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    Last post today!

    What will happen tomorrow:(or teusday)
    >episode 1&2 released along with infernohub and starter kits
    >playthrough of lust and teaser of gluttony uploaded to youtube(may be by wednesday)
    >hopefully forum attention

    I'll keep you guys posted if anything unusual comes up, but we look on track. Expect Gluttony to be released in a week or so.
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    Teaser image of Gluttony; Your very first view of Gluttony as you leave the spawnpoint.
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    Good news!

    Lust is finished, with a release date of teusday to thursday, and a teaser trailer for gluttony will be out soon.
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    Quote from Pendragona55

    Hey is the map up and going and i can't see it or have you not posted it yet?

    Not posted. Still under construction.
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    Quote from Pendragona55

    Is there a time that tours start and are other circles then lust ready for tour?

    Tours start whenever I have about 5+ hours to spend doing them.

    Lust alone takes three hours.

    The thread will be updated when more circles become available.We will also be hosting a dedicated Inferno server soon enough.
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    Tours are now open again!
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    What is the Inferno project?

    It is the second largest project ever attempted in minecraft thus far, a 1:1 recreation of Hell. However, it is not simply a cinematic piece of art, it is a playable one. It is a massive minecraft adventure, spanning 12+ maps and countless millions of blocks. In it you will lay waste to each circle of hell, find ancient power, slay archdaemons, and eventually kill Satan himself.

    You are guided in your journey through use of NPC's, Virgil is the one you will see the most. Other familiar names will also come into play, as you descend further.

    The Inferno project consists of Nine Episodes, each one, excluding episode one, having one boss at the end and several minibosses. These episodes come in the form of starter kits, consisting of all the plugins required, mods, and the texture pack, or as standalone maps to be uploaded to your server, so you may continue your journey. You can expect a release date of about one episode every two weeks, give or take, depending on how often me and the Inferno team are able to complete them.

    So without further long winded speech, here is the INFERNO PROJECT!

    TBR soon

    TBR soon

    CURRENTLY PLAYABLE ON minecraft.strictlyawesome.com


    Episode one: Minos boss battle(beta)


    Episode one: Teaser trailer(Excluding Limbo)


    TEXTURE PACK: http://www.strictlya...m/infernotp.zip (32x32, MUST be patched)

    HOSTED ON: minecraft.strictlyawesome.com

    If you want to play the Inferno, simply join the server and ask!


    Episode one and Episode two are nearly done. They will both be released on Friday or Saturday. Episode two is currently playable on the server.
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    Quote from ColdFusionGaming

    Looks pretty good.

    If you wanna come check it out, the server IP is minecraft.strictlyawesome.com :)

    Tell Max Cleo sent ya.
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    Finishing up Kaldvind, then the Pilgrim's Path+ little tweaks and sandbox norr will be ready to go!

    P.S., tell me if you want a new Beta map.
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    Quote from Scarilian

    OH GOD D:
    I leave this page for a few months waiting for it to be complete and now you've stopped it? :(

    It'll be finished by spring 2013. We had to do a bit of well, waiting.
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    Some world renders.

    South side of Icebound.

    North side of Icebound.
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    Well, two downloads. Off to a good start I suppose.

    By the way, ignore the "Saga of Norgay", that's a server injoke and not legitimately part of Norr. It will be removed in the official releases.
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    >tfw no downloads
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    "A land of cold hidden within a mystery, an enigma of old,
    Of rolling meadows and ominous gallows,
    Of a place of vicious hounds,

    ~Anonymous Poem

    Norr is an ambitious project being undertaken at StrictlyAwesome. It is a map and a serverkit. It consists of Four Realms, Icebound, a large Island in the center of Norr, Kaldvind, a forsaken snowy region in the north, that was once the home of the Icebound People, or the Dwarves, The Bog, the what was once the sole home of the "warm men" or Nords, and Dragonsthrone, a vicious region that can only be reached by following the treacherous Pilegrimsleden Sti, or Pilgrim's Path, which can be found in Kaldvind. At the end of Dragonsthrone is a mysterious valley containing the four Dragon temples, the mortal home of the Four Dragon Gods, Gressgronn, Svarthet, Blodavling, and Lys.

    Among other things, the map was built for an intense factions system. Icebound is divided into Four Holds, Fryktetopp, Hoydelander, Vinterventing, and Slettene. Within each of the holds is a capital, forts, barrows, dwarven ruins, and even "map rooms" which will help you locate long lost secrets of this land!

    Norr also comes in two flavors; Vanilla Norr and Sandbox Norr. Sandbox Norr is a blank slate for your server, no lorebooks are scattered, no plugins included beyond ones needed for the server to run, and no "official" server structure. The official Texture Pack is included however.

    Vanilla Norr contains 150 scattered lorebooks detailing the history of Icebound and it's surrounding areas, NPCs, various other plugins, and of course, the official Texture Pack.

    Both editions contain the RuinKit warps, which give you several ruin pieces so you can create custom dungeons!

    Now, enough ranting, it's time for some pictures, yes?

    Gallery of Norr;

    Pirate Isle, the spawnpoint.

    Pirate Isle again.

    Three Eagle Mountain in Slettene.

    Three Eagle Mountain again.

    The Border of Slettene and Hoydelander.

    Capital of Hoydelander, looking into the Rift Valley.

    Capital of Vinterventing.

    Five Eagle Pass as seen from the border of Fryktetopp and Hoydelander.

    Five Eagle Pass again.

    ...and again.

    Fuarpoll, an extensive Dwarven ruin and the tallest structure in all of Icebound.

    Looking up to the Snowcap Peak.

    The Bonechill Plaque.

    Bonechill Forest.

    Hoydelander as seen from the border of Hoydelander and Fryktetopp.

    Shadowspring Caverns, "The Forest of The North.

    Shadowspring again.

    The entrance of Valthume.

    Interior of Valthume.

    Interior again.

    And again.

    The summit of Snowcap Peak, and the end of Fuarpoll Road.


    A map of Icebound.

    Green is Slettene.
    Blue is Hoydelander.
    Red is Vinterventing.
    Black is Fryktetopp.
    The purple line marks the entrance into the Frozen North.
    The water around it extends a good 500 or so blocks in each direction, hiding various Isles and Regions.


    Kaldvind, the Dwarven region. It is a land locked within time, it's pipelines still flowing, automatons still waiting, and dragons still nesting. Yes, dragons. There is several dragon shrines and tombs, when activated a dragon will spawn, initiating a fight.

    "The Bog"


    Not done yet! Check back soon!



    Current release: V.6

    //rapidshare.com/#!download" target="66p4" data-ensure-absolute>https://rapidshare.c...2.zip|75312|0|0

    Most of Icebound
    Most of The Bog
    Some of Kaldvind

    Forbidden Regions

    Sandbox Norr:

    Vanilla Norr:


    Texture Pack:
    (Though I recommend Norsecraft or Misas until it is finished)

    If you have any comments/feedback/questions please post them here.

    Regards, Witchy.
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    First Beta Release - NorrV.5


    What IS finished on this map:

    Most of Icebound
    Most of the sea

    What IS NOT finished on this map:

    The Bog
    Dragonsthrone is not even included on this version
    The Forbidden Regions

    This is being released for testing and feedback only. It will not work well for a server, if you insist, you may try, but it will be a lot of work. I suggest waiting for Sandbox Norr release this week/week after.
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