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    posted a message on [The Emerald Apple] MindCrack-Like Server [Whitelisted] [All Ages Welcome]
    #1 *AGE - 17

    #2 *IGN - WizFujiin

    #3 *Gender - Male

    #4*Skype - Fatal_Imp

    #5 +Youtube name and would you record the server? - currently don't actually have a youtube account, how ever have a pc capable as well as a (decent) mic so I could record but am not currently planning to.

    #6 +Experience with servers/single player (Please state which one) - Actually been quite awhile sense I have played on a server how ever I still play with some in real life friends, as well as have a single player world I play on when I can.

    #7 +You're skills - I am fine with doing the grinder type things as well as am a self proclaimed decent builder, nothing special but.

    #8+Why do you want to join? - I am looking to get back into playing minecraft servers and a server based off of the same concept and MindCrack would be a great server to join and make some friends on.

    #9 +Pictures of builds or something in Minecraft - Recently upgraded to a PC from my laptop and haven't transferred anything over yet.
    #10 *Time zone and +estimated hours per week or per day - -7 GMT (MST) and I would play 1+ hours on week days depending on homework, and then around 3+ on weekends depending on work schedule
    #11 *Did You read the rules? -
    #12 +Other information? - Notta
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    posted a message on DirtPhantoms|Pure Vanilla|Age 14+|HardMode|18Slots|Mature
    Age: 17
    IGN: WizFujiin
    What do you think you are good and not good at in Minecraft?: I like to think I am a decent builder, because I am willing to do long tasks in order to get results I want (building and rebuilding things multiple times, digging/terraforming large areas however my redstone/caving skills (I die alot) are lacking.
    Youtube?(not necessary, won't affect your app.): ohai
    Tell us a little about yourself: I love to play games, at the moment specifically league of legends and minecraft, I love to joke around and have a good time aswell as I am usually pretty laid back and dont get to stressed about things.
    Have you been on servers like this?: I was on one for about a month and then it shut down due to money issues.
    Have you been banned?:If so, explain why.: Yes, 3 years ago or so on a jail server I me and my friend where duping diamond blocks and giving stack of them to random players for the s***'s and giggle, the mods didn't find it quite as funny - ive matured sense then.
    Do you like servers with a mature, generous community?: Yes, generous and mature what more could you ask for? No people slapping down half-assed cobble stone structures and ruining the land scape, and no players who try to make you pay a diamond to even speak to them, just people who play minecraft for the enjoyment of the freedom the game provides and to meet new people and make new friends.
    Skype?:(PM me if you want) fatal_imp (the canadian one)
    Questions? Concerns?: Non-particular.

    also applying for a friend (he wrote the application, just mcfourms is being sketch with him making an account

    What do you think you are good and not good at in Minecraft?:im a good builder, explorer, miner and caver, redstone.... not so much
    Youtube?(not necessary, won't affect your app.):cobrakyle2(or dakgames)
    Tell us a little about yourself: I am currently attending college, however a gamer who should be a bit more foucused on school but love the games to much xD
    Have you been on servers like this?: yes mutiple
    Have you been banned?:If so, explain why.: never
    Do you like servers with a mature, generous community?: Sounds like a great place to be.
    Skype?:(PM me if you want) cobrakyle2
    Questions? Concerns?:none
    ohai & thx for reading my app
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    posted a message on Scarlet Acres || Vanilla Survival, Large Mature Community || SMP || PvE || Mature || Greylist || 1.8
    What is your Minecraft username: WizFujiin

    How old are you: 17

    How long have you been playing Minecraft: I started playing minecraft in alpha how ever somewhere in beta stopped playing due to real life things and a few months ago picked it back up again.

    Do you accept our rules: Yes

    What type of player are you: I love to build, im not the best at making amazing projects but also not the worst, I also love to have a good time and do things with the community.

    What can you offer to our community: A friendly personality, unique builds (hopefully) and I also am keen to take on the challenge of an enderman farm.

    Any questions or clarification: Not at the moment.

    E-mail address (optional): [email protected]


    also if it is ok doing an application for my friend (dosn't have an mcfourms acc, and its being weird with his email)

    What is your Minecraft username: cobrakyle2

    How old are you: 21

    How long have you been playing Minecraft: beta 1.3

    Do you accept our rules: Of Course

    What type of player are you: well rounded, humorous (love the practical jokes) as-well as artistic

    What can you offer to our community: I hope to keep things interesting, playing the occasional prank on others (nothing OTT (Over the top) and will clean up if they are unhappy about it.

    Any questions or clarification: Notta

    E-mail address (optional): N/A
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    posted a message on Mindcrack/Hermitcraft like vanilla server (whitelisted)
    IGN: WizFujiin
    AGE: 17
    WILL YOU RECORD?: Not at the moment as my mic quality is horrible, will probably buy myself a new one for x-mas though so after that, maybe.
    SKYPE(not required): Fatal_Imp
    WHEN YOU STARTED PLAYING MINECRAFT: i started playing in early beta, how ever due to real life complications took a break for about a year and have recently (about 2 months ago) started playing again.
    WHAT TYPE OF PLAYER YOU ARE(BUILDER,REDSTONE): I much prefer building and exploring over redstone.
    HOW OFTEN YOU WILL PLAY: 1-2 hours on weekdays and more on weekends.

