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    posted a message on New mobs of animals in extinction way.
    Sorry, but I don't see why we need this kind of thing in MInecraft. It's a game. There are many more things that the developers could be using their time for that would be much more beneficial for the game. It's okay to have some sort of message in a game, but this wouldn't really be doing anything other than making players say, "Hey, look, there's that thing that has no use in the game other than to remind us that nature has a cycle and that species are dying."
    Quote from fishg»

    Avoid profanity.

    As ScotMiser said, this suggestion isn't suggesting anything. It actually sounds like the SJW way of thinking, asking for big concepts with little detail expecting the developers to add everything perfectly. Go into detail on the pandas and other mobs.

    Agreed, though let's try not to bring politics more arguments into this forum.
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    posted a message on The Merpig! Your new trusty water mount! +Model and Texture

    But then again, Merpigs are rare, because I think the coral reefs are going to be a rare spawn?

    I don't think the coral reefs will be that rare; temples, dungeons, and mushroom islands will likely be far more uncommon than coral reefs.

    While I agree that something rare should probably be valuable, I don't agree that something rare gets to be overpowered compared to other things. This is the fatal flaw in the elytra + firework boosting mechanic. Yes, the elytra are rare and only obtained "end-game," but they are still an item that needs to be balanced.

    Rarity Balance

    Quote from C1ff»

    In a way, the player is trying to maintain a peaceful and natural world by fighting back the corrupt and twisted creatures that don't belong. And while Mojang doesn't give us lore for them (i.e. we don't know if the giant spiders came about because of mutation or genetic experimentation) youknow that something that looks like a hybrid animal, or a giant insect, or an undead creature is something that you will need to fight against.

    What about mooshrooms?

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    posted a message on Plankton villages

    I like that you provided a detailed description of the plankton mob, but I personally don't see it fitting in with the rest of the Minecraft mobs, especially if it were an NPC. Do you think you could maybe provide a rough drawing/sketch of what the plankton would look like, and also specify the size of these things?

    The idea of tea and its use is also very interesting and sounds pretty useful, but I think it'd be weird if it were obtained through trading with plankton.

    Also, a little tip: Consider separating the post into paragraphs. This will make it easier for viewers to read.

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    posted a message on Japanese rock gardening (create patterns in sand using the hoe)

    Awesome! This would be very cool for building. I think using the hoe on the sand the first time should make the striped pattern, and using it a second time should make the curved pattern.

    You have my support!

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    posted a message on Phantom use

    As long as you could also repair the elytra with this, I think it'd be a good use for the phantom. Perhaps once the durability of elytras goes below the original amount it has to be repaired again with the tattered phantom wing to once again have a higher durability (flight time).

    To be honest, elytra being repaired with leather could be removed with this feature, as this would be more balanced. The ability to enchant elytras could also be removed, making the player required to kill phantoms in order to maintain their elytra.

    Quote from ivuul»

    Not every mob needs a use you know....

    Actually, every mob does need a use. This is why so many people have been angered by the addition of the polar bear. There is simply no point to a mob when it doesn't have a use. The use of some mobs, however, is a little unclear; bats actually have two uses: aesthetics & finding caves (you can hear the bat squeaks). Not every mob can only have the use of "aesthetics," though, as that is only an acceptable argument for the mob to be there if the mob is simple and/or requires little effort to implement.
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    posted a message on The Phantom Additions

    This list composed my ideas of extra phantoms added into the game. These phantoms spawn every night with a rare chance. Otherwise, normal phantoms spawn. Thank you for your time to read this:

    1. Skeleton Phantom

    A skeleton spawns on top of a phantom. It has a chance to shoot arrows with no effect, slowness arrows, and blindness arrows.

    2. Creeper Phantom

    This phantom looks the same as normal phantoms, but it has an unique ability: It can pick up creepers (normal/charged) and throw it on you. The creepers would automatically ignite when the creeper leaves the phantom and explode at the right time. It throws very quickly so there is almost no delay time. If there are no creepers nearby, it behaves like a normal phantom.

    I don't really like these. I think it would be weird to have a skeleton riding a phantom, and a little unfair for creepers to be launched at the player with no indication whether or not the phantom could or couldn't do so.

    3. Fire Phantom

    This phantom spawns in the nether. If it attacks you, you get fire damage. If it sees you going back to the Overworld, it will follow you through the portal. It is immune to fire. Its weakness is water.

    I don't think most mobs should have a Nether variety. The Nether is already built on unique mobs (e.g. the hhast, zombie pigmen, blaze, etc.) so having special versions of other mobs in the Nether might take away from the unique atmosphere. We do have the magma cube, and that is in fact a variant of the slime, but that doesn't mean we should have more Nether variants of mobs.

