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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)
    Quote from fishg»

    Wolftopia: For the coloring, how about brownish (copper/bronze) with gold trim?

    I'll try doing that. Here is the model with a white balloon.

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    posted a message on Penguin idea

    What would be useful about this? New mobs (especially tameable ones) should provide some sort of use to the player, unless they are purely atmospheric like bats or birds.

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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?
    Quote from ZaffreAqua»

    I have a hunch this might be that one ocean mob from the Minecon Earth voting. I certainly hope it is.

    You might be right. They might have been so confident that people would have voted for the ocean mob that they didn't worry about the fact that they said they would never add the other 3 mobs.
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    posted a message on Bamboo Forest

    This sounds good, though bamboo trees being as tall as jungle trees is a little too large in my opinion; one of the special things about jungles is that their trees are so tall you can see them from a distance, unlike other biomes.

    Other than the new wood, what would be in the bamboo forests? Since there's not much stuff (other than the special wood) in this biome, it should probably be smaller than most biomes. I think it would also be cool if there was a third kind of forest that has both the yellow and the green bamboo trees.

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    posted a message on "Update Aquatic" (Now 1.13): All Information We Have So Far

    Mojang has confirmed that sharks will not be added to the game, but Jeb/Jens (the lead Minecraft developer) has stated that there will be an underwater hostile mob added in the Update Aquatic (1.13).

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    posted a message on Update Galactica

    Things I Like

    - You solved the "Space is similar to the End Dimension" problem (by making other planets accessed through the End)

    - Procedural (random) generation

    - Customizing abilities for mod makers

    - Not overpowered

    Things I Don't Like

    The Dimension Being Entered Through Another 1 Block Portal

    I'm not a fan of this because we already have the End Gateways, and this just feels like another one of those. I know you got the entrance idea from Norse Mythology, but compared to other dimension entrances in the game it's still unoriginal. I also don't agree that the End should be a hub world. There is little content in the End itself, so it's already boring going through it to get to your Enderman Farm. It would be the same with this. The idea of opening up a portal is awesome and creative, but we've already gotten that... three times (End Portal, End Gateway, Nether Portal).

    No Actual Outer Space

    Space has a lot of potential for being a place where people build, but it is completely nonexistent in this suggestion. What about building a space station? What about creating a Death Star that my friends can see from their bases? What about dropping TNT from space? What about creating massive spaceships (with plant chambers) to go on long voyages to find unique planets? So much potential is lost when you throw out the concept of having space as a dimension. I know what you're going to say: "That technology wouldn't necessarily fit in with Minecraft." However, it could be made so that it does.

    No Use For The Planets

    Other than curiosity, what is the appeal a planet has to a player? Would you be able to find planets full of diamonds? Even if so, there would be little motivation for the player to travel to different worlds.

    Boring Aliens

    1. The aliens you've suggested sound cool aesthetically, but could get repetitive

    2. The aliens have no use (not even a drop besides xp)

    My Solutions / Changes

    Rockets To Space

    I'm not talking about a craftable item, but rather a machine that can be created due to new abilities with redstone or TNT. Similar to how players can be launched, unattached chunks of blocks "glued" together by slime balls (not slime blocks, slime balls) ought to be able to be launched as well. This would allow clever and resourceful players to come up with designs to reach space; it would almost feel like you're not intended to reach space, as with the roof of the Nether. This would add to the sandbox feel. Other additions could be added, too. For example, blaze-powered furnaces (an upgraded version of normal furnaces) could somehow increase the power of TNT. Maybe a more explosion-specific version of dispensers could also be implemented. Point is, getting to space could be a lot more creative than it is now.

    Something else that could work hand-in-hand with this idea is having each moon/planet be harder to get to as you get farther along. The progression could be something like the following:

    1. You engineer a spaceship that can make it all the way to y-level 300, which is where it gets teleported to space (teleportation would be seamless).

    2. You get enough fuel and enough plants to be able to survive the long journey to the moon, where there would be something of use.

    3. (Pretty difficult) Either from a material found on the moon or lots of grinding and perseverance, you manage to get enough resources to make it to Mars (or a MInecrafty equivalent). Maybe you could also go to Venus for the same price.

    4. (For crazy players) You get all the way to even farther planets (mostly dangerous gas giants)

    5. (For crazy players) You manage to get yourself into another solar system, but you're unable to enter planets or moons of this yet. Planets in other solar systems would not be implemented until someone is crazy enough to go that far.

    If You Really Want A Portal...

    Another possible way to getting to the different planets would be a wormhole-like structure in the End. Picture yourself walking through the Outer End Islands, and you see a giant, empty circular place where there should be End islands (diameter of crater: 200 blocks). Objects near this crater have their random tick speed increased a lot. If you look down the crater carefully, you will be able to see the massive wormhole 80 blocks below your feet. Going into this would put you through a wormhole that is near the solar system of the alien planet, but with enough momentum to fling you into or near the planet. When on the alien planet, you would be able to see the wormhole in the sky among the other stars.

