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    posted a message on Next Update set to bring content before PC?!?!

    Those of you who are familiar with my topics know that I often don't see eye to eye with 4J Studios, this next update is not such a case. Considering that 4J have actively shown off the new concrete blocks alongside shulker boxes and dual wielding! This next update is something I'm definitely behind and definitely hyped for! Not only is there a possibility that console may get these new blocks before PC does (outside of snapshots), but the fact that so much other content appears to be coming as well.

    While the new dual wielding system will not be the same as the PC counterpart, you will still be able to utilize it for arrow selection as well as holding a map. Which brings me to the lack of combat content. I understand the combat update was largely unliked and I'm certain that 4J won't be implementing it anytime soon, if at all. Which for many, will bring a sigh of relief.

    Amongst the new items being added in the next update is shulker boxes, which I had addressed some concerns with in a previous post. It will be interesting to see what form of limitations is applied to these items, if any. Not to mention the new generated structure coming in the next update as well, the woodland mansion. Complete with 3 new mobs and a new item. Which I wonder if the new item, totem of undying, will be capable of being held in the off hand as well.

    In summary, I may not always agree with 4Js methods but I give respect where respect is due. So keep up the good work! The update is rumored to be released in the next 8-10 weeks! So get those hype engines roaring!

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    posted a message on Shulker boxes and future updates

    Now, bearing in mind that this content is well over a year or 2 away. My question is, is iit feasible for the 1.11 shulker box to come to console? The devs are already struggling with other entities as it is. Mostly due to pre-gen limits. However, I must think that even if the shulker box is added, it will need to be limited to how many can exsist in a world at one time.

    For those who do not know what a shullker box is, it's a new type of chest that will store contents even after being broken. Essentially, it's a backpack. The irony I suppose is that we are painfully close to getting them... Yet it will be dragged out and not be implemented until late next year to mid 2018. Yet, I wonder if the shulker box will simply not be added, considering 4J might deem it too OP for console players.

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    posted a message on A clever nod to a Prince

    About this time last year, the Halloween Mash-up Pack was released. I've played almost solely using that mash-up, but a small detail had eluded me for almost a year. I'm pretty sure this nod had even eluded some of you. With the new update we got new enchantments, being frost walker and mending. I haven't had much luck finding dungeons so I decided to start fishing. Well as we all know fishing in rain is the fastest solution to the amount of time it takes. As I stood there, blissfully ignorant. I had pulled up a bunch of junk. So I tossed most of it. As I did, I FINALLY noticed the rain. Purple Rain.

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    posted a message on The Real Reason MCXBONE is held back by pre-gen Limitations (Too click baity, but relevant)

    I've been coming to this site for quite a while now. I've played a few versions of MC. But when it comes to console platforms... Users are, what's a nice way to say this? Shifted? Cheated? Not only has the console version been considered bad, even the "ugly step-child" in light of how many bugs are left unfixed and how many features are usually missing. Yet this is only the tip of the iceberg for current gen players.

    I want to start this off with a statement directed at 4J Studios(even though we all know they'll never read it). WE PAID TO PLAY A CURRENT GENERATION GAME! NOT TO BE HELD BACK BY PREVIOUS GENERATION LIMITATIONS! Now, with that out of the way. Let's get down to why you clicked this thread.

    The one reason that current gen is held back by pre-gen is because pre-gen is still profittable. The only thing I find disturbing is, it's almost exclusively children. We've seen this for decades now. Pitch to the kids, let the parents pay. MC has a special place in society to run this particular strategy. Regardless of how disgusting that method actually is. It's socially accepted.

    So the fact that money talks and certain entities walk. How can we expect to overcome this trend? Are most of you even wanting to? I look at the gaming industry and games like MC leadiing the way. Setting the bar, if you will. This needs to stop. I'm 33. I love MC. But I hate the company that represents MC. console. I hate them because they set the standard for others, yet they hide from any intense scrutiny. They can't even be active in their own community.

    You may desire to defend 4J. By all means, go for it. But at the end of the day you are promoting lies, laziness and apathy. Is that something you really want to endorse? Minecraft console was No Man's Sky. Before it had been revealed. In all it's hyped glory. Same story to! A small studio with barely anything. under their belt. Yet 4J grew. Then they started to listen. Then they started to only listen to the big youtubers. Now they just listen to the kids. The easiest and oldest SCAM in the book. Taking candy from a baby. Congratulations!! You're a winner

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    posted a message on 4J's Contract Ending?

    Joecraft 80, it's worth noting how this was supposed to be looked into. Granted, we just barely got a bit taller mountains. It's that pre-gen fantasy I tell you. I think we all know by now, if you wanna play Minecraft just stick to pre-gen! The wonders of pitching to KIDS!!

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    posted a message on Microsoft or 4j is lying. Which one?

    I can't really imagine 4J staff don't know what they can share. This isn't the same little fledgling studio that worked on a couple 1 hit wonders. They have been working on Minecraft for years now. I'm certain they have all relevent data pertaining to their side of development. The fact is that console edition is a: A joke! b: Left with bugs that really do need attention. c: Has roughly 1/3 of the player base yet is the least frequently updated version, in regards to in-game content. d: Is held back by pre-gen standards, leaving those with the capability to move up high and dry.

    Which is another point. A kid playing Minecraft on a pre-gen console or even a group of such a demographic, only knows a bigger map awaits on current gen. What kind of incentive is that?! We live in a day in age where whining and flailing about will result in your desires being met. If this demographic wants to tantrum because one version of Minecraft is superior to another, they can just as easily tantrum to upgrade. I'm sure their parents will eventually crack.