    4. Phantom Sucker

    This phantom sucks the health of passive mobs only. The more health it sucks, the bigger it gets.

    5. Lightning Phantom

    This phantom only spawns when the weather is thunder. When it attacks you, a bolt of thunder summons upon you.

    I like 4, but it should have some visual indication so that it's visibly different from the regular phantom. Maybe it's already much larger, or maybe it's a slightly different color. I'm honestly not a fan of 5 though; I don't think we need a phantom that summons lightning.

    6. Speed Phantom

    This phantom is quick. Quicker than you riding an elytra.

    I think phantoms in general should be quicker, but I wouldn't be opposed to a variant of the phantom that's faster. Maybe these could spawn more depending on how many days the player has gone without sleeping.

    7. Boss Phantom

    A strange pillar appears in one of the End Islands. Placing a dragon egg on top will bring you to the phantom dimension. There you will meet the boss phantom. The boss phantom can summon any type of phantom it wants to usually in hordes. These hordes protect him. When his health is half, he will despawn all the hordes and prepare to fight you. He spits out phantom balls which make you levitate and poison for a short amount of time. Defeating it will reward you with the Phantom Crown. With this, you can summon your army of phantoms for a limited number of time. It also recharges to avoid being too overpowered

    I don't think we need a new dimension. The "Phantom Crown" also sounds interesting, but I'd have to have a little more information to determine if it'd be overpowered or not.

    This is the end of the list. Is this idea good? What can I do to improve this?

    Again, thank you for your time to read this.

    I think some of the ideas are good (like I mentioned earlier in this reply) but others are a little overpowered or unneeded. I think you should reconsider:

    1. How the difficulty of each phantom variant is communicated to the player.

    2. If a whole new dimension is really needed.

    I'm seeing a lot of views, but no replies. Is this idea that bad?

    Remember that not everyone comments or has time to comment.

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    posted a message on The Merpig! Your new trusty water mount! +Model and Texture

    I love the detail in the model. It looks great!

    I agree with others in that it does look quite similar to the dolphin in color, but other than that the model is awesome. The color thing isn't that big of an issue in my opinion. I can see this fitting in with the rest of the game.

    What I'm concerned with is how it would be balanced. If it's faster than boats, there must be some sort of trade-off so that boats still have a use. Perhaps the merpig is slower than a boat when at/near the surface of the water, but faster than a boat when below the surface. This would create an interesting dynamic where players would have to either:

    a. Bring water breathing potions

    b. Swim to the surface every once in a while to breath.

    I think with this addition the feature would be quite balanced. As for the speed, I think the merpig should be:

    - 70% the speed of a boat when at the surface (so when the player riding it is exposed to air)

    - 90% the speed of a boat when near the surface (within a 3 block distance of the surface)

    - 130% the speed of a boat when 4 or more blocks beneath the surface of the water

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    posted a message on Should shipbuilding (Like in the archimedes ships mod) become part of the actual game?

    Another possibility for reducing lag in this type of feature is to have ships be divided into entities not by the block, but by the group of blocks; this way there wouldn't be too many entities, as having too many entities can lag the world. I explained this in my ships suggestion that I linked above.

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    posted a message on Fishing Overhaul
    Quote from fishg»

    Maybe nightcrawler for the name? I was trying to think of something that fit with the rest but was also original.

    AFK fishing farms technically still work, but without fish they are far less useful. Currently fish make up for 85% of all loot, so expect treasure to only happen 15% as often as it used too. Fishing rods still take damage from going in water, so you'll be wasting loads of string and sticks by spamming it. You'll also gain far less XP, so even mending rods will fall apart. Now that I'm thinking about it, I could kill AFK fishing entirely if treasure only came if you spend more than 5 seconds in the water.

    The most common way you'll now get treasure is stumbling upon it, or through great patience and attention.

    The "treasure" could also run out in a certain chunk, requiring the player to relocate if they still want to fish up nametags, enchanted books, etc.

    EDIT: Also, will you be making a support banner?

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    posted a message on Should shipbuilding (Like in the archimedes ships mod) become part of the actual game?

    Yes, there definitely should, though I would consider this more of a discussion rather than a suggestion, since it's bringing up an idea for debate/discussion rather than presenting a developed idea. I've actually made a suggestion for this a while back (click here).

    I do agree that it's silly to have shipwrecks without ships. Allowing people to build ships would also increase the amount that could be done with the game, as well as increase its popularity in return. It's just not fun to have motionless ships sit there and sit there...

