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    posted a message on MinecraftForums Chrome Web App! Made by me.
    Greetings crafters. This is wolfman87x here bringing you something completely different from most things. I have created a Chrome Web App for MinecraftForums. I programed the app and created the icon. The icon may glitch sometimes and not show up. It usually goes away. You can download it at my SourceForge project:https://sourceforge....cts/wolfmansmc/
    I hope you like it and use it often.
    :SSSS: :SSSS: :Sheep: :Sheep: :Pig: :Notch: :Pig: :Sheep: :Sheep: :SSSS: :SSSS: All the happy faces of things that like to get to the forums quickly
    Just navigate to "downloads' and download Minecraft Forums Chrome Web App. Navigate to Discussion>Projects>MinecraftForums Chrome Web App for an installation tutorial.
    If you don't want to downlaod for SourceForge then Navigate to the Mediafire tab and download it from Mediafire.
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    posted a message on GryphonCraft - no whitelist New minecraft factions server
    It's 1.3.2 not 1.2.3. Btw for any people seeing this, I'm the server owner. It's an mmorpg with factions,mcmmo,great staff and, often uptim

    Dynmap: or whatever the default port is

    Jacob, you are the laziest forum poster ever.

    To readers: Check out the actual post here
    Check out the website here
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    posted a message on OlymusMC Clan [PVP] [Demigod Camp] [Gods] [Enchanted Weapons]
    Minecraft PVP Clan
    We have our own server
    Camp Olympus
    Cabins for Demigods at Camp
    Minecraft 1.3.1
    Server ip:
    New features:
    Factions and McMMO
    We also have a new spawn.


    Favorite weapon:
    Any weapon you could have:
    Favorite God:
    Will you respect the ancient laws:
    Will you respect the prohpecies:
    Will you respect the rules of a quest:
    Favorite minecraft hobby:
    Do you have skype:
    Will you respect Server Rules:
    Anything else:

    Hey, you dont have to apply on the forum>
    U can just join the server and apply with the same tamplate.
    U dont have to have an approved app to get on the server.
    U can get on and do some stuff but dont have the
    privledges of an applied member.
    You can apply to be a god or the child of a god.
    If you become a god you must have a skin that looks at least
    similar to that god.
    If there are no gods on the server to claim you or make you
    God, leave an application in the comments or send me your
    application over skype. You'll find my contact info at
    the bottom of the page.

    XBOX: GR4VITY x N30
    email: [email protected]

    Current senior members:
    masterchief214 (Posideon)
    juikstermaster3 (Zeus)
    mrbuild1234 (Hades)
    alakazard12 (Hermes)
    xxshubixx (Apollo)
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    posted a message on Olympians(RECRUITING!) (PVP) (Cabins) (Events) (Raids) (FUN!)
    IGN: masterchief214
    if you have teamspeak: i don't know what that is. :(
    will i be loyal: most definitely
    what weapon would i use in combat: diamond sword
    if i could have 1 weapin (doesnt have to be in game):hmmmm.... an enchanted grapevine whip, which on contact, makes the victim go insane.
    will i respect your ways and help you on your quest to expand: yes
    anything else to add?: I would love to be Dionysus, God of wine, insanity, and parties. If not, then son on hephaestus or ares.
    I have read the percy jackson series 3 times and own it myself. I have read alot about greek gods and goddesses in history books in my free time. I am an experienced minecraft player. *dont let my rank on the forums fool you. i dont post that much.
    All hail the Gods! For Olympus!

    EDIT: i have skype: wolfman87x

    EDIT: Oh! teamspeak is a communication system. kk im downloading it

    EDIT: i just got teamspeak. wats the teamspeak server?
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    posted a message on [Tekkit] MC Bros Tekkit Server with Commands,Prefixes,Ranks, and no white-list
    oh it is sorry i forgot to do the port forwarding crap. ill have it up in a jiff
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    posted a message on [Tekkit] MC Bros Tekkit Server with Commands,Prefixes,Ranks, and no white-list
    MC Bros Official
    Tekkit Server!

    Hey everyone! This is wolfman87x
    of the MC Bros bringing you my best server yet.
    The Mc Bros Official
    Tekkit Server!
    Check out our newly made website:

    There is no white-list.

    Server i.p.
    New I.P.

    -July 25,2012
    Server is no longer Hamachi
    New Rank: Hero
    -July 26,2012
    -July 27,2012
    Please approve of this post
    if you would like to join
    or have joined and like it.

