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    Yes. You gotta go to the app store, under the mcpe app and sign up for beta. Then download the beta update. That will give you barrels, campfires, the new crafting stations and so on. Without even enabling experimental features

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    1. Placing stone in a furnace gives you smooth stone

    2. Baked potatoes level compost bins with just one baked potato, meaning it only requires 7 baked potatoes to generate one bonemeal

    3. Barrels are almost twice as cost efficient as regular chests. A full stack of 64 wooden planks crafts 8 chests but will craft 15 barrels

    4. Beds are now required for villagers to breed, not doors.

    5. Villagers can change professions if multiple workstations are available for interaction. Meaning you can make sections purely for librarians. Just bear in mind when a villager changes profession, they lose all previous trades. I'm not sure if they lose their trade level as well.

    6. Villagers can heal at the beginning of every minecraft day.

    7. Auto cactus farms can be used with compost bins creating an infinite source of bonemeal

    8. Making a 3 high floor with half slabs on top, for example;


    B L B


    B = block

    L = light source

    S = slab

    Building like this will provide a consistent surface while maintaining a safe light level. Considering how many new slabs and stairs have been added, this will allow for much easier and smoother building without spamming your base with torches.

    9. Always have milk on hand. The bad omen effect tends to activate for no reason, usually when logging back into a world. Having milk on hand will give you an alternative to fighting a raid.

    Got any new things you've found useful? Feel free to add them down below!

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    Pretty simple, just wondering if anyone knows if you can create a sustained note? I've been tinkering with observers, which can produce an "almost" sustained note but the breaks are still rather obvious

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    I've been looking forward to using the new scaffolding but nothing. After spending 3 hours or so fishing in a jungle, no bamboo. Decided to explore and found a village, no stray cats. No pandas to be found either... I was under the assumption that the update had gone live but there are no updates for mcpe. Are the updates rolled out by phone version or do I need to uninstall it?

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    Admittedly, the notion of a cave update is a bit stretched. Several have asked and pitched ideas but the problem is proposing something that is either wanted or needed. Best case scenario being wanted and needed. Which presents a problem.

    We already know that diamond armor will always be top tier. At least for the foreseeable future. Light sources have seen a lot of love recently and so have blocks. Considering that it is no longer necessary to dig or spelunk in order to find precious ores also presents a problem.

    In the case of a cave update, developers have kind of painted themselves into a corner. Without the drive to find something unique, caves have become stale at best. So how do we remedy this issue? How can we make caves worth exploring again? Stronger weapons or armor are out of the picture and virtually anything that doesn't have a purpose is rather easily dismissed. With all this in mind, I give you my pitch.

    - between layers 25-40

    •gems: topaz, amethyst, zircon, garnet, sapphire and jade.

    Can be mined with iron pick or better. Once mined, can be placed as a decoration or crafted into blocks requiring 9 of the respective material.

    Obtainable in small quantities in dungeons found in the same layers.

    •gem caves: a large open area that contains several gems of a variety of gems.

    -Taiga underworld: topaz and zircon

    -Desert/Savannah underworld: amethyst and sapphire

    -Jungle underworld: garnet and jade

    -Snow underworld: zircon and sapphire

    •white water: found in mushroom underworld. Provides light level 10 then 2 less for each block away. When put into a bucket becomes regular water.

    •glowing moss: found below layer 35. Grows similar to vines. Provides light level 7 for 2 blocks.

    - Between bedrock and layer 50

    •biome specific mobs

    -Taiga underworld: rabid wolves. Roam in packs of 2-5. Attacks inflict minor damage and inflict a short poison effect and slowness

    -Jundle underworld: Vampire bats. Spawn more frequently in gem caves. Attacks inflict minimal damage and inflict harming damage for 5 seconds

    -Mushroom underworld: Mushroom mites. Passive mob, may drop either mushroom upon death.

    -End Dungeon: Silver skeletons. Equipped with stone sword and various pieces of iron armor.

    -End Dungeon: Mummies. Attacks inflict mining fatigue and slowness for 10 seconds

    -Desert/savannah: Anglers. Spawn in water. Hostile. Attacks inflict minor damage. May drop glowstone dust upon death.

    Cave decorations such as stalagmites and stalagtites, moss

    Crystal ore, function unknown

    Cave paintings: unique paintings found only in caves. Paintings retain the picture when broken

    These are just some base ideas. The notion is to inspire exploration without having to put something overpowering or suggesting themes that have been shot down time and time again. Feedback and further suggestions are more than welcome

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    I'd attempted to get access to the beta but it does not show up in the insider hub. All I get is two sections asking me to join but not MC beta. Has the beta been closed or delayed? or are there additional steps I must follow?

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    Those of you who are familiar with my topics know that I often don't see eye to eye with 4J Studios, this next update is not such a case. Considering that 4J have actively shown off the new concrete blocks alongside shulker boxes and dual wielding! This next update is something I'm definitely behind and definitely hyped for! Not only is there a possibility that console may get these new blocks before PC does (outside of snapshots), but the fact that so much other content appears to be coming as well.

    While the new dual wielding system will not be the same as the PC counterpart, you will still be able to utilize it for arrow selection as well as holding a map. Which brings me to the lack of combat content. I understand the combat update was largely unliked and I'm certain that 4J won't be implementing it anytime soon, if at all. Which for many, will bring a sigh of relief.

