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    Here is a Minecraft-styled font by TheHoogleman. It has been posted here with permission, and the link is NOT adfly supported (it's not my own work).

    LogoCraft TTF

    Check out his YouTube channel here for Photoshop tutorials on how to make Minecraft logos.

    I just wanted to share his font, and I posted those links just to be polite, seeing he gave me permission to upload the font. Check out MadPixel's tutorial for another Minecraft-styled logo tutorial.

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    I've had to ponder, should I even bother starting my own topic for this, but I suppose that is what these forums are for. I'm not an artist... I've had to watch video after video, learn from some other topics here, and such. Many thanks to MadPixel (see here and here) for the initial kick-start and tutorials.

    Protips welcome... err, needed! I'm planning to do an animation of Steve, and if possible, some other mobs. More Minecraft- and Minecon-inspired logo's, and whatever else I can. Again, I am no graphic artist. I don't know what looks good, so please, feedback is welcome.

    (Maybe the animations are a bit over my head... but we'll see...)
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    List not too well thought out me thinks. He at least covered himself by not calling it the top 10 ways...
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