    It goes without saying that console edition was treated as a joke from the get go. For quite some time I've heard the argument that 4J initially wasn't going to even add further features beyond the initial release. Well guess what? They did! That is the path they chose, now allow them to be critiqued for what needs to be fixed, what works, what doesn't and in general, what is tolerable. The bottom line is console edition shouldn't be this buggy, it shouldn't be this far behind and it shouldn't be held back by pre-gen limitations. Period.

    If 4J wants to pursue that endeavor to continue updating pre-gen, then it needs to be a pet project. Let those who paid for more get exactly what they paid for

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    posted a message on Are You Ready For New Achievements???

    With new achievements comes new objectives, new adventures and of course new experiences! But wait, there's more! With a list of brand new bug fixes you'll be able to; not have your game crash by [insert action here], and cows will not yet be fixed. Best of all, download the update right now and get banners absolutely free!!! You heard me right! Download the update, title update 41, and get banners absolutely free!

    But wait, there's still more! 6 new achievements that. you can unlock and all you have to do is play Battle mode! Never mind if you have a poor internet connection or if the servers get laggy because right now, you can sharpen your sword and gear up for these 6 achievements that you and a friend can easily unlock together! NO ADVENTURE REQUIRED!! That's right! We took the most entertaining aspect out of this mini game and we want to reward you for playing it! So get out there and go for gold! or live! which ever service you pay for just to play online.

    Also, as an added bonus we will include the brand new 1.9 update, complete in all it's glory, in the next 8-12 months! But before we ever add any further content to Minecraft, we will be adding 5 brand new mini games which include but are not limited to; Standing around watching friends build things, battle mode but in the sky, learning how to fall correctly, learning how to jump correctly and last but not least Survival of the fittest knock off!!

    So stick around, buy all the maps we produce, earn all the new achievements and give us your money as we dull out the least amount of new content just so we can milk this game even further! Best of all, you'll even feel good about it! At least until you realize that we are genuinely capable of keeping pace with PC and PE, we just don't want to because updating that frequently is just bad because we refuse to utilize seperate files. But don't worry about us though. Worry about our trained attack dogs... I mean fans, when you question our compitency and willingness to provide fresh content, instead of meaningless filler.

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    posted a message on Cheating in Battle Mode? Unwelcome tactics

    Tag team battle mode action! Tonight, on Minecraft! That's actually a good idea!

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    posted a message on guardian farm

    Thus far I am almost finished draining the exterior of the monument and have developed a few tips for those who wish to attempt this build. First thing first, this project is not for the faint of heart. But here is a list of some stuff you will need.

    1. About 5 1/2 double chests filled with sand

    2. About 5,000+ dispensers... I believe. 104 for 2 rows, one row of building block, then 2 rows of dispensers. Rinse and repeat until all 52 rows are done. Facing downward.

    3. Guessing around 3 double chests of your preferred building block. Under each single row, place a further 5 or 6 blocks underneath, all the way across.

    4. Signs, around 5000+ signs. These go on either side of the 2x52x6 shafts to prevent water from getting out.

    5. Buckets, 5000+. Fill each with water. To make life simpler, remember to set up an easily accessible infinite water source. For those who do not know how to make one, simple make a 1x3 hole and place water on either side. The middle becomes an infinite water source. Place the water buckets inside each dispenser.

    6. Rails, roughly 208 rails will be needed. Place 2 rails at the end of each side of the monument, the entire row.

    7. Power rails, guessing 8000-9000. Make a line for each row, connecting to the rails on either end. Also on power rail at the end of each row.

    8. Redstone blocks, about 1000 or so. Remember that each block powers 7 rails in each direction plus the power rail over it.

    9. Levers, 104 levers to place by the individual power rails on each side.

    10. Hoppers, you will need 260 hoppers, 1 underneath each regular rail and 52 for Minecraft hoppers.

    11. Minecart, 52, 1 for each row.

    12. Chests, 104 chests or 52 double chests. These go underneath the hoppers at the end of every other row.

    13. Trap chests, 104 trap chests or 52 double trap chest. These go underneath the hoppers every other row, opposite of regular chests.

    14. Pickaxes, preferably iron. You will need a couple dozen iron pickaxes to mine out the monument and 34 spaces below the monument. 32 blocks down to kill the guardians and 2 more below for half slabs and the rail system.

    15. Half slabs, roughly 4 double chests full. These go directly above the rail system to prevent mob collisions and also provides a neat floor for the Minecart hoppers to clean.

    16. Redstone, about 9-10 stacks should do. Wire up the dispensers so that each has power, lead the wire to a place you would like to use to turn on and off the farm.

    17. Repeators, you will need around 250 repeators to supply power to each dispenser.

    18. One last lever to use at your on/off station. Give it a flip and watch the guardians come raining down.

    This build is extremely resource expensive and takes quite a bit of time to set up. I strongly recommend that you build an iron farm prior to attempting this build. Use sand to section off areas to effectively drain with however many sponges you can find. I stick with 4x4 shafts, it seems to make draining a bit easier and doesn't give guardians a lot of room to run. Hope that this helps anyone looking to attempt this build. Once mine is finished, I will get some pics up :)

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    posted a message on A few extra TU31 seeds

    Seed -4740883071579320178 also has a tulip plains at 313x -276z. Very nice seed! So close to perfect. I'd say that this seed is just as good as the one I found, if not better.

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