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    posted a message on What version do you play?

    1.14, the latest "official" version.

    I sometimes try out snapshots but i dont really play much on them.

    I also sometimes go back to 1.2.5 for some "nostalgia" feeling as thats the version i started on. Its also the last version that was ""single player"" as 1.3 version your worlds are always connected on "LAN".

    I also played on 1.0 for some time way back then, but i found my self having more fun playing on 1.2.5.

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    posted a message on Needed critique of spawn project

    I assume the prismarine roof "hut" is the actual spawn point? Looks nice.

    The pickles on top of pumpkins are really a nice touch!

    I like more "natural" pathways, so adding carpets and sprinkled around planks i don't like. Could go for cobblestone, andesite, smoothstone, gravel combination, or dirt, coarse dirt, gravel, grass path combo.

    You could also go with a combination of darkwood/spruice wood slab path, so it has a bit more "depth".

    Maybe hang the lanterns instead of placing them on top of 2 high fence?

    The very large house looks pretty cool from far away, i wonder how it looks like up close/inside?

    Use more grass, flowers, even leaves. Add "farms", hay,

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    posted a message on Mending Or Infinity On Bow ?
    • Mending lets you keep the bow and its other set of enchantments endlessly
    • Infinity lets you shoot an infinite amount of arrows, as long as the bows durability allows it

    I use infinity on "cheap" bows, but mending on bows with more better enchantments.

    Having tons of arrows, or a skeleton dungeon farm solves the need for the infinity enchantment

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    posted a message on Help?

    I would personally use spruce planks for the floors. They are slightly lighter than dark oak but still dark enough to keep with the theme.

    They also make a nice "wood" foot steps when walking on them.

    You could use carpets here and there for extra detail and coloring.

    You should also check out some youtube videos on how to craft furniture. Its amazing how much details you can make with staircases, slabs, trap doors and sign posts.

    Also use lanterns and paintings for decoration.

    Add depth to the outside of your mansion ,dont just make a wall with windows, same goes for your roof top as well as the interior. If your ceiling is high use wood logs as grids and such.

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    posted a message on How long do you keep your files, and what happens once a new version comes out?

    I always liked the idea of having a "permanent" world that i can explore and build on endlessly but new cool stuff keep coming into the game.

    I had an idea since before the aquatic update, but decided to wait for it to hit before i started working on the idea of a "permanent" world.

    So when the aquatic update hit i spammed random amidst and mineatlas seeds till i found a very large island seed in the middle of an ocean.

    The idea is that i make a very large base (100x100 to be more precise), and fully explore the island and its shorelines (got a 2x2 map on the wall in my base looks pretty cool).

    From this island i can make a nether portal hub and hop into any place in the world far away from the island, and eventually bring back all the stuff and resources i want (like the new berries that came last update)

    This island is now generated and permanently saved and will never change and should never bug out due to new updates so i can keep building on it endlessly.

    And when a new patch comes out with lets say a new biome, or a new animal/plant that spawns inside a specific biome, i can use the portal hub to teleport to those new features instead.

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    posted a message on Redundant Buried Treasure Maps

    The way i see it there are far more ship wrecks (treasure maps) than buried treasure maps.

    I think the position of the ship wreck generates a treasure map with the "closest" buried treasure available.

    Since there are a lot of ship wrecks around the same "closest" buried treasure, you will find a lot of the same identical treasure maps in a specific area.

    Just venture out further and you should find more new treasures

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    posted a message on How do you organize items on your hotbar?
    1. Pickaxe
    2. Sword
    3. Axe/Shovel (depends on where i am and what im doing
    4. Torches (if not in offhand)
    5. Cobblestone blocks (i got tons of those so i use them to cover up lava or make my self a path/bridge to get to places while im mining
    6. Empty (or filled with ore/cobblestone while im mining)
    7. Empty (Or a water bucket while im deep underground mining)
    8. Empty (Or a bow while im out and fighting stuff)
    9. Food

    Generally speaking i only have the first 3-4 slots full which i always use everywhere, the rest i keep nice and clean or replace them with items that i need for the current activity im doing (mining, hunting mobs, exploring the nether, collecting overworld things etc)

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    posted a message on What the heck is this?

    Can you share the seed? Or try to re-create your world and see if its there as a naturally generated structure?

    Otherwise the crash kinda bugged out your world file and made the thing

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    posted a message on Floating Ocean stronghold with ruins and shipwreck (large snow island seed)

    I did post this seed in another post (among many others) but this stands out a lot among the others so i decided to make a new post about it with some screenshots as well

    Spawns in the middle of a very large ice island (about 1200 x 1100 blocks).

