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    The Tinkerer's Table

    Ever wanted making a map to be easier and more simplified? The Tinkerer's Table will help with some of that.

    Only accessible in Creative Mode The Tinkerer's Table has 3 Tabs.

    1. Custom Mob Spawning

    You can create a spawner with any mob with anything in an armor slot and anything as a weapon all with any level of any enchantment.

    You can make passive mobs aggressive and you can edit their drops and their drop rates.

    Once done press create and you will have a custom spawner.

    2. Fully Custom Enchantments

    Give any item a custom enchantment of any level. Imagine Fortune or Looting at 3000!

    You place the item in the slot and select an enchantment and the level.

    Press confirm and you're done!

    3. Custom Item Stats

    Wanna change the damage and other stats of an Item? Wanna give yourself more speed or Jump boost while holding an item? Wanna inflict a potion effect via damage with an item? This tab is for you. You take the item and put it in a slot to change it's stats. Then Press Confirm or Undo. then you're all done and you can continue with your mining and or crafting.

    Notice the last two tabs can be used in the first one.

    So that's the suggestion. Thoughts? I want to see your ideas for more tabs to add before I post to Reddit.

    I'm hoping to get this in game.

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    Lava Rain

    Rain in the nether.

    So this is the idea. Lava rain is an uncommon occurrence in the nether. It drips from the tops of the netherrack cealing.

    Effects: Does 1 HP of damage per second when under it.

    Occasionally catches blocks on fire. (Chance increases over time of rain.)

    Will set you on fire upon leaving (50% chance.)

    Think of it as an accelerated version of the lava drip particle effects.

    Details: Moves in a direction much like normal rain. You can avoid it by having a block underneath or being out of the rain.

    Lava rain will produce light the same a lava in the areas that it's in.

    Visuals: I wasn't kidding when I said it's a faster version of lava drips. That's what it looks like. Netherrack will glow when lava rain is dripping from it. Netherrack will glow when lava rain touches it.

    Immunity: Potions of fire restance will let you walk through lava rain unharmed. Holding magma cream halves the damage taken. (1/4 a heart per second.)

    Side Note: If they ever introduce horizontal nether portals rain can travel in nether portals.

    (What was with all the side notes? I swear either the editor's borkin' or im retarded.)

    Another side note: If people (Including mods.) want me to expand on this suggenstion and make it more different I will. There were other threads talking about it but they were either vegue or happening in the overworld.. I can add more ideas if needed.

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    posted a message on A new boss should be added?
    Quote from PixelSpeed13»

    Hey pixelators its me pixelspeed back with another thread and today guys i made a boss called Levithan which is not really added but maybe its a good idea.Let's begin.

    To summon the Levithan which is a kraken like boss but its an octupus with eyes on its tentacles and it is summoned in the ocean by the unholy tentacle which is crafted by ink blocks which is made of 9 ink made from 9 ink sacs.once u have the unholy tentacle drop it in the ocean and the Levithan is spawned with 300 HP and Does 5 DMG To a player without armor Easy Mode:5 Normal Mode:6 Hard Mode:7.It summons 2 guardians per min and the max is 10.You will have to have the unholy trident to do the most amount of damage to it which is 8 and to craft it it is 9 ink blocks surrounding the nether star.It has 1000 uses so it is worth it.It summons water when right clicked to push enemies back and you can only summon the water every 3 mins.The Levithan gives you poison when it shoots poison particles at you so you will have to dodge it and the best way to defeat the Levithan is on the shore.When the Levithan is defeated it drops the Levithan's eye which can craft The Levithan Sword with 1 stick 1 unholy trident and the Levithan's eye on the top the stick in the middle and the trident on the bottom.The Levithan's sword does 15 DMG and can summon a mini flying guardian which shoots beams wherever you attack and it does 4-6 DMG.The Levithan sword can also effect the wither with instant damage 1 for 5 secs on rare occasion.

    What do you guys think leave your feedback here.

    In the comments i mean

    Im already noticing something wrong in this first sentence. No firtst two words!

    1. Don't give us a name. Ever. It's bad enough to do it on YT but it's worse here.

    2. Don't open suggestions like this.

    Now on to your suggestion.

