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    posted a message on More rage unto all crafter/miners.
    This is a terrible idea.You really hit rock bottom of terribleness.Everything from how unbalanced the effect was to the lack of telling weather it's poisonous or not all of it is just awful.
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    posted a message on New Blocks to Add
    I like it.What about a nether chest made out of netherbrick
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    posted a message on Duplicator
    Cool idea. And with the inclusion of hoppers, droppers and other things this could be useful.
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    posted a message on Some ideas and suggestions
    Here are some ideas
    Palm trees
    Cherry trees
    Igneous rock(In volcanos)
    Volcano biome
    Sticks of each type of wood
    fences of each type of wood
    trapdoors of each type of wood
    Iron gold and diamond bricks, stairs and slabs.
    Goldwood logs planks and saplings kinda like in the aither mod.
    Creepers only on normal and hard difficulties.
    Spikey pistons(Piston + cactus)
    Poisonous mushrooms
    Potion of flight
    Potion of flamibility
    Hostile bats
    Flashlights(Requires a battery every 5 minutes.(Batteries would be crafted with 2 iron ingots.
    That's all
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    posted a message on Some suggestions for 1.6(The thirst update)
    Here are some suggestions for 1.6

    Thirst bar

    Refilled by potions milk and bottles of water
    When in desert lowers faster
    when eating lowers by 2(That's because when you digest something your body needs liquid)
    Can kill you if down to zero in any mode

    Ender cobalt

    Or just regular cobalt.
    Can mine obsidian faster than diamond
    900 uses
    Has a 1/4 chance of mining the actual block instead.Chance incresed by silk touch enchant
    Takes a full minute to mine for a wooden pick
    Takes 30 seconds to mine for a stone pick
    Takes 10 seconds for an iron pick
    Cannot be mined with a cobalt pick.
    Takes 1/4 of a second for a gold pick
    Takes 3 seconds for a diamond pick
    Ore looks like silver crystal pieces on stone.
    Four cobalt in the corners and wodden planks on the other 4 arias with redstone in the middle makes a

    Redstone Charger

    Turns a regular redstone charge(+) into a negitive charge(--)
    This would allow for electricity for buildings and other stuff
    ==power --=electricity

    Pumpkid or pumpkin knight

    Weilds a sward with rotting pumpkin shells on it
    Hangs around abandoned houses(New structure)
    17 hp(8.5 hearts)
    Monster spawner aplicable

    Leaping Spider

    Cannot climb but leaps 3 blocks high
    More of a green spider
    Found in jungles
    Stats of a regular spider
    except for hp which is 19(9.5 hearts

    And that's all.If you have an idea you want me to add be sure to tell me.All suggestions are welcome.
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    posted a message on More uses for milk
    If we had a thirst bar maybe milk would have more uses.Also chocolate milk is a good idea.
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    posted a message on WIP map Prison challenge
    This isn't an extensive map but it's more of a challenge map.You start out in an aria surrounded by iron bars with tons of spawners outside.
    1.You cannot go above ground.
    2.you must stay on survival mode.
    3.No breaking the iron bars.
    Make a golden apple
    create a mob farm
    make a bucket from iron dropped by zombies.
    obtain a stack of bones
    Create an endless water and lava sorce
    create an anvil from zombie iron.
    Make a nether portal
    Summon and beat the wither.
    Build a house/base underground
    Destroy all the spawners
    Here's the link http://www.mediafire.com/#myfiles
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