    The middle is a snow taiga/taiga hills biome, around it there are ice spikes and ice spike mountains

    If you throw an ender eye near the spawn it will send you north towards the stronghold (-208, -2272 for tp)

    Most of the stronghold is floating in the middle of the ocean with just one staircase going into the ground.

    The end portal room is positioned above ground, underwater

    There are also some underwater ruins under the stronghold as well as a ship wreck.

    Seed: "5130415253217361179"

    Amidst world map with stronghold coordinates

    The ice spike mountains with some very interesting overhangs and cliffs

    Some more Ice spike screenshots (inside the middle of the mountain)

    The floating stronghold

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    posted a message on A few island seeds

    Thanks for your world map screenshots. I know amidst works nicely and i do use it when i need some more details.

    However when spamming random seeds for specific spawn biomes i prefer mineatlas as it generates seeds faster than amidst on my pc.

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    posted a message on A few island seeds

    The latest 1.14, but MineAtlas uses 1.8 seeds which seem to work the same way.

    There could be some differences in village spawning locations, as well as spawning mobs and other items such as foxes and bushes between versions tho

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    posted a message on A few island seeds

    Here are a few interesting island seeds i found while looking for a specific looking one via MineAtlas. I considered screenshots but there would be too many of them, and i don't want to post numerous separate threads for each seed.

    With the spawn point i also explored things that are relatively close by the island i started on. I wont be adding every single location of a ship wreck but i will mention some interesting looking ones (such as if its a undamaged one, or one that got washed ashore.

    If you wish to explore it your self just use the seed and play, or check how the landscape looks like in the MineAtlas web page without reading further into the details of the seeds "content".

    1) Large Island Seed: 618785311483812

    Its a large half plains half forest seed.

    Animals: Sheep, chicken, horses, donkey, wolf, turtles

    Plants: Pumpkins, sugar canes, birch and oak wood.

    Points of interest:

    1. Surface lava pool
    2. beach ship wreck to the west (contains potatoes!)
    3. reef ship wreck to the east
    4. ocean monument a bit further east from the 2nd ship wreck (sits on top of a deep underwater ravine, lots of prismarine bricks) Lots of guardian spawns under the monument
    5. various natural cavern entrances with easy to get iron and coal
    6. Surface ravine with visible mine shaft bridge (with a cave spider spawner).
    7. Zombie dungeon right under the bridge with 2 chests (contains iron horse armror, saddle, Sweeping edge III book, cat disk, Beetroot seeds)
    8. 2nd zombie dungeon hidden inside the mineshaft (mineshaft goes trough it). 2 chests:( diamond+iron horse armor,2x name tag, golden apple, melon seeds,
    9. 2 connected cave spider spawners (cobwebs for days)
    10. Deep underground ravine connected to the mineshaft, Becomes underwater ravine half way and goes really deep. Tight ,low ceiling underwater cave with obsidian floor and magama blocks at 10th height level, also has 3x 4 exposed diamonds on the wall (never seen such a cave honestly)

    2) Small Deep Ocean Treasure Island Seed: -489106024840882

    Animals: Chicken, sheep, turtles

    Plants: Birch and oak trees.

    Points of interest:

    1. Ship wreck deep (on the island) towards south.
    2. Underwater ruin village with a full ship wreck (undamaged) to the north east of the island.
    3. The island has 2 buried treasures. One is on the east side, another on the north east

    3) 3-Tiny dungeon survival islands Seed: -286899835877324

    There are 3 very small islands very close by each other.

    An interesting seed with very limited resources for 2-3 players to challenge them selves in order to find 2 dungeons which are somewhere under the islands as well as conquering both ocean monuments

    Points of interest:

    1. The one you start on has only a few pigs
    2. The one closest to you has a single small oak tree It has a very hard to find deep zombie dungeon underneath it. The dungeon contains a single enchanted golden apple!
    3. The 3rd one has a single birch tree. There is hard to find spider dungeon underneath this island. The dungeon has no chests at all
    4. There are 2 ocean monuments nearby

    4) Roofed Forest island Seed: 081860475407345

    Animals: Pigs, sheep, cows,

    Plants: Dark oak,oak, red/brown mushrooms,

    Points of interest:

    1. Mineshaft underneath the island
    2. Semi-hard to find zombie + spider dungeon (10 blocks away form each other, with a total of 3 chests) Contains beetroot, pumpkin and melon seeds.
    3. Very hard to find spider dungeon with diamond horse armor (also under the island but not as deep as the previous 2)

    5) Huge snow island Seed 5130415253217361179

    It is a very very large snow island that has a snowy taiga forest in the middle (spawn point) which is surrounded by ice spikes. The rest is snow plains biome with a few snowy hills.

