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    posted a message on TameCraft - HermitCraft-Like Server

    Hello Everyone,

    If you know what HermitCraft is, you know what I'm making, if not I'll explain. This will be a community based server, it is purely survival, little to no plugins installed. We will have a basic economy based on diamonds, and you will be able to build shops to sell items you obtain. Currently the server is not running, I would like to have a basic community ready to play before starting it. We will have a couple plugins, mainly to prevent griefing.

    Anyone who wants to join can fill out an application here. We have an application because letting anyone on can allow hackers, griefers, and other annoying people into our world.

    We are thinking of making a patreon if anyone would like to support the server, and we also have a discord server.

    Rules & Punishments:

    Any griefing, hacking, xraying, stealing, cheating, or discriminatory behavior will be punishable.

    We have a strict no tolerance policy. Any griefing, stealing, or hacking will be met with a perm ban. Xray or discriminatory behavior will be dealt with depending on the situation.

    Thanks, Wofler

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    I searched up your server and nothing came up. Is it already open or will it be open soon?

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    posted a message on TheEndDistrict! Is now recruiting everybody!

    My Moderator Application

    Ign - WolferTamer

    Skype Username - WolferTamer

    Age -13 (almost 14)

    Time-zone - PDT

    Past Experience - I used to be a server owner.

    How much time a day can you dedicate - Around 2 hours.

    Why do you want to become Mod - Because I find it fun to help develop/moderate a server and watch as it grows into a big, amazing server.

    Why should we pick you - You should pick me because I have experience handling Hackers, Spammers, and Scammers.

    Info about yourself - I'm sort of a techie, I have a bit of experience with servers and am ok at GroupManager.

    Do you have experience with graphics - I have a small bit of experience with gimp.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Graphics Glitch

    Thanks! That made it work, but in the Main Menu it says I may need OpenGL 2.0 to play.

    Do you know how to install this?

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    posted a message on Minecraft Graphics Glitch


    I got a new computer and immediately installed Minecraft on it (I know it's Windows 7, but I like Windows 7) I tried playing 1.8.9 but it showed the error message:

    "We're sorry, but it seems there was an error while trying to render aspects of the game.

    To solve this Error, it is recommended that you update your graphics drivers."

    The message in the minecraft launcher is here: Minecraft Launcher Error

    I then updated my graphics driver and the same thing happened. (I also attempted to use Optifine before that)

    I then put the info on my Graphics here: Graphics

    If you don't feel like reading, The name of my...

    It says Device in DirectX Diagnostics so the Device name is "Intel(R) Q35 Express Chipset Family (Microsoft"

    Find the rest of the info in the paste thing.



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    posted a message on DiamondHost.org - Under New Management - Starting at $2/month - You are the Gamers, We are the Host

    When I first got this I was thinking it must be really bad service because of this price! But, when I got it, turns out it works just as good as one of those expensive servers! I really recommend these guys, i've been using this service for years, and they haven't let me down yet!

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    posted a message on Looking for builders for my new map ¨The Fable of Hayona: Order of the Stone¨

    Hey, I'd like to help build this map, I've been playing for a few years and I can build pretty well. (And I know a bit about commands and redstone.)

    My IGN is WolferTamer.

    Skype: WolferTamer

    Age: 12

    Maturity: Sometimes silly, but not too often. Other times very mature.

    Style: Larger things, medieval, fancy

    Experience: custom WIP map Save The Cake v2

    Thanks, WolferTamer

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    posted a message on Totally SICK 1.7.2 seed! Village, diamonds, flowers! Dream house location!

    Lots of people are saying this is a good seed, but I don't see any pictures, can you please fix that?

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    posted a message on Spaceblock [Inspired by SkyBlock][1.7]
    Seems cool! I'll survive for a while and and maybe make a YouTube series on it.
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    posted a message on Mylith 1.7.10|Creative Plots/SuperFlat|Relaxed &Hardcore Survival|Amplified|DisguiseCraft|KeepInventory|MagicSpells|Free Rank|
    Ign: geoffreyblue and my friend's Ign: winterblade604
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