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    posted a message on What new mobs would you like to see in the new biomes?
    Mobs like bears, bees, butterflies, monkeys, snakes and mantis's would fit in the roofed forest. I would love to see deer in the forests and plains, Tigers and elephents in the savanna would be cool.
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    posted a message on is there is 1.7 mobs ?
    I would love to see insects in the roofed forest but nothing yet.
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    posted a message on More Enchantments! Add Your Suggestions!
    Pickaxe-Heat. Say if you mine iron you get the ingot.
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    posted a message on What will minecraft look like in the future, say like in ten years or so?
    Heck minecraft in 5 years would leave it in the dust. While i plan to make a sandbox game that sends Jeb and his goons packing In 10 years everything will be so full of updates blocks and features that it may implode.As far as the kids go, there will always be that group of kids that me off. They drive me away from these forums and make it to where i don't have a good time, instead i get annoyed. But for the future of minecraft, it really is limitless. Who knows what they could do in the next few years. All i know i will see it to the end because minecraft was and still is an experience that benifited my personal life. It's just a shame the fanbase is in total shambles.
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    posted a message on The hammock
    Quote from HerobrineWatcher

    1.Why? Why would beds be so bad? Why would you do this to them?
    2.I just don't understand. If you're going to remove beds, it's like me asking Jeb to add whales into Minecraft.

    No support.

    Beds would play the support role because they are more expensive.

    Quote from WitherSnow

    I have already said that if the hammock was an inverse bed it would get locked for being the exact same thing. Also the bed is gone from the suggestion completely and replaced with stubyee's lava lamp.
    So can we please get back on the topic of the hammock? you guys are arguing over something already solved. I like how the hammock is a less powerful bed but it serves the same perpose.
    Also if you want an example the ability to skip any part of minecraft at will as long as you get sheep and other materials you can skip any part of minecraft. Don't wanna spend all day waiting for mobs to spawn near your house? Sleep durring the day with no penalties or restrictions. However the idea being put forward only allows you to skip a random portion of night.

    Im just gonna say im sticking with my origanal idea. Don't like it? Oh well.
    But i still think there is room to discuss the idea.
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    posted a message on The state of let's play
    There are probobly more good let's players on SA.
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    posted a message on A Guide To YouTube! [Minecraft LetsPlay's][Tips][Idea's]
    Something to add.
    Upon getting 50+ subs you should immediately set rules and standards for your fans.
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    posted a message on Pandas!
    Quote from NitrogenSnow

    It's happened. You know the allocator idea (or whatever the block was called) was on these forums and Dinnerbone got the inspiration for Hoppers and Droppers from it, he even talked about it at Minecon.

    Also Dinnerbone replied on the 'improve the terrain' thread and Tinted Glass.

    Oh. Well to make a point i have sent a good suggestion or two and no response.

    Quote from creepers34

    Nope, adding pandas into minecraft would be stupid, and utterly useless.

    I assume they would drop something making them more useful than bats.

    Horses fit into minecraft due to minecraft being themed around the middle ages or the early pioneer days.

    You do realize minecraft is pretty much limitless right? It doesn't fall into any time period or specific setting. It's a god damn videogame. Games don't always follow logic. An example is The legend f Zelda. Why can my sward shoot lasers when im at full health?
    Why are all the old men hiding in caves and not building a village?
    Why does a whistle warp me to a random dungeon?
    Because it's a videogame.

    While redstone is supposed to simulate pulley systems, traps and such. Think about it, today irl if you were to go to war, what would you take? A sword or a gun?

    Why fight in the first place? What does this have to do with minecraft .Are you saying that guns should replace swards?

    While pickaxes are still used today, they aren't as common or as useful as a drill.

    I actually wanna see drills in the game.

    I have no problem with pandas in real life, but i see too many noobs wearing panda/panda hoodie teenager skins in minecraft. I think they are utterly stupid and really annoying.

    Why should that effect anything that Mojang adds?

    If mojang were to add pandas, I would one: Either go on a huge rant and beg to have them removed. Or just stop playing the game altogether. 2: i would most likely downgrade back to 1.6.2 and probably complain about that too,

    1.You would look like a fool as you do now. They wouldn't listen to you. Who would? Why would you stop playing because of one feature!? If you are gonna be THAT pickey don't play it.
    2.Of course you would because you are a complainer. If you are just gonna complain just leave. You obviously have a problem with one single feature so why are you here?
    because whatever version i downgrade to lags me extremely bad.