    BUILDING SKILL 1-10: 8.5
    REDSTONE SKILLS 1-10: oh gosh err.. 5?

    WHY I SHOULD PICK YOU: Minecraft is a great game, and even better with others. Im looking for a server that I log into everyday and see the same familliar friendly faces and hopefully do some builds and make new friends with new people. (guess that is more why I want to join so why you should pick me:) I am always willing to help other people out and love to joke around and do stuff as a community.
    How well can you work with other players: I get along quite while with others.
    Location or Time Zone: -7 GMT (Mountain Standard Time)
    Are You Stupid: why of course
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    posted a message on MindCrawez [1.7.2] [Pure Vanilla SMP] [MindCrack Based][Whitelisted] [Mature 16+] [14/32 Spots Filled]
    IGN (Ingame Name):







    Canada, Alberta

    Tell a bit about yourself:

    I'm 17 years old and belive that I am an outgoing person and love to joke around. How ever I am rather shy at first (this is mainly due to having a lisp (cant pronounce L's/R's Properly) and being made fun of allot when I was younger) I love to play games and make new friends both in real life and on the internet. However I stopped playing basketball this year due to academic reasons (plus spending a bit to much time on the computer) I have been watching mindcrack for about a year now and this inspired me to re-buy minecraft (will explain later) and join a similar server.

    Whats your experience with MineCraft?

    I started playing in alpha because it was the new cool hip thing xD, at the time all my friends had purchased it and we would always have competitions on who could build the best house, or get the most diamonds etc. I later moved and Minecraft was really only a game I played with friends so figured I wouldn't play it much longer and then gave it to my friend who's not in the best finical state. How ever watching the Mindcrack server (specifically Etho & Beef) made me miss the game and buy a new account (this was about a month ago) and I have re-learnt everything about minecraft that I didnt know from watching videos.

    Have you ever been banned, If so have you learned from it?

    I have not been banned no (to be honest though I havnt really had any servers to be banned on, as I use to just play with friends and recently have only played single player)
    Why would you like to join the server?

    I still belive that the best way to play minecraft (or anygame for that matter) is with friends, what the people on mindcrack having is great (beyond the entertaining videos) but a place they can all share their creativity, innovations and ideas as well as help others when they need it. I am looking for a place I can find a similar community and this server seems like the perfect place for this.

    What can you contribute to on our server?

    I can contribute a fun, caring personality always willing to help people out when they need it. I also love community builds & bouncing ideas off of others, aswell as having others bounce ideas off me. I will contribute to almost every community build that I am capable of (my thoughts are what is the point of playing on a server if your not interacting with others
    as much as possible) it may be helping to build or just donating resources to the cause.

    How often will you be online?

    I am on my computer about 3-4 hours a day (playing games) however I personally cant play a game for that long and like to switch it up (specifically league of legends :P ) but im on minecraft about 2 hours a day and longer on weekends.
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    posted a message on Canceled
    im also not whitelisted, sent a message
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    posted a message on Mc ThriftShop Server is looking for new Member! ( Mindcrack like server ) v1.7.2

-Where are you from: Canada (Alberta)
-How old are you: 17
-For how long are you playing MC now:
 I played minecraft for about a year and a half (starting at early beta) I then took about a year break (personal reasons) and about a month ago I began playing again, (I have kept up to date with updates though)
    -How often are you online:
 I'm on about 2-3 hours on weekdays and 5+ on weekends
    -Do you have skype:
 Yes: Fatal Imp
    -Do you record and post content of youtube, if so whats the name of your channel: I dont post content, computer cant handle it :/
-What do you prefer, building or survival: I love the building aspect of minecraft, but my definition of building is creative (personally don't find that much joy/satisfaction from making a build in creative) it is finding all the materials and doing the grinding.
-Why do you want to join the server: I believe the best way to minecraft, is to play it the way it is meant to be played; by this I mean no mods (they can be fun to play around with for a bit), no plugins just the vanilla world you are given. What better to well better this experience then to do it with a few others which you can trust, joke around with and become friends with. I believe this server is exactly the community and feel im looking for and that is why I want to join it.
-What is your minecraft username:
    -Would you join in skype calls and do you see yourself as a sociable guy who loves having conversations with others: I would love to join in on skype calls and... well after I get to know people Im rather sociable, however I have a lisp and am rather quite/shy when getting to know people (when I was younger/well kinda still today, get mad fun of a surprising amount for it so like to get to know people first)
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    posted a message on [1.7.9] Mature 18+ Vanilla 24/7 Whitelist - No PVP / Grief / Stealing - 99.9% Uptime
    I sent a message about this but will post here aswell, you said my application was accepted but when I try to log in it still says im not white listed :/

    ign: WizFujiin
    the application/reply to application is on the previous page (page 18)
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    posted a message on Canceled