    Give A Use For Planets

    Please don't do something like "Protection 20 Diamond Helmet" or "Sharpness 8 Diamond Sword." There should still be a use for planets, though. Maybe they have NPCs that can put you through interesting quests or give you interesting items in exchange for their currency. Maybe there is a boss that will give you new blocks to build with or more fuel for your spacecraft when you kill it. Maybe there are just good resources that can be mined on the planet.

    Make Aliens Not Boring

    I think green llamas with stripes might be a little too unoriginal for alien mobs. A somewhat-random model generation could be included, though it couldn't be too random, or else aliens could be in the shape of offensive objects. Aliens should also have drops, or at least some sort of use.


    You should consider (if you haven't already) making each planet have a random gravity. This would make planets feel really unique and different.

    One Last Thing...

    Quote from fishg»

    As for matter of importance, I agree there are things that must be fixed before this. The ocean was the worst of the bunch, but it’s being fixed now. I’d point to the Nether as the next candidate for a major update. But after those two are out of the way, what does Minecraft do?

    1. Balance combat, armor, & game progression more.
    2. Balance the hunger system.
    3. Make Villagers not stupid.
    4. Add player-built ships.
    5. Add birds to the game.
    6. Make the game harder.
    7. Improve world generation.
    8. Improve structures and structure generation.
    9. Add black and brown/grizzly bears & give bears a use.
    10. Add Optifine to the game.
    11. Add (optional) shaders to the game.
    12. Fix/Add features the community has been asking for forever.

    For now I'm going to have to say no support, but that doesn't mean my mind can't be changed. I hope you consider my criticisms. This was really fun to read! Have a nice day/evening!

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    posted a message on "Update Aquatic" (Now 1.13): All Information We Have So Far

    Update Aquatic!

    In case you didn't know, there is a new Minecraft update in progress: Update Aquatic! Here I will post all known news of this update as it comes out. So, let's begin!

    Bubble Columns

    These are caused by placing magma blocks under water. All entities and players will fall through this like there is no water there, making it a potential risk when navigating the seas.


    This is a new weapon. So far we don't know how to obtain it, but we do have its abilities and texture shown already. You can use it as a melee weapon like a sword, or throw it. There is a special enchantment you can get on it that makes it come back to you after you throw it. There is also another enchantment that makes the player go with the trident when its thrown. Also note that you can only use certain abilities of the trident when underwater or if exposed to rain.

    Above is another picture of it, this time in 1st person perspective. There are multiple enchantments for the trident. Riptide makes you go with the trident as you throw it, Impaler makes it do more damage to underwater creatures, Loyalty makes the trident come back to you after you throw it, and Channeling causes lightning to strike when you hit something with the trident.


    Note that the texture for kelp (the green grass-like plants) is actually animated. You can collect kelp and cook it to make dried kelp, which restores 1 hunger point (half a shank) but is eaten faster than other foods. There is also the dried kelp block, though I do not have a picture of that at the moment.

    Coral & Fish

    It has already been confirmed that there will be fish mobs for all the fish you can get by fishing, as well as some other kinds of fish, such as "tropical" fish. Also, you will be able to pick fish up in a bucket and place it back down in water. Perfect for building aquariums!


    These will of course be found deep in the ocean, and will contain loot chests. Also, by the looks of it, the Bedrock Edition style of water is coming to the Java Edition.

    New(ish) Water Physics!

    As you can see, there will be an adjustment to water physics. Both water and items will be able to flow through things like fences and slabs. Also, items will now float!

    Jens (jeb_) has now confirmed that water physics will work slightly different than shown above. Here are some quotes from one of his Mixer streams:

    "The things that we showed at Minecon may have been too much, so
    we're trying more simple way of doing the water physics, more similar to
    the old style. The most important thing is to have non solid blocks
    inside water, like stairs and fences, but the way we're gonna do it is
    that if you have a fence and you put water on it, that's gonna be a water source block, but water itself won't flow through fences [...] because that would break a lot of contraptions that people make using trapdoors and such."

    "We want water physics to work like they do today. The difference is
    that you can put water on the fence, and then the fence will be inside


    Along with this, it has been said that there will be new ocean terrain, different "temperatures" (i.e. hot and cold) of oceans, and different ocean biomes themselves, which would contain kelp, coral, or nothing depending on the biome.

    Dolphins! Yay!

    Yes yes yes! We are getting another (useful) ocean mob! These will jump out of the water (I couldn't get screenshot of that. Sorry!) and will even help you by leading you to treasure. Sounds neat, right? Here is another picture of the dolphins:

    This picture was obtained from the Minecraft Reddit. I did not screenshot this image myself.

    The Phantom ("The Monster of the Night Skies")

    Image from

    This manta-ray-like monster that flies in packs at night in the Overworld and the End. It swoops down to bite the player, and is especially attracted to those who haven't slept for a while. It has been said that it will mainly attack players at high altitudes, so you better watch out when climbing a mountain or creating a tower!

    You can also control the size of the phantom using the {Size:x} tag, just as you can with slimes.