    Do i see pandas being added in the future? No (i hope not). Do i like the idea of pandas being added? No. Do i see cherry blossoms being added? Possibly, but not really. I think mojang could use that time to fix the lag on the launcher's time machine feature.
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    posted a message on Pandas!
    Quote from KingzofDawn

    Asian, cherries trees, and pandas. That sounds kinda racists.

    It's not insulting those groups in any way now is it. Having a curtural theme for an enviroment or setting doesn't make it racist.

    Quote from seventonblade

    They could easily be thought of as looking like adobe temples built by a native American tribe.

    How is that racist? Racism is affirming the superiority of a race and/or the inferiority of another. Just because we're talking about the addition of exclusively East Asian flora & fauna, it's an insult to Asian people? So would adding olive trees be an insult to people living in the Mediterranean? Would adding eucalyptus trees & koala bears be racist towards aborigine people and insulting to general Australians, even though they're only tied by location? Wait, aren't oak trees an insult to just about everyone in the northern hemisphere? Maybe the fact that we have cows, chickens, sheep, and horses in the game is an insult to farmers because those are stereotypically associated as the main and only livestock that Western farmers well, farm; therefore stereotyping farmers themselves

    I'm more angry about this than I should be. I'm tired of that word getting thrown around like people know what they're saying.

    The word describing my group is being slandered every day, this is nothing new to me.

    Quote from NitrogenSnow

    Eh, it's just like people misusing the word 'gay' and 'retard'. It's not right but it happens anyway and there's not stopping it.

    Misusing the word gay is so gay.

    Blocks can't be place next to cacti though..

    Im sure the could make arrangements to that if needed.

    Quote from seventonblade

    The difference here is that when I hear "racist", it still denotes the same meaning it originally had; it's just that now, it's been broadened to also meaning something that's just generally insulting to a particular race, such as through stereotyping, which is still pretty close to its original meaning. "Gay" and "retard", by their common usage, have lost a lot of their original denotations, such as how people will say something is gay simply when referring to something they don't like (I'm also well aware that the word "gay" use to refer to gleefulness well before it was associated with homosexuality), or they'll use "retarded" in the same sense or call somebody a retard if they thought that person was just acting generally stupid or illogical.

    Eventually they will move on to another word and poison it as well. If we wanna talkabout word poisoning let's look at the misuse of the word, feminist.

    Quote from seventonblade

    I meant by common usage. I don't really know anyone who uses the words "racism" or "racist" casually, so its meaning hasn't been corrupted very much. "Gay" and "retard", however, even if their original definitions are still used, it doesn't happen to be as much as their slang definitions. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the word "racism" hasn't been "slangified" like "gay" or "retard".

    Isn't it sad that's how people are?

    Quote from weterman

    If pandas get added, I will ask why minecraft comes with mo creatures now.

    You do realize Mo Creatures has WAY more mobs than just pandas or horses.

    Quote from nightworld115

    It doesn't make sense, and even though it sounds awesome, will it fit in minecraft?

    That is what everybody says but a day after release it's classic minecraft.

    Quote from nightworld115

    And if pandas are neutral?
    If you really want pandas you should make a suggestion to help the possible implementation of them, other than that I don't think it is being liked by a lot of people.

    hahahahahaha A suggestion on these forums getting put in the game?!

    I would like to see pandas though.
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    posted a message on Extreme Biomes?
    I like the ideas. They would add something to the world.
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    posted a message on The Golden Porkchop!
    I really like it. What if there was a level system for gold pork.
    Hear me out.
    The least expensive ingredient is 8 gold nuggets and a cooked pork.
    That is a level 1 pork. It heals the least.
    For each ingot increase the level by 1.
    If you use blocks you gain a heart + increase the level by 3.
    Full support. I think we need a use for gold and this should be it. Tweeting to Jeb.
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    posted a message on Lava Lands CLOSING DUE TO LACK OF SUPPORTERS
    Quote from aary33

    If I wanted lava lands, I would have headed to the nether.

    No support.

    How is that helpful. He is saying a volcanic biome near mountains in the overworld. Seems different enough.

    Quote from Enchae

    Thing is we already have a nether, If you want to fly fairly by taking tons of resources and building them into something that flies you can use flan's mod, and if you can expand on this it could be a mod. Though it probably already is.

    The use a mod excuse is not helpful. also what makes you think it would be like the nether?

    Quote from dirtminer6

    1. Im not relying on you guys because i dont want to change it, and i wont.

    2. What im trying to say is i think builders on survival will get a kick using blocks they can place anywhere.

    3. I can see hot air balloons fitting fine, maybe the villager was trying to get a cool veiw over the lava.

    4.They may have haa somewhat similar ideas, but not similar enough to call this pist redundant over.


