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    posted a message on ♛♛♛KingCraft//Factions//Creative//mcMMO//KitPVP //Paintball//PVP//NO LAG//♛♛♛
    IGN: Winonastate1880 wants to be a member ( I've bee nplaying on the server for a while now) :)
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    posted a message on Tales of Camelot [Closed]
    Out of Character

    In Game Name: Winonastate1880
    Timezone: UTC
    RP Experience: i have role played on multiple servers and have been moderators on others
    Reason for joining:i love the show Merlin and role playing servers
    Skype name? (feel free to send as PM if you do not want it public):
    Did you read the rules?::D
    Any questions or comments?:no

    In Character

    Name: Otheron
    Age: 24
    Class: militia
    Back story: Otheron right from the start new he loved to adventure. he would always travel farther into the woods than any other boy in his home town ealdor. Otheron got into a lot of trouble, maybe it was something as little as placing a needle on the teachers chair or something like putting a couple of squirrels in his mothers knitting basket. But he was a very helpful young man at other times, he would maybe help with the town farm or get fire wood for the whole town. whatever he did wrong he would always make up in a good deed without asking for anything in return. He never broke his promises and was as faithful to his friends as a king is faithful to his kingdom.

    Otheron loved his mother very much he would do anything for her for she was always there for him and would love him no matter what he did. his father was the same. his father would teach Otheron how to fight and hunt. But most importantly he would teach his son to be an honorable man. This was very hard of course for Otheron because he was a trouble maker. the bond between Otheron and his parents were very close. One day a group of bandits came to town and his father traveled to Camelot to ask for help from the king. when the knights and his father got back to Ealdor. Otheron saw how the knights had fought the bandits and drove them out. Right there and then Otheron knew what he wanted to be, A Knight of Camelot.

    He started training harder than ever. He would have more lessons with his dad and he gave a all the trouble making. He Started to become a very skilled fighter. So when he was 24 years old he left ealdor and set off for Camelot with nothing but his clothes, a little bit of coin, a sword and bow, and his backpack.

    Strengths and Weaknesses: Otheron is faithful maybe a little bit to faithful to his friends and family. He is Brave and doesn't back down from a fight. He is smart and can see a trap where it lies. he is very good at speaking and persuading people. He is a bit cocky when it comes to how good he is at fighting. He not good at following orders he would be told one to do one thing and he will do the other. He gets very mad when people insult his family or his loved ones
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    posted a message on ★☆★ OldSchoolMC.com ★☆★ ~The Oldschool Experience!~ [Survival] [PvP] [Clans] [AntiGrief] [AntiXray] [No-WL] [1.6] [TS3] [24/7]
    i would like to be a member on this server cause it looks really cool
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    posted a message on 1.2.5[24/7][Whitelist][Survival][No pvp/grief]Vanilla server <Still accepting apps>
    In Game Name: "winonastate1880
    Age: 14
    Country: USA
    About yourself: im consider mysel a good builder. I like to mine,farm,build, and fish. Most of the time on servers i make a house by water then i invite people to come build their house by me making a town called seatown.
    Did you read the rules:Sure did :D
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    posted a message on Hunger Games RPG server PanemCraft host and staff needed!
    Name:Winonastate1880 (Andrew)
    Skype?: Yes
    Good mic?: eh
    Are you a good builder(1-10): i think im a confident 9
    What would you like to do as your journey?:be a miner in district 12 and maybe be a tribute
    Can you host the server and be dedicated to?: i could host a server if nobody else will but only if nobody else will because my server will be really slow with a ton of people on it
    Want to be part of the staff?: Yah i would love to
    How mature are you?: my teachers think im pretty mature
    Have you read the Hunger Games or seen the movie?: read all the books and i saw the movie
    Are you epic?: of course :Pig: + :Lava: = :Bacon:
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    posted a message on - MOCKINGJAYCRAFT - RPG - Hunger Games Inspired - Districts - Builders and Staff Needed - UnWhitelisted - Survival - Economy bas
    • Name:Andrew
    • Age:12
    • Skype (If have):
    • What job are you applying for? Admin
    • Why do you want to do this? Because i have read all of the hunger games books and i this server sounds unique because all of the other hunger game servers just have the hunger games instead of what goes on outside of the hunger games. i think i would be good for it because i know about the books and that could help in everything your doing.
    • How many hours would you put into this server? whenever im playing minecraft i would go on the server so about 3 or 4 hours a day
    • What other servers made you part of staff? 3 roleplaying servers, 1 creative, and 2 survival
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    posted a message on Anyone want to make a giant city!?
    Why you should join:Because i want to help you build a city and i have a built a cool litle town in the past so i want to make a city with other people

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    posted a message on Hogwarts RP!
    I would like to be in Gryffindor
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    posted a message on ProTechGaming
    Application layout:
    Character Name:Winonastate1880 :rolleyes:
    Team Category

    • Builder

    • Building Director

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    posted a message on Remnants [Recruiting!] (PvP) (Factions/Towns)
    In Game Name (IGN): Winonastate1880 SIR, I HAVR READ THE RULES

    Age: 13

    What are you good at? Any amazing talents? Have you built anything worth noting?I have built a church,castle,town,and many more things. I am good in combat.

    How long have you had Minecraft? since 1.6

    What timezone are you in? Usa

    Do you have Skype, Ventrilo, or Teamspeak? If so, do you have a microphone? Yes, but no mike

    Why would you like to join this clan? How active of a player are you? Anything important we should know about yourself? I want to jion this clan because i hate greifers more than anything and i hate people who are just dicks and i want them to stop.
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    posted a message on Roleplay Server
    ]Welcome to mahi This is a new roleplay server with 24 slots beecause of lag there is no whitelist
    you can become a king and build your kingdom and then become a god on this server you start from scratch no citys at all yet because you build them if you ask maybe the gods will help you (Ops On Creative Mode) The Server Ip is have a good time
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    posted a message on 1.2.5 The Land Of Olivin RP ! ~~ Dedicated Server! No Lag! <Magic> <Roleplay!> <Pvp> <Classes> <Races> !!

    About yourself:I am athletic,i play guitar and trumpet,and i like animals
    IC:(Charcters Name)Andrew
    Did you Read The Rules?: :Diamond:
    InGame Name:Winonastate1880
    What is your Race:Dwarf, because my skin is a dwarf
    About your charcter:hes wise
    BackGround:his parents where murdered when he was young he has a sister, he spends his life working and looking for his parents killer
    RP example:what do you meen can anybody help me with this qeustion?
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    posted a message on Roman vs Viking [No WhiteList] [1.2] [PvP] [War]
    Name (IGN):Winonastate1880
    What group do you want to be (Roman or Vikings):Roman
    Some stuff you build in the past (optional): a castle,town,creeper,villa,car,piston stuff
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    posted a message on ░▒▓██▓▒░The Kingdoms░▒▓██▓▒░ | Economy | Towns | Medieval Fantasy Role-Playing | Website & Forums | Politics | PVP | Bandits & G
    In Game Name:Winonastate1880
    Did you read the Rules?:yes i did
    Why would you like to join us?:because i love role playling servers with a good community
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    posted a message on ✖♔✖ ODYSSEY ✖♔✖ 1.1 UPDATED !! TRUE MMO EXPERIENCE !! Quests/Dungeons/Towns/CTF/TDM/PVE
    I found you guys on the forums and this sounds really fun and probably the one of the best minecraft servers
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