    New Swimming Animation

    You can now sprint underwater by double-tapping w. This picture is from this page.


    Turtles spawn on beaches. They can also lay eggs, which will hatch into tiny baby turtles.

    Turtle Helmet & Turtle Potion

    Through methods unknown of for now, you can collect "turtle shell pieces." You can use five of these to make a turtle shell, which can be worn on your head like a helmet (in which case it would provide as much protection as an iron helmet and give you an extra 10 seconds of breathing time while underwater) or brew it into the "Potion of the Turtle Master." This potion gives you high levels of resistance and slowness, similar to how a turtle is very slow but very strong due to its shell.

    (Picture from Kobro's video on the helmet.)

    Ocean Ruins

    This was revealed on the Minecraft Instagram.

    Block ID Change

    Yes, this will break a lot of old builds and contraptions. Instead of having "log 2," you now have "oak_log," "spruce_log", "birch_log," etc.

    Mushroom Blocks

    You can once again obtain mushroom blocks in survival mode by mining the giant mushrooms with a silk touch tool.

    Bark Blocks!

    Though there is no crafting recipe yet, "bark" blocks have been added to the creative menu. They are essentially logs but with the side texture also on the top and bottom. As of Snapshot 17w47b, they can be crafted by placing logs in a 2 x 2 square. It outputs 3 bark blocks.

    Wood-Specific Blocks

    There are now trapdoors, buttons, and pressure plates that correspond to different wood types (e.g. there are now spruce buttons instead of just oak ones).

    Faceless Pumpkins!

    Pumpkins that naturally spawn or grow now do not have a face. You have to make it into a "carved pumpkin." To make a carved pumpkin, you right-click a normal (faceless) pumpkin with shears, and it will turn into a carved pumpkin and spit out 4 seeds.

    Better Placing

    Pumpkins, fence gates, and jack-o-lanterns no longer have to be placed on top of a block; they can be placed on the side of a block now. Additionally, you can now place chests of the same type next to each other. You can even have two of the same type of single chest next to each other without making a double chest. To do this, you simply crouch while placing the chest.

    Seamless Slabs

    Again, there are now double slab blocks with the texture of the top on all sides in the creative menu. Hopefully there will be a crafting recipe.

    New Horse Model

    Horses have been updated to have a more simplistic model.

    Bed Change

    There can no longer be beds that don't have blocks below them. They will break if you mine the blocks beneath them.

    Hitbox Changes

    Anvils and hoppers now have hitboxes that are the shape of the actual block, meaning you can click through it onto another block.

    Command Changes

    There are a lot of command changes, including the removal and changing of almost all commands. There are a lot of changes to commands, so I can't really put them all in this post.

    Good Video Explaining the New Blocks (by Xisuma):

    Let Me Know of News ASAP!

    If you hear any news, be sure to let me know so I can add it to this post! Remember to keep the news over 1.13 and not 1.14. If you would like to alert me on news of 1.14 (Update Aquatic), please let me know in this thread.

    More Information To Come!

    This is just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended). For example, we still don't know how to get the trident yet. The lead developer (Jens/jeb_) has also stated that there is much more that hasn't been revealed yet.

    Textures And Other Things Are Subject to Change

    For example, they might change the texture of the trident or dolphin. That's why they hired the new texture artist. This would be just like when they changed the llama textures from the ones shown at Minecon 2016.

    When Is The Update Coming?

    Jeb said that the update will be released around the same time (possibly even on the same day) for both the Java Edtion and the Bedrock Edition. Also, it has been said that it will be released in Spring of 2018.

    When You Hear News, Let Me Know ASAP!

    Please let me know when you hear about more news of the development!

    Thank You To Users:




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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)

    I have made a quick (rough) sketch to try to show what I've been imagining the dimension as. Feedback would be appreciated.

    Oh, and I'm not sure if anyone has pointed this out yet, but I need to get this off my chest. The word "collaborative" is misspelled in the title of the thread.

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    posted a message on Today I Learned Mojang Took The "Husk" Mob From Their Other Game, "Scrolls"

    Nine seconds into the official Scrolls trailer from 2014, you can see the following card:

    In 2016, Minecraft Update 1.10 added an undead mob called the "husk." Clearly some inspiration came from Scrolls, which is one of Mojang's other games.

    Question is: Will other future features be inspired by Mojang's other games?

    Feel free to post this on other websites (especially the Minecraft subreddit), as I think a lot of people will find this interesting.

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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)
    Quote from fishg»

    The reasoning behind floating glaciers was we didn't want to copy the overworld terrain generation. So we decided on a hybrid between the overworld and end. It'll feel more like the overworld than end though, the void barely comes into play. When you first enter the frist you may not even realize you're floating.

    I still think that it would be better to have there be a sea of nitrogen at the bottom of the islands rather than a sea of nothingness. It would feel more unique, but also retain the End-like vibe due to it being made up of different islands.

    If we do go with it being in a sea of nitrogen, there could be a rare event in the Overworld where you could see the "Frist planet" in the sky, similar to how you can sometimes see Mars or Venus in the sky in real life.
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