    IGN: WizFujiin - Icecream

    Age (Doesn't matter, as long as your mature): 17

    Time Zone: MST (-7)

    Youtube?(Not required, but will improve your chances): N/A

    If you have youtube, do you plan to record?: N/A

    Maturity Level (1-10): 8 or 9, Love to joke around with people (only after they understand my sense of humour/know me though)
    Can you get out of your chair and jump?: Yessssir

    Do you plan to make large-scale builds?: My favorite types of builds

    Do you plan to do things with other people?:My favorite parts of servers :P

    Have you ever been banned from a server? if so, why?: Negative

    About you: I am 17, doing my last year of highschool and I love to game, commonly playing minecraft, league of legends and CiV 5, and recently have been leaning more towards minecraft. I am planning to become an architect and take (some) of my builds rather seriously (planning, asthetics and sometimes function)

    Anything Extra: My MC name is pronouced WizFusion

    Pictures of builds, redstone, ETC. (Not Required, but will increase your chances very highly): N/A
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    posted a message on FancyBluCraft - [100% Vanilla] [Mature 24/7] [13w41b] Small Community
    Age: 17 How long have you played minecraft
    Are you stupid: Pretty bad at physics... but besides that dont think so
    Why do you want to join: Love to play vanilla, what better way to play it then with friends (well soon to be friends :P)
    Will you play actively: If its a friendly community, I will be on pretty much everyday
    Will you contribute (Example: I will build a plot in spawn to contribute to the community): I love building in unison with others, makes it feel alot more like a mutiplayer game apposed to just like your single player getting an accosional message from a user 2000 blocks away. (so yes, I will contribute)
    Do you plan on staying here for a while? Or just griefing like the mean person you are if you are a griefer: Im looking for a vanilla server I can call home, so yes I do intend to stay for awhile
    Building skill (Include screenshots and or videos): Dont really have any recent screenshots if this is required I can throw something together in creative tonight. how ever to describe it I enjoy large builds that focus much more on asthetics then function (can have rooms that I cant even enter accosinaly)
    Redstone skill (Include screenshots and or videos): Once again no screenshots, but well there wouldn't be much to see, have a basic understanding on redstone but nothing outstanding
    Will you be mature always: I like to think of myself mature and I believe especially in a multilayer setting I am able to maintain a soild level of maturity.
    What's your favorite icecream color: super duper kelly cooper fudge (its actually vanilla but :D )
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    posted a message on MineThrall - MindCrack like server
    Age: 17
    Skype (not required): Fatal_Imp
    Favourite mindcracker: Etho (I find the technical aspect of mc very interesting alot because I suck at it (much better builder)
    Why do you want to join? I have been looking for a vanilla server that I can call home, and joining one that is just starting up seems like a great opportunity.
    Do you fully understand the rules of mindcrack: Yuppers
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    posted a message on FRIENDCRAFT! [UHC SURVIVAL] [1.7.2] [VANILLA]
    • IGN:WizFujiin
    • Real Name: Chase
    • What you're good at: I would say my strongest aspect in mine-craft is buildings focused on aesthetics.
    • Age: 17
    • Have you been banned on a server? (We check on fishbans.com!) : Negative
    • Have you ever greifed?: Negative
    • Why do you want to join this server?: Been looking for a vanilla mc server that I can call home and make new friends.
    • Skype username: Fatal_Imp
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    posted a message on [1.7.2]~Vanilla Reborn~[24/7]•[100% Vanilla]•[Survival]•[Brand new]•
    IGN:WizFujiin (if you care pronounced WizFusion)
    Age: 17
    Skype(Microphone is optional, Skype is not.): Fatal_Imp
    How long have you played Minecraft?: I started playing in alpha, how ever about a year ago took a break and just re-started playing recently (am up to date with current MC through watching all of Etho's, Bdub's & other minecrackers/mc vids.
    How often do you play Minecraft?: 2-3 hours on weekdays and around 5 hours on weekends
    When you do play Minecraft, what time do you normally play?: I play at Night (MST -7) around 5-9
    What do you enjoy most about Minecraft?: Building
    Why do you want to join our server?: I wish to join the server because I find vanilla the most enjoyable way to play minecraft, and what better to do it with other players wishing for the same experience, a fun server to play minecraft and make new friends!
    Have you read the main post in full?: Of course
    Anything else?: If I do talk in skype have a very strange Aussie Accent (Australian Dad and kinda like half got his accent)
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    posted a message on [1.7.9] Mature 18+ Vanilla 24/7 Whitelist - No PVP / Grief / Stealing - 99.9% Uptime
    IGN: WizFujiin
    Age: 17 - Im aware the age limit was 18, but looked like a cool server and wished to apply and if I said I was 18 I would just be lying.
    Preferred Playstyle: Large Builds (mostly for aesthetics rather then function)
    Favorite Aspect of SMP: Knowing everything in your build is 100% Legit
    Least Favorite Aspect of SMP: Unnecessary PvP (fun to joke around every once in a little while)
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