    Steam: wolfman87x
    Minecraft: masterchief214
    Xbox: GR4VITY x N30
    Skype: wolfman87x

    EDIT: We now have Multiverse, WorldEdit, npcs, and iConomy
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    posted a message on ERION - The Next Big Tekkit Server - EE, No Whitelist, No PvP, No Griefing, Protections, & More
    IGN: masterchief214
    Age:12 (loves tekkit)
    I want to join a server that is full of other people who have a mutual love for tekkit.
    I agree to your rules
    I read the full post
    I think your permissions thing is pretty stable
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    posted a message on Millénaire - NPC village - 16/09/18 : Millénaire 7 open beta
    hey man, i was wondering if i could put this mod in my Medeival Modpack im making and this would fill the gap for a base mod. I will give you full credit and credit to anyone else you want. I only plan on putting this on minecraftforum.net and wikipedia and download from mediafire. I have tried this mod before and it is awesome you did a super great job on it. SO, get back with me on that plz. Thanks :)

    EDIT: This mod makes MineColony look like child's play and is a lot more simple
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    posted a message on 1.2.5 Almost 24/7 Bukkit Server with ranks
    Hey everyone! Are you looking for just a plain old simple survival server? If so, you are at the right place. My server is Bukkit with 5 or 6 ranks and counting. Toomanyitems is allowed. You can determine the rank of a player by the color of his/her name. It is up most of the time on weekdays.

    Important information:

    No griefing
    No disrespect
    No abusing powers
    Be respectful


    Server Name: MC Bros Official Survival Server


    So please consider dropping by. Thanks! :D
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    posted a message on Industrial Rage - 1st IC Server, Still Running - IC²/Buildcraft/Redstone In Motion/Dungeons/Market and more! 1.6.2 - No Whitelis
    IGN: masterchief214
    How long i have been playing: Since right when 1.7 beta came out( played classic 4 like 4 months b4 got full game )
    Have i played IC2: Yes and cnt live witout it
    How much play a week: Weekdays: approx 9 hrs Weekends: Depends
    Ever been banned: Once by accident
    Location: Southern IN, USA
    Screenshots of my best work: None because i mostly just make 3 story houses with IC2 contraptions
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    posted a message on The MC Bros.
    Are you having trouble finding mods? Or, are you having trouble instaling them? Well, not anymore at Minecraft Servers/Mods Nation! Here you can: Advertise mods and servers, download mods and get server ips, and download my special Easy Install Packs. These packs contain: a designated mod(s), CREDITS, toomanyitems, and all the support mods like mcforge. You can advertise and download on the forum, leave a comment or suggestion on the comments page, or as i already said, get and Easy Install Pack. I also have a white-listed server for V.I.Ps (V.I.Ps are people like Notch,Simon and Lewis, and SpaceToad) i will make exceptions but the only way that'll happen is if i contact you directly.

    Link: [][][][][][]

    This website is brought to you by: The MC Bros, The Minecraft Pros

    MC Bros site link: [][][][][][]

    Well then, you can join the MC Bros if you perform exceptionaly in my freebuild server. ip will be provided on the MC Bros website.
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    posted a message on [SSP/SMP][1.3.2]Fossil / Archeology [v6.9 P-4]
    Quote from cammyman77

    When i go onto my inventory it says 'saving chunks' and then black screens? I'm playing 1.7.2

    That means your minecraft ran out of memory. it used to do it to me with pokemobsHey guys i have an easy install pack for this mod. My easy install packs include: the mod, credits, tmi, and all the support mods like forge. I put credits with your name in it so please don't be mad Flammarilva.

    Check it out here.
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    posted a message on Railcraft
    Hey man, I'm a major modder and I'd like to advertise this on my mods site with your credits and everything. I'm so agreeing with minecarts and trcaks need an upgrade and I've been looking for a suitable buildcraft extension to replace industrial craft because it's too big for my pc. So just comment back if ya wanna give me an answer. and my site i wanna put it on's url is right here: mcservermodnation.weebly.com
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    posted a message on [SSP/SMP][1.3.2]Fossil / Archeology [v6.9 P-4]
    Man, this mod is beast! This is my 2nd so far favorite mod right below buildcraft. Nice job! :D
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] FiniteLiquid v5.93
    how can i get the 1.0.0 version of this mod?
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