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    Weapon Cases

    Weapon Case Logo 1

    The idea for this mod came from Iskall85: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ9x-z3iOnIbJxVpm1rsu2A

    The mod adds weapon cases that you will find in chests inside dungeon, strongholds and temples.

    The weapon cases will work similar to Counter Strike, when you open the case there is a chance to get one special weapon. These are not craftable. You open the case by right clicking the item.

    Weapons can be Common, Uncommon, Rare or Legendary; and ecah type has different attack damage.

    Also, the weapon can be either Broken, Good, Crude, Flawless or Perfect. Each state has different durability.

    All these values can be changed in the mod's configuration file.

    Sword Collection

    Sword Collection


    Download for Minecraft 1.8.9
    Download for Minecraft 1.7.10


    Modpack License: You may add this mod on your modpack.

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    Quote from Hoops4sho»

    keep up the good work; i am excited to see this mod grow. i am especially impressed by the boomerang and the upgrading system! i know there's already many ideas floating around to code, but something that i think would fit perfectly with this mod: machetes! of course they could be used like swords but they would need another function to make them more than just a slightly weaker sword, like maybe a no damage bonus (or very little damage) for using them to cut leaves, grass, vines, flowers, sugar cane, etc.... or maybe a sheep shearing ability,..

    Hey! I may actually use that, shears have so low durability, so a machete would be like high durability shears.
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    Posted update closer to a release!

    • Lots of improvements.
    • Changed the way the Journal will work, for now it contains some Lorem Ipsum.
    • If it complains about items removed, ignore that, its for good.
    • Blowpipe and darts!
    • There are more arrows: stick, stone, flint, iron, diamond and obsidian.
    • Arrow recipes too expensive (prices will lower soon)
    • Implemented the crossbow.
    • The longbow works better.
    • Ranged weapon zoom when aiming.
    • Quivers, bags and gems, will be useful in the future.
    • Added spyglass, it does what it ment to do.
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    Current version 1.0.12 Dev


    Wiki: http://theworldexplorer.wikia.com/wiki/Theworldexplorer_Wiki



    Some items:

    Slingshot recipe:

    Pebble recipe:

    The Boomerang


    Current Version 1.0.12 Dev

    • Added crafting method for long bow (still shoots only normal arrows). You need bow handle and bow string. Craft bow handle with sticks, leather and string; Craft bow string with 6 string vertically.
    • You can now attack with sharpened sticks, they consume on attacking
    • Added stone arrow (can't shoot it yet, hit with it). Craft it with pebble, sharpened stick and feather.
    • Added needle, get if from cacti in crafting table/study desk.
    • Added crafting recipe for Dart, needs needle, sharpened stick, string and feathers.
    • Added model and sounds for blowpipe.
    • Added crafting recipe for blowpipe, needs sharpened stick, sugar cane and string.
    • You can blow darts with the blowpipe.
    • Did some optimizations.

    Previous versions:

    Version 0.01 pre alpha
    • Added slingshot
    • Added pebble

    Version 0.1.0 pre alpha
    • Slingshot renders in 3D
    • Added particles when pebble hits blocks
    • 1 cobblestone makes 4 pebbles, 4 pebbles make 1 cobblestone

    Version 0.1.1 pre alpha
    • Added boomerang

    Version 0.1.2 pre alpha
    • Boomerang crash fixes

    Version 0.1.3
    • Boomerang can now pick up items
    • Changed boomerang reach distance to 16 blocks
    • Improved boomerang rendering speed
    • When catching boomerang with inventory full, drops items at a side

    Veriosn 0.1.4
    • Removed boomerang particles when it can only travel 16 blocks
    • Skeletons can spawn with slingshots
    • Fixed a glitch with the boomerang getting stuck in blocks

    Version 0.1.5 pre alpha
    • Boomerang can now collect XP Orbs
    • Will only use one creative tab
    • Added placeholder items for: Long bow, Crossbow, Blowpipe, Dart, Special arrows, Hookshot, Rope and the Journal

