iapprove:
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    posted a message on Your first Minecraft mistake
    Quote from Pwninator »
    Not knowing how to make smooth stone... My house was ugly cobblestone until i looked on the wiki.

    I don't waste my time with smooth stone, because if i make a mistake i have to resmelt and everything. So i just use cobble & mossy cobble for my house (Every true survival i made i have found a dungeon eventually) And it looks fine to me.
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    posted a message on Your first Minecraft mistake
    Quote from ThePenName »
    I dug dirt with my pickaxe......

    I showed friends MC.They are BEYOND addicted already xD
    Whats funny is one of them (who actually plays survival) i watch him and he mines dirt with a pickaxe, i even told him. He still does it... i think it has something to do about to lazy...

    On Topic: My first mistake (that i can remember, to long since i first bought it :/) was making a Nether portal, whenever i went there and back it would be night... i would have to run 50 blocks or so to get back to my house... i lived right next to a dense forest in a sand castle (No creeper problems! I know... i was suprised too)
    My face every time: :Notch:
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    posted a message on I think I play Minecraft so much I sometimes hear mob sounds
    Quote from Jdog127 »
    That's just me. I live in your closet.

    Lol you get one Notch for that :iapprove:
    And that doesn't happen to me (i am beyond addicted...) but i swear i hear zombies and spiders in my nice clean, safe, hillside fort.
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    posted a message on baby creepers and creeper nests
    :SSSS: Dude this is an awesome idea. The creeper was the most advanced mob before, now lets take it to the next step! Support + 1 :iapprove: :SSSS:
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