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    posted a message on Fishing Overhaul

    Awesome! I think everyone can agree that fishing is dull, so this will benefit everyone. I especially love the nether beetles and nightstalkers. Only suggestion I have for those critters is maybe a name tweak/change for the nightstalker, as now it sounds like another name for the phantom. Just my opinion though.

    I especially like that you tied in breaking AFK fish farms into this. My only question is: Since you can still fish from empty waters (and get treasure), how is AFK fishing removed?

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    posted a message on What do you hate most in Minecraft or find Annoying?


    They're simply the single worst thing mojang ever added to minecraft. They spawn in small places in your walls and make the most annoying sound known to man repetitively, loudly and they never despawn. Requiring you to smash a hole in your walls to find it.

    Bats drop nothing, give no XP, have no uses, and while mining in caves the little will always fly in your face and block your pickaxe mid-mine, requiring you to mine the same block from scratch over and over. Which is a genuine nightmare if they do it while you're mining obsidian.

    I wouldn't say they're the worst thing Mojang has ever added. I've personally never had the problems you've mentioned, but I can see those issues being really annoying. Apart from those, though, they act as a nice aesthetic mob.

    In terms of features, I'd say the elytra are probably the worst edition.

    In terms of experiences, I would either say getting blown up by a creeper while mining a wall or falling into a ravine while sprinting across a forest.

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    posted a message on Break AFK Fish Farms
    Quote from McNubberson»

    So wait... this is about standing around doing nothing, with little effort, getting enchants?

    So a mob grinder/farm/dropper next to a village breeder is ok then?

    If it's about enchants, it takes way longer to afk fish random good enchants, with trash and everything non enchanted, than it does to farm any trade able source for specific enchants. Also, if done right and depending on method, the second option doesn't even require a step into the nether.

    AFK fish farms do not take a long time to use. You can easily leave them on overnight or when you're not playing, and the chances of you having fished up an amazing enchanted fishing rod pretty quickly are high. While I agree that making insane automatic crop farms to trade with villagers for emeralds and then enchantments can be overpowered, you have to keep in mind that, as you said, it takes a lot more effort to do so. You would also have to make a villager breeder to get a variety of good enchantments with a farm, while AFK fishing will deliver all kinds of glorious enchantments right off the bat. This thread is also about AFK fish farms, and is not condemning nor supporting other overpowered farming methods.

    Quote from McNubberson»

    Yes, you have to build the breeder and construct a mob farm, but then you get exactly what you want. In fishing, it's all about chance and trying to beat odds.

    I don't care, break afk fishing or not, it doesn't affect me. But don't try to sell it as the best way to exploit enchants.

    Name one method of exploiting game mechanics in which you can more efficiently obtain powerful enchantments than you could with AFK fishing.

    Quote from McNubberson»

    BTW, rare items can also be obtained through the same method.

    It's no work = gambling, versus a little bit of work = exact outcome every time.

    This has to be about Survival Multiplayer, because to say it's all modes to balance the game, single player people can switch to creative anytime they want and give themselves things they want. Hence, it will never be balanced in that aspect, because servers cannot do that. And creative single or multiplayer is a duh.

    1. Rare items can also be obtained through looting dungeons. This isn't about the rare items being overpowered, this is about a particular method of getting them being immensely overpowered.

    2. Actually, it's more like: basically no work + leaving computer on = amazing profit versus a lot of work = amazing profit

    AFK fish farms require a lot less effort than building a villager breeder and a crazy automatic crop farm. Yes, there is a similar profit in the end as with AFK fishing, but it requires so much preliminary work that most players don't try this.

    Quote from McNubberson»

    Just let it go. Let people play the way they want.

    You know what, you're right. Mojang shouldn't stop people from exploiting game mechanics that ruin the game balance, no matter how overpowered it can be. Mojang shouldn't stop people from making duplicators either. In fact, Mojang should re-add all of the duplication glitches so that everyone can play how they want, even if it makes others mad when playing on servers.*

    * If you hadn't realized, that whole paragraph was satire.

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    posted a message on Mermaid Villages
    Quote from Flo2912»

    What do you think about this Idea?
    It's interesting, but what would be the point of it? How would this feature benefit the player?
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    posted a message on Break AFK Fish Farms
    Quote from AMPPL50»

    A Drowned would be more apporpiate than a Creeper, as they are aquatic mobs, and they could ALWAYS be fished up carrying Tridents, which would make them dangerous to people who are AFK, but would reward non-AFK players because that means that they can obtain tridents by fishing.

    I think it'd be best if you couldn't obtain tridents through fishing, as you can already obtain a lot of awesome loot.
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