    Version 0.1.6 pre alpha
    • Added textures for placeholders
    • Added the Whip with no functionality yet
    • Added functionality to the longbow, but it still only available in creative
    • Added crafting recipe for the journal
    • Added recipe for the journal: writable book, a compass and a clock
    • Added a gui for the journal
    • Added the slingshot to village blacksmith loot
    • Added the boomerang to jungle and desert temple loot

    Version 0.1.7 pre alpha
    • Wrote system for player info on the mod, will be used for unlocked items and available improvements.
    • Items added: Whip Handle, Leather strap, Whip Tip, Sharpened stick.
    • Added functionallity and recipe to the whip.
    • Blocks added: Study Desk, works as a chest and crafting table.
    • Added recipe for Study Desk: Chest, Planks, Crafting table, Journal.
    • Added improvements system using the study desk.
    • The boomerang can now be improved using the study desk, adding: gunpowder, increases punch effect; slime balls, increases the number of items to pick up at a maximum of 9; glowstone dust, increases damage dealed to entities (power); redstone, increases the distance the boomerang can glide at a maximum of 64 blocks; ender pearls or eyes of ender, it's a secret.
    • A journal is given to the player at start.
    • The journal has an Items section with information about the journal and study desk.

    Version 0.1.9 Dev
    • Fixed the GUI Problems
    • Study Desk now has a model
    • Shift clicking in study desk works
    • Fixed performance issues
    • Fixed running on server

    Version 0.1.10 Dev
    • Fixed crash on server when openning the Journal GUI

    Version 0.1.11 Dev
    • Added explorer burials what will spawn rarely with some loot
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    Miniature Trainable Mobs

    For version 1.2.27 CoFH Core is optional, not required

    You will find mini mob embryos in dungeons and temples. The embryos can be placed into an incubator to begin a gestation process.

    You will need to craft mini mob pellets to put the developed embryos into them, then you can throw a pellet to the ground to spawn a mini mob!

    Mini Mobs can be of the following types:

    • Pig: will tackle the enemy.
    • Zombie: Smites your enemies, has strength and health bonus, and can pick up items to give them to you.
    • Skeleton: Ranged attack.
    • Creeper: Does not explode (thankfully), instead dashes at the enemy. From level 7 on there is a chance it will set the enemy on fire.
    • Spider: Can climb walls. From level 6 on, it has a chance to poison the enemy.
    • Soldier. It's alittle player, you must name the embryo before putting it into the incubator. Use an anvil or a naming station. If the embryo name is a valid player in game name, it will have the corresponding skin. Tru using your name!
    • [new] Penguin. Cute penguin walk, from level 6 on, it has a chance to slow down enemies, they can Slide on snow and Ice. If sliding, they leap. Very rare ocassion to Noot when dying,

    The mini mobs gain experience with every attack they perform. With experience they can level up and increase their stats:

    • Speed.
    • Max health.
    • Follow range.
    • Attack Damage.

    Sneak-right-clicking the mini mob, brings up their interface. They have a small inventory and armor/weapon slots. They can pick up items and you can take them from the inventory.

    When a mini mob dies, it will drop a corpse, which you can use in a DNA Extractor to get it's DNA to another embryo.

    Items and blocks on this mod.

    • MM Embryo. Fin them in dungeons and temples.
    • MM Pellet. To put the mobs in.
    • MM Incubator. You need RF Power to use it. Put the embrios and pellets in there.
    • MM Creative energy cell. Only available in creative mode to provide power and test the incubator.
    • MM DNA Extractor. Needs RF Power. Put a mini mob corpse in, and an embryo of the same type to pass all the stats to the new embryo. Then incubate the result embryo and you'r mini isback.
    • MM Naming Station. You can name anything with colored names! Needs dye to apply the name.
    • MM Power Provider. Used to get RF if you don't have CoFH Core. Put a redstone block next to it and it will generate a small amount of RF that can be passed to machines on the other side.

    For versions 1.2.21 and below, CoFH Core Needed to get power

    Mod review by PopularMMos:

    Modpack License: You may add this mod on your modpack.
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    Added penguins!

