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    I can't get rid of this help!

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    Out of Character(OOC)

    IGN: WitherMaster

    (PS. I love Comic Sans)

    Roleplaying experience ( What Roleplay servers have you played on before? Or what Roleplay games have you played before): I have not played much role play, I have played Pathfinder and D&D, I have made a small roleplay server with my friends last year, about just general questing.

    Age ( Please do not lie It won’t make you better): 13

    Country/ Time zone: US, Eastern Time

    Where did you find us?: The Forums

    Why do you want to join us? ( Please be a bit detailed): I want to join the server because I think I would have a blast I love RPG, with what I have done so far I really like RPing, and LOTR is my favorite book/movie series of all time (read all the books 2 times, and the two towers 4 times)

    IF you could choose a character from the list in the post, who would you want to be and why?: Gimli because I like dwarfs (even though I don't think I will be one)

    Time you can give to this server(Everyday, or per week): About 2-8 hours per week

    Who are the Evil Characters of Lord of The Rings?: Sauron, Sarumon, The Witch King, Balrog, the trolls, the nazgul, the orcs, Smaug if you count The Hobbit.

    Have you read the rules?: Yes, I have. Pippin

    What is Role Playing for you? : An amazing way to have fun and connect with other people in a series I love, while being a great escape from my real life where there isn't any cool brawls, or fights everyday, every single square inch of the earth has already been explored... So why not find a new Earth!

    In Character(IC) INFO:

    *Your IC part better be detailed if you want to be accepted*

    Name(Please give your Character a name that fits with your race) : Toghat Vultherg

    Race(Go see the race section higher up. And is he a man or a woman): Orc, male

    Age: 264

    Character Backstory : This character had a fine childhood not a most tragic one for most of it, one of the saddest thing that ever happened to him was his mother dying at childbirth, it wasn't a big surprise since most orc mothers died at child birth, he was/is the first and only son, again he mother dying at child birth is not as tragic as you think because he never knew her, for years and years his father Rothen Vultherg, tried to train his son in the famous way of the warrior otherwise known as Bushido, every morning Toghat had to get up early run to the top of a mountain in bare feet and meet his father there for tea, for his first 100 years of his life he did that, every morning after tea his father trying to train him in Bushido, his father started getting into alcohol, and eventually one day when Toghat woke up and went to the top of the mountain his father wasn't there enraged, he went to find his father in Rohan, he only found a man that told him his father was running windless paths in mirkwood, he didn't believe him obviously but after 3 or so years he caved in and went to mirkwood, Toghat, barely made it out alive he was in there for maybe a day maybe a year maybe a decade he didn't know but at one point he found an amulet that his mother gave to his father when she died at childbirth, the only thing that made Toghat look up from this sticky situation is that there was fresh blood one this amulet, two different types of blood, a spiders, and his father's...

    Roleplay Example ( A conversation between your character and someone else. We want to see who well you can Roleplay )

    This is between Toghat and a merchant where Toghat only has 270 gold pieces and is trying to barter for an ax in Rohan.

    (Toghat):NO! I NEED that ax for 250 gold pieces and I need it NOW!

    (Merchant): Calm your temper this ax is forged by elves and worth at least 3 times that amount!

    (Toghat): HA! I see that it is elven forged but, you can very distinctly see it has been used many times before which devalues the ax heavily!

    (Merchant): What! No I would NEVER sell you an ax that has been used, that would destroy my integrity! And besides you probably have no honor.

    (Toghat): Integrity if you have integrity you would flat out give me that piece of worthless junk worth not even 100 gold pieces both of my parents are dead or MIA, while I am trying to save my father you speak of my honor!

    (Merchant): OH! You are going on an HONORABLE quest to save your father, please save me the trouble and tell me you are going to knock on the black gates! *rolls eyes*

    (Toghat): Sir!? *slowly tearing up* I would never disrespect my father in that way, he trained me in the Bushido code, I loved him and you don't care enough about me to even through me a little rope?

    (Merchant): No! I mean... well.. I mean I'm running a business!

    (Toghat): Fine just sell to someone who will frame on their wall!

    (Merchant): Sir... I'm sorry you know what I believe you I can maybe sell to you for 250 gold pieces...

    (Toghat): REALLY. THANKS! (goes up and hugs him hands him the gold and takes the ax) *squeals* thank you thank you THANK YOU!

    *mumbles under his breath with a smirk* Gets them every time!


    Personality traits: Very tough, and easily made furious, and enraged, Independent hates to work with others, will be a bounty hunter if payed enough. High charisma when bartering, was trained in Bushido, but doesn't necessarily uses it.

    Physical description or image of skin?: A mighty orc, dashing black ponytail, dark green skin roughed up, broken in leather armor. Built Lower more than upper (uncommon for an orc)

    Skills of your character : Very Strong, can swim like a bullet, can sprint a short distance, (can't run long distance) semi fire resistant, afraid of hobbits (He can't quite put his finger on why), can duel wield cutlass, or axes, hates Shields.

    What is his ultimate goal?: To find a ragtag group of heroes to find out what happened to his father and to find out if he is still alive. (which of course is hard for him because he doesn't like making allies)


    What is MetaGaming in your words? :
    Meta Gaming is knowing things that your character wouldn't know because of outside sources per say if you were in a city and you saw in chat, or in skype that people were planning a surprise attack you wouldn't fully gear up, and get ready.
    What is PowerGaming in your words? :

    Playing to win not playing to role play.

    (Remember I will go rouge/bounty hunter) ;)

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    Thanks for the list, I'm wondering if I should try to build all of these in Survival 0_o

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    • Minecraft Username: WitherMaster
    • Platform PC
    • Age: 13
    • Gender Male
    • County/Timezone USA Eastern
    • Forums/Steam WitherMaster on Steam
    • Playing Minecraft for 5 years
    • I enjoy: Mostly redstone also a survival enthusiast, sometimes will play on servers (for minigames)
    • Additional Things: I play a decent amount, I like cake!
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    Quote from Griffinmalone

    Oh and I forgot to put beta tester application. Just say why you want to help and your age/skype.

    Hmm. Can I apply/BetaTest/help make the map I'm good with Redstone and decent at building don't have skype but, I can use Steam, I'm 14 Steam Name is withermaster4
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    posted a message on Custom Boss Collection V9 - 85+ Custom Bossfights - [THERE IS A SEQUEL WITH 100 BOSSES]

    I would love to be a zombie! My IGN is 'WitherMaster' I would love to have resistance and spawn wither skeletons around me every once and a while!

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    Here it is I was messing around and I noticed it shortened the pulse. It's super simple and cheap! Although it does break off the button off so that is a drawback
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    I think there is a scoreboard like stat.armorOn or something and then since it can't be put on it stays in your inventory it should activate the command, but you would have to use a command filter via MCEdit to shoot a projectile.

    Hope this was helpful
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    I just told myself in the nether "OMG quick the nether portal is locked the only way to unlock it is to kill the WITHER!"

    It totally was hard and it sucked BUT IT WAS FUN

    Thx for this guide

    -A guy who now has an interest for minecraft again
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    Falling I always have Feather Falling 4 then my boots break and I die
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    Would love to see this it sounds awesome ign,samworthy
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    This might help?

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    posted a message on Pokémon in Vanilla Minecraft [OLD THREAD]
    This is a game where you get supplies to make a tnt cannon to kill everyone else on the other ship and if you do then you win
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    You could make a book that has all the selling in it with click events that make it test if you have 64 coal and if so remove 64 coal and add 100 Money
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