About Me

Hey, I'm WolfSage. Not sure why you're checking out my profile...stalker.

But in case you wanted an explanation of my name, here it is!


1. I have a rare disease that means Wolf

2. I love wolves ever since I was young

3. I empathize with them. Everyone judging them based off how they seem. Everyone is much more than they appear.


1. When my disease flares up, my spine gets inflamed, causing me to hunch. So, I walk around with a staff for balance, a robe cause I get cold, and I'm hunched over.

2. A lot of people call me "deep and mysterious" because of how I write.

3. People consider my outlook on life "very" mature for my age.


1. I conquered my disease in a little over a year. It's supposed to be lifelong.

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