    1. I can understand the need to have a suggestion that has a lot of fan ideas and praise and i understand where some people could disagree with your suggestion.

    2.For those reading. Ya know how you need to build on top of or next to a block? He is saying with a flying block you won't need to do that.

    3. Seems a bit out of place but it seems fine.

    4. Relax. Getting worked up won't help. Just stick to your idea and be open to criticism but know the suggestion will never change.

    I like the idea of it Support.
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    posted a message on More ores
    Quote from Frog81

    NONONONONO! Diamond is ICONIC! If you want to make diamond no longer the godtier, then think of it this way : Diamond has always been THE godtier, the status symbol. If you want to change that, get a mod. Don't ask us for support about changing one of the most iconic parts of minecraft.

    Shut it with the allcaps. That gets annoying fast!

    Quote from Rubisk

    Just because i hate mining/spelunking and don't want to have go spelunking even more :P

    So why should WE not get new ores because You hate caving. Seems pretty selfish.

    Quote from TVflea

    These are all absurd. Minecraft has enough materials.

    Says you? Why are you suddenly the judge?

    Quote from Epik

    No support I'm using comic sans to express the negativity of my post.

    That is incredibly hard to read. Also could you explain why?

    Quote from Tgsachse

    These tiers would be crummy. What minecraft really needs is a complete revamp of the tiers, starting with removing gold and diamond tools (because those make no logical sense) and building a much more structured system.

    Who are you to decide what minecraft needs? A revamp sounds cool but could you explain some more?

    Quote from Frog81

    As I said before, Diamond is ICONIC. The J!NX shop sells foam diamond swords, foam diamond pickaxes, diamond shirts. Diamond is THE godtier, and should STAY that way.

    I noticed that you are really the only one to give a crap.

    Quote from Psycodragons

    Mojang has said


    So stop suggesting them.

    So freaking make me. What are you gonna do about it? Im gonna make as many ore suggestions as i want and that pitiful excuse will not stop me.

    As a side note, you need to learn to take constructive criticism. All you do is spam the :steve_eyeroll: emote and say things like srsly. Also, Diamond is ICONIC for being the best tool, adding your crappy OP ores that are better than diamond will make all diamond merchandise worthless.

    Who really cares about the merch? That's not really THAT important.

    No, it is not. ESPECIALLY not these.

    I want new ores but i don't think this is implemented well.
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    posted a message on The Official Gun Thread
    Quote from yoshi9048

    You can't make me.

    I wanted to point out something and the big red STOP was a note that I was rebutling
    Except it is. Fantasy is a fairly substantial super-genre stretching through the entirity of fiction and into some segments of non-fiction.


    I have two reputable and concurring definitions of fantasy above. With that said, fantasy INCLUDES any period of fanciful imagination from cyberpunk to steampunk to magitech to magipunk. If it's fantastic, it's fantasy. This includes Blade Runner and other neo-distopia universes.

    My question is how does this make guns fit into minecraft? Minecraft has no desegnated time period. So really guns could or could not be in the game.

    1) medieval
    Final Fantasy I - medieval and cyberpunk hybrid
    Final Fantasy II - medieval

    These are the only ones i have played a little bit of. I havn't gotten far enough to really tell a difference.

    Final Fantasy III - medieval and cyberpunk hybrid
    Final Fantasy IV - medieval and steampunk
    Final Fantasy V - medieval and steampunk and cyberpunk
    Final Fantasy VI - steampunk and magitech
    Final Fantasy VII - overrated steampunk and melodramatic cyberpunk
    Final Fantasy VIII - Renaissance/Cyberpunk hybrid
    Final Fantasy IX - medieval
    Final Fantasy X - cyberpunk/classic hybrid
    Final Fantasy XI - medieval MMO setting, haven't seen much so not sure past here.
    Final Fantasy XII - steampunk
    Final Fantasy XIII - Cyberpunk
    Final Fantasy XIV - see XI
    Final Fantasy XV - unknown
    3) Your statement ignores CHRONO TRIGGER;

    Which in itself is in a midevil setting.

    y'know, only rated as one of the best RPG's ever made in addition to Lucca's obvious anachronistic gun which seemed to fit the period perfectly fine.

    You bring up this gun like it helps your point. It is a weapon in an RPG. I don't think time periods were realy a thought when designing weapons. And it shouldn't be.
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    posted a message on Tiles, the carpets of stained clay. *90% of people support!*
    Neat idea.
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