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    Quote from Rushica»

    Hi. I've been looking for a mod pack with a strong rpg feel to it and after seeing this forum for your pack I figured I'd try it out. However, the game keeps crashing while loading. Don't even make it to the first menu screen. I've installed it on my Technic Launcher. Was wondering if anyone else has been having any issues or if anyone has any advice or ideas to help me out. It always crashes at the same point, right after finishing the second of the 7 loading steps on the Mojang loading screen. Thanks.

    Hello there! Have you checked to make sure you have setup the pack correctly? You NEED:

    -Java 8 64bit

    -At least 3GB of ram allocated to the technic launcher

    If you need help setting that up, please feel free to check the help page for the modpack which has instructions on how to check and make sure you meet those requirements :) If it still doesn't work, please provide a crashlog (.techcnic/modpacks/MysticBlade/crash-reports folder) and I'll have a look ASAP! http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/mysticblade.423019/help

    Also, I need some feedback! Please vote here! Your opinion matters, and will help me make the pack more enjoyable for everyone :D! http://strawpoll.me/5301414

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    posted a message on A Brush More Colour - Soft, Warm & Vibrant - (Week 31 - Saplings & Wood Tools)

    Ohhhh my. This is GORGEOUS. Going to download and try it out RIGHT now. :o

    Edit: Ok. I am loving the heck outta this. It's like Doku and JohnSmith had a baby. The only thing I've noticed so far, is that there does seem to be a SMALL partial seam on the spruce logs which is more noticeable in the highlighting. Not sure if anyone's mentioned it, sorry if they have! Keep up the awesome work :D

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    Thaumic Horizons is in the pack :) And Thaumic Exploration is more fluff really that other mods in the pack already kind of add :(

    Quote from james92100»

    you should add blood magic and all those mods to it I love blood magic

    Blood Magic is in the pack, per my signature and the modlist ^^;

    If anyone else needs to know what mods are in the pack, please be sure to check the technic pages' modlist- I keep that one up to date more than this one. That being said, I know this one is out of date, so I will try and make some time this weekend to update it and sync it with the one on the technic page.

    Edit: It has been synced. The OP should now contain an updated modlist.

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    posted a message on Custom NPCs

    I'm not sure if Custom NPCs can do it, but I know that Hardcore Questing Mode can. On my RPG server I use a combination of the two mods to give players lots of stuff to do daily :)

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    Quote from Bafver»

    I've checked the key mappings from the Minecraft options and there were several bindings for the "F" key. However after changing all of them I still have the "F" key still triggers same thing so that didn't help me find the mod with the debug mode on.

    I also checked all the mod options available in-game and none of them have a debug mode enabled. Have not gone through all the config files yet though.

    Before/after F

    That's VERY odd. I'll have to boot it up tonight and check it out. I'm not even sure which mod would be doing that.

    Quote from Nightmar3Moon»

    This is totally unplayable, I get a framerate of about 0-5 fps, when I get 100+ normally. Something seems very wrong with the optimisation of this pack.

    This is a very large pack- did you check the system requirements and also make sure you gave it the correct amount of ram in the launcher settings (see the help section on the technic page for more info)? Please check your settings and post your computer specs so you have some info to backup that claim, because it works well for most people (myself included).

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    posted a message on 〜〖MysticBlade〗〜 『1.7.10』『Magic』『RPG』『Adventure』『Survival』

    Huh. That's very odd- It's probably a key conflict. I would find out what key is set to F, cause I'll bet that it's mapped to multiple mods.

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    Quote from Lord_tripleice»

    Hey Great Mod. Just wanted to ask 3 Questions quickly, first of all why do we have golden hearts related to armor value seems a bit OP to me.

    Secondly once I suddenly got about every single debuff in the game (at least to many for me to count :P) including blindness, heatstroke, slowness etc. and neither milk or going into creative would cure me. In the end i just used /kill and it worked.

    Lastly is or are you ever going to release a custom texturepack, Map, Or Server for the mod.

    Thanks :D

    Thanks very much! To answer your questions:

    The golden hearts are from a mod called natural absorption. It basically just acts like the absorption potion in game, BUT it's permanent. It can only recover once you are out of battle for 30 seconds (or that's the idea at least..) They are a little tricky to balance, so if they are too OP or if you think you start with too many, feel free to let me know!

    To add: Every piece of armor you wear gives you armor AND a SMALL amount of absorption. I'm still tweaking the armor/absorption ratio. It is also added as an enchantment possible for armor (either random, or you can craft the book that you can use in an anvil with the armor)

    About the debuffs.. I'm really not sure what happened there. Were you in a particular biome? A nether one perhaps? Let me know what the circumstances were surrounding this so I can take a look at it ASAP.