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    Quote from ArloTheEpic»

    Having now actually used the mod, I first of all want to say that it's exteremely well done, good work.
    I do feel like the weapon crates, with the minimum weapon strength at diamond, the way they are now, don't really make sense coming from monsters. What struck me though, was the stating of the crate as 'mark one,' meaning that there's room for more, so what if a seperate, weaker crate, with the rarest swords being at 8 attack damage, and the common more like 3 or 4, that comes from monsters fairly rarely, and finally, either the currently existant crate or a different type from both of those coming from the enderdragon and wither? Seems more balanced, although also a fair amount of work...

    Now, that is a good suggestion. We'll discus about it.

    Thank you!
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    Quote from ArloTheEpic»

    Not the first to say it, but this looks pretty cool!
    Perhaps the boxes should be rare drops from a few mobs too though? At least in vannilla, you don't find dungeons more than about three times on a world, and often-times not at all, so adding something to the chests makes it a pretty difficult to locate thing. I understand, balancing, but what's the point of making the mod if the player doesn't even notice it on every other world?

    I'll take the suggestion, maybe adding it as a config option where the default is as it is right now.
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    Quote from Villager_31441»

    Hey, there! I love your mod. The boomerang is especially amazing. ;) You've done some really great work with it.

    I've got a couple suggestions for you, maybe they'll help:

    • Upgrading the boomerang seems to be very time-consuming if you can only use one item at a time. In case the left slot of the bench is used for nothing else - why don't use all inserted items at once?
    • Crafting a boomerang out of planks seems unlogical to me. Wouldn't sticks be more appropriate (even though that might make it too cheap, not sure about it)?
    • It would be a nice addition to be able to throw the pebbles directly (what would deal even less damage than using the slingshot of course).
    • The journal is not of much use yet. Thus, it might be better not to give it to the player when starting a world or at least make this behaviour configurable. Until there's more to it, players are just throwing it away anyways. :D

    I'm currently playing a lot TerraFirmaCraft and I am missing some early game weapons just like yours. TFC is not very compatible with other mods because most vanilla items don't exist and many game mechanics work differently. I have been able to make your items craftable in my single player world using Minetweaker. They don't work very well with the combat system, though, due to the following reasons:

    • Everything has much more health in TFC and does much more damage. As a result, your bow does just as much damage as punching a mob with your fist.
    • Your mod seems to spawn in skeletons that use your slingshot. I think that that's a really cool feature and they make a great addition to normal Minecraft. Skeletons with 20HP just look a bit silly compared to the TFC ones with 1500HP.

    I know that you didn't have compatability with TFC in mind when you made that mod but I am certain that the corresponding community would love to see something like that - especially because there are not many compatible mods out there.

    You aren't using that config file for anything yet, are you? Making the damage of your weapons and the hitpoints of that skelly customisable would solve these issues and would probably be of use to other people as well.

    Btw. I am a programmer myself (I study Business Informatics) and would be glad to help if you need some support. ;)

    Well, that's some advice. Thanks for your sugestions!

    • I will consider your comments for the upgrades, I plan to get you use all the amout on the left if you are pressing shift, and also let you use blocks, like with redstone. That slot will be used for more stuff in the future.
    • In fact I made the boomerang recipe out of planks because I thought sticks would be too cheap. And since you can do a button out of a plank, well, it seemd to be ok.
    • Throwing pebbles? Cool, I will take it in mind, thanks!.
    • The journal will have more use in the near future. You will be able to do discoveries with it (thaumcraft-like). Not sure if I will keep it as a start item.

    For mod compatibility and modpack convenience, I will make use of options in the config file, which is actually as you mentioned, not been used.

    Good to know you are a programmer. For the moment I am doing this alone, this was my first mod and I keep working on it, I have gained more experience since then and I have lots of improvements todo. If at some time I decided to make this a shared project, I'll let know.

    Thanks for your comments!

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    Quote from ThiefCatEike»

    That's good new! I miss the boomerang lol

    Update uploaded, just fixes, new features come for the next one.

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