About Me

I go by Wolf here and in every other gaming scenario (except with my brother. If you ever play with us you will hear my real life nickname).

I'm a 21 year old female who you wouldn't know is actually 21 because growing up is the worst because I'm a silly person.

I have three siblings (who also play Minecraft), two cats, a dove, and (as a family we have) 10 chickens.

I go to college and am majoring in illustration. During the summer I go and live with my family and use my parents as car drivers to get me to and from work because I still don't drive. :'D (Don't judge, driving around were I live is insanity.)

Since I've mentioned it, I work three jobs: a kids daycare, a program the provides free crafts for kids at different parks, and as a freelance artist.

Hmmmmmmm, I think that's about it. If you want to know more you can contact me at the places below! (Oh, but please try not to swear. I might be 21 but I don't like it and won't continuously put up with it. If it is clear that you are making an effort to not swear then I will forgive you.)

Here of course.

Discord: WolfRider107 #7579

Steam: WolfRider107

YouTube: Wolf Rider107

Places where I make art (if you're interested):

Deviantart: Arachnicolor

FurAffinity: Arachnicolor

Youtube: Arachnicolor

(Don't worry, all of my art is safe for work)


ART (everything art in general)

Climbing trees

Being in nature




Playing games with people

Meeting people online (because in real life I get anxious and prefer to be alone in the corner).

I love all animals.



Location US

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