    As for the texture pack- I would LOVE to make one, but sadly I have an 18 month old that I take care of all day from 6am to 8pm, so I really have no time to do -anything-. Maybe at some point I will, but I don't see this happening until my daughter starts going to school. There was a map at one point in time, but due to some major updates to the pack, its now damaged and it can't be recovered. I would like to work on a map for it soon as well as adding HQM back, but again, due to small child, that's a ways off. There was a server using the map at one point in time, but since I'm currently unemployed, I had no way to pay for it, so it was being hosted at my home. Due to the increase in my bandwidth and general abuse of the server I closed it down- I would love to re-open it someday once I have some people who are trustworthy to help me staff it. Feel free to download the server zip file (located on the technic page) and set one up for fun :)

    Quote from SirDaximus»

    Is there a texture/resource pack for this modpack available?

    There's not a -specific- one, but I tend to use Wayukian pack with mod addon textures.

    Texture Pack: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/1226074-16x-1-7-2-wayukian-pack-magma-slime-blaze

    Unofficial Mod Support (I've added a lot of textures I matched to the pack in this thread, feel free to grab them and toss the folders in the Wayukian zip under assets): http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/1245755-16x-1-7-unofficial-wayukian-pack-mod-support

    Enjoy! It's my absolute favorite texture pack ever. I really hope she updates it soon ^^

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    posted a message on [16x][1.7+] Unofficial Wayukian Pack Mod Support


    Nice, if you can add some sample images, that would be great. If you need help with that let me know.

    do you mind if i mix and match some of your stuff with what ive been
    working on. As always I will give credit where it is due.

    No problem! I'll snag some today when I get the chance and edit the post :) And feel free to mix and match if you want to :3 I posted them here to be used hehe

    Edit: Sorry, still haven't had a chance to upload them.. I have them ready and waiting, but I've been super tired this week cause no ones' come over to help out with my daughter (which is very unusual). I'm sure I can get them up this weekend :)

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    posted a message on 〜〖MysticBlade〗〜 『1.7.10』『Magic』『RPG』『Adventure』『Survival』

    Sorry about that D: I hope to add it back once I update Jewelrycraft 2. I'll be snagging the update to test it today :3

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    posted a message on [16x][1.7+] Unofficial Wayukian Pack Mod Support

    Adding my stuff to the mix! :D I've made lots of log, plank, and ore retextures if anyone needs them :3

    ArsMagica2 with Witchwood Log, planks, and -all- ores (including color changing Chimerite!):


    BigReactors with Ingot, Dusts, and Ore:


    (Pam's) Bonecraft Bone Ore (credits to Rohdox/Painterly Pack for the bone graphic):


    BoP with planks, logs, and ores:


    Botania Living Wood and Living Rock:


    Forestry with Logs (WIP- will post again once I update it), Planks, and Ores:


    HardCore Ender Expansion Ores:


    IndustrialCraft2 Ores:


    Jurrasicraft Regular Ores and 'Sand' Ores (credits to Rohdox/Painterly Pack for the bone graphics):


    Magical Crops Ores:


    Mekanism Ore:


    Metallurgy4 Ores (All):


    Natura Logs and Planks:




    Thaumcraft Amber Ore:


    Thermal Foundation Ores, Storage Blocks (credits to Rohdox/Painterly Pack for these), Gears (to match new and awesome buildcraft gears) and Ingots:


    Tinkers' Construct Ores, Gravel Ores, Part Builder Legs:


    Witchery Logs (I happen to like the plank textures, so I didn't replace them):


    And obviously credit to Wayuki and her original textures, all I did was use a variety of the planks and stone, and recolor them to match the mod planks and ores! I'm also in the process of making matching textures for the Storage Drawers mod using the woods in these folders :D I'll update this post as soon as I'm done with them!

    Just drop these folders into the 'assets' folder of the zipped texture pack, the folder structure is all set :)

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    posted a message on Storage Drawers - [1.7.10 - 1.12]

    Ahhh ok! Thanks for the info :D I'll just replace the textures with matching ones in the mean time then ^.^ Thanks for this mod as well, it's REALLY awesome!

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    While you seem to be active and online atm, I have a question; Is there any chance of a future update where the storage drawers will use the textures from a texture pack? I'm not sure if you have a 'To do list' somewhere and I missed it. :3

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    posted a message on Storage Drawers - [1.7.10 - 1.12]

    Yessss! Thank you for the alternate wood mod support! <3 <3 <3 <3

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    posted a message on mod pack single-player crash, please help!

    Looks like your issue is here:

    crashed with java.lang.NullPointerException(null)

    Might want to see if there's an update for that mod, or post that crash in their forum topic :) Good luck!

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    posted a message on [16x][1.7.2] Wayukian pack (Magma slime & blaze previews on pg. 144) [800k+ downloads]
    Quote from worndownkeys»

    A while back Wayuki gave me permission to do mod support. You can find what i worked on here. I havent worked on these much or updated due to the lack of updates from Wayuki. You can post your additions there. Also feel free to PM me if you want to combine the work we have done or help out in making some more up to date mod support.

    Oh, awesome! Thanks so much for all the info :D I'll have a look at what you've got and see if it's the same stuff I have, or different.

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