    1. Runoff sentence much. Im sure there are no periods anywhere. I assume your YT videos reflect this quality.

    2.Two Gaurdians a minute? Is that so you can scream into the facecam some more?

    3.Yea id imagine the best way to beat a sea monster is to GTFO of it's turf. Just like the best way to beat a profiteering youtuber is to take away their scarecam.

    4. Where else would we leave our feedback. Answering this question would get me in trouble.

    I tried looking for a YT channel with the same name but with no results.

    If you do have a Youtube channel I found a trailer video that would work.


    (Not made by me.) Turn off that pesky adblock. seems fitting.

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    posted a message on Add Herobrine?
    I think Herobrine would be a cool astetic that appears at random as an easter egg.
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    posted a message on Latest snapshot brings...............................nevermind. It bring mediocrity
    This latest snapshot in my opinion is the worst of them all. An atrocity so large it doesn't deserve to be called an update! Bold claims i know but after this post you'll understand. First we need to look at the snapshots that have come out.!.8 snapshot 1 introduced players to some new exciting blocks. The rest consisted of villager AI and mapmaker commands.That last few full updates had content that was useful to survival in some way. In fact the last time i remember being excited for a snapshot was 1.4. Maybe it's just because i wanna see a lot of mobs and ore but ever sense then i havn't really been excited about a new feature. The first snapshot of 1.8 changed that. I feel it's Jeb's time to step down. I understand they can't satisfy everyone but for the love of christ a little effort would help. I would love it if they made an entire update dedicated to mobs or new ores. That way people who want those things will be satisfied for a long time. Of corse there is a problem of only 5 or so people but they have the money to hire at LEAST 1 or 2 people. I would love the game to be taken to a new direction. I wouldn't mind a few simple machines to be added in vinalla.
    I just think they arn't doing the best they can. Im positive that some day Minecraft will be rolled over by another game like it but possibly better. That's all for now!
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    posted a message on This, in my humble opinion, is so far the most boring survival update.
    Quote from Scum
    You have absolutely nothing to complain about. You've gotten this update for free and all the other updates for free. If they don't add very much in an update then so be it. And if you complain then you're just being selfish.

    Are you JOKING! So if MC has bugs we can't complain! And another thing, Who are you to tell us not to complain! Eat a **** because this game has problems you blind ignorant sheep!

    Quote from joman195
    I find it hilarious that because he shares the same opinion as you, he is "another educated user". Ah, Bigg, please, keep going. Your blissful ignorance amuses me.

    I can kind of see where you could think that way. Just for fun i'll bring a different side to things. I imagine he means it as "Im glad im not the only person old enough to be tired of these problems.

    Quote from Bjossi
    *paid, and do you have the legal document that explicitly includes future updates in the initial purchase price? Do share. All I'm aware of is just an informal promise from Notch, and Mojang by extension. A plugin interface is no easy feat to accomplish at this point in time. The game was not originally designed for it, and thus needs a lot of rewrites and changes, both of which are being done as of 1.7 by Mojang's tiny team of programmers. You have to cut them some slack here, Notch probably didn't see a thriving modding scene happening while he was working on the initial project and the game is literally hundreds of thousands of lines of code, a daunting number for just a small group of programmers. You may have the right to say it, but it wouldn't automatically make it correct. Mojang could easily add this new content in a matter of work hours if there was absolutely nothing else on their plate, but thanks to debugging, plugin API, etc. they need to multitask pretty heavily. You can not possibly expect such a small team to deliver tons of new content along with a plugin interface and bug fixes all with the snap of a finger, at least not with a straight face. You seem to purely put value on what you can see on the screen and interact with in-game, that is a predictable stance from a casual player so no surprises there. And do you have any statistics to back up your claim about modding? How many of the 14 million players are playing the game and use mods? I can speak for myself and say that I have played the game for over a year and never touched any mods and have no real interest in doing so. Because those 12 year olds have all the important code already written and tested for them by Mojang and do not have to worry about anything but the small part of the code they modify, hence why mods can be unstable and/or slow down performance. Do I even need to point this out? The rule of thumb is that content itself is trivial to make and add to a game like MC that has a modular design, but the maintenance work surrounding the back-end of the game, none of which modders need to touch, is not. If it means you'd never come back, what's your bank account number?

