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    "I am good, I got a A on one of my tests." Demetria says happily. Demetria was a very bright girl, but she never got the best grades, due to her doodling in class to often.
    "How are you?"
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    I am small and can slip into small hiding spaces. I can also run swiftly. Im not good at fighting though. Most likely a hour.
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    Guess what. I just wasted your time :P Good night. PEACE OUT :P
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    Next time they call you putt on your best old woman impression and say...

    No Mam. This is (blah blah) Im here to get info about your billing.

    they will hang up. they did when i did this.
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    Hello fello minecrafters. I am here today to discus, Java. I do not know what you should use but i know for a fact all the new minecraft generation people are buying minecraft and getting Java. Java is currently hacked. I Myself was hacked by java and someone used my email account. I have changed my password but i would very much apreciate it if java was changed to a diffrent thing to use. Agin i donno what one. Anyone with a java they got a few months ago is fine. Its just the new java updates mainly.

    Thankyou For Your Time.

    (srry its so short please reply if you have been hacked by java)
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    posted a message on Minecraft: Why it Shouldn't Be Used As Punishment
    Sir. I so feel your pain im going insane cause my java wont work so i cannot play minecraft and it tourtures me cause i can post on the forums and hear about all you playing it and agree ya cool thats awesome. I havent played minecraft for the last 4 months and I think i did need a small break off it why you ask? its probly your problem too. Minecraft causes real horrible depression usually when it is taken realy quick. I about cut my wrist when i found out i could not play. (ok mayby not like suicide wise...) but still i think your obsesed with minecraft. its ok i am too. Minecraft is in top ten most addictive games. Lastly God!!! i was thinking what you said about this all day today,
    I feel as if Minecraft is reality and reality is, well, fake.
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    posted a message on Looking For Someone Who Wants To Make A Minecraft Youtube Channel
    I'm looking for someone who wants to make a youtube channel with me. I have found 2 people to do it with me. Te first episode will most likely be skyblock or survivial island. If interested please make a comment with the following. Thankyou. P.s. anyone who writes can join in :)

    Youtube Channel-
    Favriote Good Mob-
    Favriote Hostile Mob-
    Info About You-


    Youtube Channel- Wolfgirlzemaster(i have no vids on it yet)
    Favriote Good Mob-PIGGY!!!
    Favriote Bad Mob- Slime
    Info About Me- Im Nice and funny. I love derp minecraft pigs.

    Ty Everyone ;)
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