    Amongst the new items being added in the next update is shulker boxes, which I had addressed some concerns with in a previous post. It will be interesting to see what form of limitations is applied to these items, if any. Not to mention the new generated structure coming in the next update as well, the woodland mansion. Complete with 3 new mobs and a new item. Which I wonder if the new item, totem of undying, will be capable of being held in the off hand as well.

    In summary, I may not always agree with 4Js methods but I give respect where respect is due. So keep up the good work! The update is rumored to be released in the next 8-10 weeks! So get those hype engines roaring!

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    Quote from joecraft80»

    Did they not add the spectral arrow? And if anyone watched the livestream yesterday no combat changes, no dual wielding, no biome changes to generate like pc, no shields and the end cities is a different dimension with ONE island that's about 100x100 wide so no exploration either. I surely hope on xbox one/ps4 its bigger than that but that's how it looked.

    They did add most, if not all, of the new arrows. So I guess time will tell. As for the combat system, once again we see how a minority can ruin it for the majority. seems to be a 2016 thing. Admittedly I was also disappointed to see the small extra End Island. I can't imagine current gen will get an additional exclusive beyond amplified terrain. So, no, most like the same size on all consoles.
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    I'd tend to agree. Though it does raise some questions though. But in the end, the simplest answer is usally correct

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    This happens sometimes. The update is still stuck in QA, might be until Wednesday.

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    I must admit, the second I heard this was an actual thing, I started geeking out hardcore. I've been waiting forever it seems, using the steampunk texture pack as a sort of replacement. Now I won't have to! With an official Fallout Mash-Up, that pretty much covers all my wanted mash-ups... Minus ARK: Minecraft Evolved mash-up buuuut I don't see that happening. However, there is a price for this dream mash-up which will run you all of $5.99 plus tax to enjoy these textures.

    But the price tag is what gets me. Licensing fees, I imagine, were included with other mash-ups and there is no confirmed battle map. So why the extra $2? My best guess is for 2 maps, instead of 1. One set in Fallout 3 style, the other set in Fallout 4 style. But who knows? Maybe Pete Hines decided he needed another form of dlc revenue. Probably not, though.

    What are your thoughts on this fantasy mash-up pack? Will you be willing to part with $6? Do you even like Fallout?

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    I completely agree. It's been said that 4J intend to start focusing on current gen, slowly phasing out last gen updates, however that won't occur any time soon unfortunately. But hey, we get amplified terrain...

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    Now, bearing in mind that this content is well over a year or 2 away. My question is, is iit feasible for the 1.11 shulker box to come to console? The devs are already struggling with other entities as it is. Mostly due to pre-gen limits. However, I must think that even if the shulker box is added, it will need to be limited to how many can exsist in a world at one time.

    For those who do not know what a shullker box is, it's a new type of chest that will store contents even after being broken. Essentially, it's a backpack. The irony I suppose is that we are painfully close to getting them... Yet it will be dragged out and not be implemented until late next year to mid 2018. Yet, I wonder if the shulker box will simply not be added, considering 4J might deem it too OP for console players.

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    About this time last year, the Halloween Mash-up Pack was released. I've played almost solely using that mash-up, but a small detail had eluded me for almost a year. I'm pretty sure this nod had even eluded some of you. With the new update we got new enchantments, being frost walker and mending. I haven't had much luck finding dungeons so I decided to start fishing. Well as we all know fishing in rain is the fastest solution to the amount of time it takes. As I stood there, blissfully ignorant. I had pulled up a bunch of junk. So I tossed most of it. As I did, I FINALLY noticed the rain. Purple Rain.

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    I've been coming to this site for quite a while now. I've played a few versions of MC. But when it comes to console platforms... Users are, what's a nice way to say this? Shifted? Cheated? Not only has the console version been considered bad, even the "ugly step-child" in light of how many bugs are left unfixed and how many features are usually missing. Yet this is only the tip of the iceberg for current gen players.

    I want to start this off with a statement directed at 4J Studios(even though we all know they'll never read it). WE PAID TO PLAY A CURRENT GENERATION GAME! NOT TO BE HELD BACK BY PREVIOUS GENERATION LIMITATIONS! Now, with that out of the way. Let's get down to why you clicked this thread.

    The one reason that current gen is held back by pre-gen is because pre-gen is still profittable. The only thing I find disturbing is, it's almost exclusively children. We've seen this for decades now. Pitch to the kids, let the parents pay. MC has a special place in society to run this particular strategy. Regardless of how disgusting that method actually is. It's socially accepted.

    So the fact that money talks and certain entities walk. How can we expect to overcome this trend? Are most of you even wanting to? I look at the gaming industry and games like MC leadiing the way. Setting the bar, if you will. This needs to stop. I'm 33. I love MC. But I hate the company that represents MC. console. I hate them because they set the standard for others, yet they hide from any intense scrutiny. They can't even be active in their own community.

    You may desire to defend 4J. By all means, go for it. But at the end of the day you are promoting lies, laziness and apathy. Is that something you really want to endorse? Minecraft console was No Man's Sky. Before it had been revealed. In all it's hyped glory. Same story to! A small studio with barely anything. under their belt. Yet 4J grew. Then they started to listen. Then they started to only listen to the big youtubers. Now they just listen to the kids. The easiest and oldest SCAM in the book. Taking candy from a baby. Congratulations!! You're a winner

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