    Rather than discuss this piece by piece the entire argument is just this unstable defense of 'Too big of a feat for a small company. Why don't they hire someone then because they have lots of money. There is littteraly no excuse why they can't put Jeb on bug fixing and get a new guy in charge. There was one guy who made Optifine that wanted a job but didn't get it because "they didn't have the money" but if someone successfully kickstarted it they would hire him in a heartbeat.You can't sit there and tell us that they can't do it, because they ­ING CAN!

    Quote from Bjossi
    20*, but a promise doesn't really mean anything. It would make Mojang very unpopular probably, but breaking the promise would not have any legal consequences because, as far as I know, it's not our legal right to get free updates

    . Like you said I have no idea what Mojang are doing behind the closed doors of their offices so your guess is as good as mine, but I guess that they don't delay it just for the hell of it, there must be a reason it has taken so long and went through delays, and my best educated guess is the mere size of the task, or that their plans simply changed for one reason or another.

    Well, drop them a line and offer your programming services.

    I already explained this to you. Mojang have a lot more work on their plates than modders do. This is easily derived from the fact Mojang have to worry about the game in its entirety while modders rarely have to go outside the scope of their modifications which are typically only a microscopic part of the codebase, not to mention they already have code written for them (by Mojang!), they only modify and add to it. Strange how you can say my paragraph is arrogant when you clearly didn't read a word of it. Actually, the game is by its very design a very demanding one. It requires a lot of memory to store all the loaded chunks and their blocks, and the dynamic nature of the game world requires a lot of logic in the main engine tick to properly keep all the processes going. Mojang could probably squeeze some more out of their algorithms but I think the biggest win would be ditching Java, something that would be one big ass undertaking. I never claimed I did, and look who's talking. Backing down from a rhetorical question is quite easy, actually. But I must say, I do admire the walls of text you are willing to write over a game that is dead to you and you didn't play for a long time. I'm definitely not one to defend Mojang on regular basis, if you have seen some of my older posts, but in this particular case I feel you are being a tad unfair to them.

    1.That would be a PR crisis most likely knowing this fandom.
    2.As i said they can hire anyone. They most likely have money to do so.
    3. Your being quite rude for someone who doesn't like to defend them. Quite ironic.
    You know what... Im not even gonna go through the rest of that. You put up this defense like it matters or like it can't be fixed. But it can!

    Quote from KyoShinda

    Just install mo' creatures, honestly when I played it I felt there were way too many mobs, all the mobs had the same drops for the most part. Even when mod creators come up with new drops, they are always pretty stupid too. (+1 for the FTL reference haha)

    As much as im just ready to do that it would be cool to have them in vanila.
    Honestly at this point there are better games like this on steam for less.
    Im glad at least one person got the reference.
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    posted a message on This, in my humble opinion, is so far the most boring survival update.
    Quote from KyoShinda

    I agree with bug fixes but we have quite a few mobs. I don't know why people always want new mobs, we have quite a few in the overworld, the nether has a couple of it's own, and the end is essentially a boss dimension, there isn't really a reason to add more.

    If you were to want more challenge in the game, then they should find ways to make the mobs we already have more effective, like how they made zombies call upon more that can even be summoned behind you then buffing their attack speed and aggro radius.

    I can understand just hearing "I wanna see more mobs" and thinking there are too much. But i can compile a list of mobs
    Kestrel (A tiny falcon. Also the default ship name in FTL.)
    Polar bear
    That's all i can think of.
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    posted a message on Cubes are so square. Why not use Triangles.
    It's funny how a joke thread gets at least 3x the views and posts than any of my serious threads.
    This community makes my blood boil sometimes.
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    posted a message on Cubes are so square. Why not use Triangles.
    Why not use triangles rather than squires or cubs! imagen roses made of TRIANGLES!!

    I firmly believe that triangles rule!!!1!!1 So that is my suggestion. This will make mc better for sure!
    Squares don't need to be in games anymore.
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