    Animals: The island is just snow, so everything a snow biome has, polar bears and snow rabbits. There are also some rare pigs and sheep inside the taiga forest you spawn at.

    Plants: Spruce wood, rare pumpkins and mushrooms (inside spruce forest). Village potatoes, carrots and beetroot seeds. Rare sugar canes next to rare tiny parts of unfrozen river (as sugar canes break if next to an ice block and despawn after a while)

    Points of interest:

    1. Spruce forest at spawn, this is the only area on the island (in the middle of it) that offers trees and "forest" animals
    2. Ice spike / Ice spike mountains that are placed around the snow taiga forest
    3. Various igloos scattered around the island
    4. Snow village offering various items via trade, as well as better food supply
    5. The island is gigantic, so it would be pointless to add whats underneath it as its not easy to find compared to the previously mentioned "dungeons under the starting island"

    6) Large Mushroom Island Seed: 648959502692975704

    Just a large mushroom island in the middle of the ocean with mycelium, mooshrooms and mushrooms.
    Oddly enough there is a very small patch of 13 pieces of grass dirt blocks near the coastline

    7) Large ocean swamp land Seed: -590687216086453

    A large flat swamp area in the middle of the ocean.

    Animals: Chickens, cows, sheep, a pig

    Plants: Oak trees, vines, mushrooms, sugar canes, Blue Orchids

    Points of interest: The area is too wide spread, but there are 2 very hard to find spider dungeons undeneath the island, both spread apart and contain regular golden apples and golden horse armor.

    EDDIT: Added a few more interesting seeds

    1. Seed: -604823396161043 -> Very large mega taiga island
    2. Seed: 759604083153746 -> An incredible archipelago that never ends
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    posted a message on Protection from Phantoms over Large Area

    well, simply sleeping every now and then helps reset the timer of their spawn.

    But this thread got me wondering, do phantoms get hurt by cacti?

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    posted a message on Lore

    well you could go anywhere with various theories that were floating around since beginning...

    But leaving a lone "human" Steve , and the undead that looks "humanoid" , and the rest of the minecraft inhabitants aside...

    Id like to think minecraft is placed on a very large old planet with oceans and various types of biomes, as well as many different types of ruins and temples, both underwater , underground and above ground, and the only "sentient" beings left from the overworld would be the villagers (which are not the same species as Steve).

    Redstone can be considered as "electricity", enchanting can be considered as "magic" and potion brewing is just potion brewing.

    There are also some rare artifacts around the world like the totem of undying, the conduit, the nether star, some are older than the others.

    Portals to other dimension exists, and currently there just 2 known.

    The enderman are able to travel from the end to any dimension it seems, even the nether, why ? Nobody knows. But they are acting like they are looking for something rather than for someone.

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    posted a message on Help for an old fan coming back?

    If you can play on older versions of the game then i suggest you start off from there just to get the general feel again.

    After a while you can upgrade the version to the next one and check the wiki to see what is added and how things work.

    I dont know about other platforms but in PC java the only real in game guide is currently your recipe book which shows you the recipes for the items you have, or partially have. Just make sure you are using the crafting table as a recipe that uses a 3x3 crafting space wont show on your 2x2 inventory crafting space.

    Other than that the core of minecraft didnt change at all.

    You build a shelter, collect food for survival, fight mobs during the night, mine for better quality tools of iron, mine for diamonds, mine obsidian for a nether portal, find a nether fortress , collect blaze rods, hunt enderman, make ender eyes, find a underground stronghold, get to the end, kill the end dragon and collect the ender egg -enter cutscene.

    Additionally, in the current 1.13 you can explore anywhere you wish, new biomes were added since 2012 , villagers in village can trade you some cool stuff for emeralds, you can ride horses for faster travel, new overworld structures were added such as the jungle temples, desert pyramids, underwater temples, the ocean has been overhauled with various types of sea, corals, animals, fish, hostile mobs, ship wracks, buried treasure maps, underwater ruins etc.

    Multiple hostile and neutral mobs were added, even a new wither boss, and on top of it all, the end also got an overhaul where you could respawn the end dragon, and also go trough a new portal to TP to the far side of end dimension and explore the end islands and its ender cities for rare items and mobs.

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