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    posted a message on Fall off your horse/mule!
    Who gives a horses tail about jousting. This is a terrible idea! It would be annoying if a skeleton hit you and you had to remount wouldn't it.
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    posted a message on Civilizations of the Lands!
    If you look at all of the posts i quoted you can see make excuses such as "too hard to code" or "Too RPGish" That doesn't make the suggestioning worse. So yes Theriasis i had a reason to say they were not invalid. I didn't respond cause i felt like it.
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    posted a message on The Official Gun Thread
    As you may or may not know i take pride in finding and criticizing bad suggestions. This is the most ambitios post i have made and i have wanted to tackle this one for a while. I just find the idea of guns in minecraft silly and unneeded.
    But before i get to that here are some quotes.

    Quote from yoshi9048

    Wrong. Minecraft is a post-apocalyptic game.

    Proof? At least in pikmin there is evidence to suggest it.

    Quote from AnonTheMouse
    • Or it might be a game about a modern-day college professor who was sucked through an inter-dimensional portal.
    • Or maybe it's science-fiction, and Steve is an astronaut who narrowly escaped the destruction of his starship.
    • Or it could be a completely abstracted setting, whose only unifying trait is an aesthetic style.

    (The point being, it is virtually impossible to pin down Minecraft's setting, and whatever you pick, someone will always be able to provide evidence for something else, thus making it an exceedingly bad point to try to argue.)

    I agree! I like your ideas.

    Quote from yoshi9048

    When given contradictory information regarding the actual setting of a medium; apply Occam's Razor. In this case, the setting that allows for the most contradictory elements to simultaneously occur is the most suspect.

    Given that guns have been used in Final Fantasy.
    You do realize that just because Final Fantasy has that word in it doesn't make it a 100% fantasy. To me it seems like a midevil setting with fantasy elements. There is also 13 in which firearms are present. But that is a futuristic setting.

    Not only that, but actual LASER RIFLES, the "guns aren't fantasy" theory holds little weight. Final Fantasy VI, originally for the Super Famicon was the earliest mainstream game to explore the concept of actual firearms used as weapons. Chrono Trigger also had firearms during 1000AD (considered it's Renaissance period) carried by Chrono's nerdy best friend, Lucca.

    Guns and other weapons are only limited by YOU. Your imagination. If i wanted a world where dinosaurs and demons terrorized people but the protagonist Was a panda bear in his 80's using a highly advanced space laser than that is what would happen in a game idea.

    Quote from Keybounce

    Naah, it's the story of a demi-god who has been sent to a punishment location until they can defeat the guardian and learn the truth about reality.

    Cool idea.

    Guns as a generic weapon would not work. They would overshadow the bow and be a bit overpowered. If we have to have a gun based weapon why not portable dispensers? 2 iron and a dispenser. Using this in a craft table with something that represents an element would add an elemental effect to the items fired.
    Fire-Blaze powder
    You get the idea. I just find the idea silly and unneeded. But that's just me.
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    posted a message on Civilizations of the Lands!
    Quote from flazooni
    I don't think this would fit Minecraft well. The game is just too... 'stupid'. Alongside with that, it is very difficult to code. But if it were to be implemented, I swear the game would never be boring again. Support!
    Quote from Withnothing
    I really like this idea. However, I can see that many players would feel that this is completely game changing and too "rpg". So was enchanting, and villager trading. The game evolves, and we should welcome it. Support
    Quote from Theriasis
    Would be hell to code and is too generic RPG-ish. Suggestions like this usually fall into the forgotten void of "meh".
    Quote from southernG
    I like it but I know of many mods old like this
    Quote from Deonyi
    Sounds pretty useless and would be a hassle to code. Spend more time on biomes, not useless pseudo stories. No Support.

    All of these are invalid cretiques. Makining excuses for something not being in the game.

    This isn't exactly what i would want from villager upgrades but it's still good.
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    posted a message on deleteing 1167 forum emails!
    You can make it do that i think. Plus what does it hurt really?
    Maybe you should take this up with support.

    Also what emails are you getting? You only have 4 posts there can't be THAT many unless you are getting a lot of warnings.
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    posted a message on Lone Villager (Now with polling system)
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    posted a message on More Ores!
    Quote from creeperman7681

    Diamonds are the stuff that every single Minecraft player wants, Diamonds are the best tool in the game, but some people like iron and gold, Especially Sky Army.(I'm problably going to get hate comments for not calling it butter) But that stuff is not as valuebuale as Diamonds. The soulotion, More Ores! Minecraft should have More Ores, some as valuebuale as Iron, Some Diamond, and Some even Higher. These are the ores Minecraft Should have.

    Copper-Same Strength as Stone Tools
    Alluminum-1 Higher than Iron
    Platnium- Same strength as Alluminum
    Ruby-Same strength as Diamond
    Emerald-1 Higher Than Diamond (I know they already have Emeralds, but they shoulf have Emerald Tools)

    I know many mods have these ores but this is for Vanilla Minecraft.

    These seem pretty pointless. I wouldn't mind new ores that can be used to make new stuff. But new teirs just arn't one of them for me.

    Quote from creeperman7681

    It's just to make Minecraft More Realistic and to give Youtubers more favorite blocks because All the other ores were taken

    That's a kinda bad reason to make new ores. You have the right intentions but your reasoning is flawed.
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    posted a message on The trapped or explosive cake.
    The cake is a lie!? Ugggggghhhhhhhhhhh. No no no no nonononononononono NO! Also greifing tool.
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    posted a message on The Will - Keep Inventory upon Death.
    What about bottles of glue that you can find in dungeons? Uncraftable and usable only once.
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    posted a message on Oceans, Some Ideas for Improvements
    Quote from valster169

    I have a mac book pro :l I can have about 389 mobs in loaded chunks before I get heavy lag

    I think we will be fine.

    Just because your computer is capable of running a lot of things at once doesn't mean it will be easier for others.

    Yea they probably should have deeper sections and I'll add that clam thing to the op

    I was gona put in whale meat or something but then it would just sink to the bottom :l

    I like the ideas though.
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    posted a message on CamStudio and Minecraft not getting along
    Try Blueberry flashback express or just don't record minecraft. It's been done to death.
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    posted a message on More Challenging Survival Mode!
    I would like to have the option for a harder gamemode. Maybe have the Super Hostile Gamemode from 2.0 The April Fools Update.
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    posted a message on Better Sounds For Taking Damage
    I can see this being an option but ii like the sounds.
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    posted a message on Abandoned Ships
    I like the idea but the way the post is layed out is a bit flawed.
    Nevertheless I Support.
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    posted a message on Spider nests now POPULAR and HOT!
    I would much like honey bees and hives but i like this idea.
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