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    Welcome to My Little Minecraft: Survival is Magic! Our server aims to be an amazingly fun yet simply used server tailored specifically for bronies. We enhance the survival experience with plugins like MagicSpells and inhabitable towns, while staying true to the survival Minecraft experience. But remember, read the rules and instructions first!

    How it works

    The main focus of this server is survival and PVP. The outside wilderness is a hostile environment where nothing is safe from other players. PVP is enabled, and nothing is protected. To protect your belongings, you must travel to one of the established towns and purchase a plot of land. Money is obtained via the Jobs plugin, selling items in shops, or directly from other players. You have the ability to protect your belongings such as chests and doors only in plots you own using LWC. Shops can be made anywhere, however it is advised to establish them in a protected plot of land as their items can be stolen otherwise. Spells can be found or purchased at shops, and enhance gameplay in many ways from combat to transportation. And last of all, our overworld uses the Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 generator. Why, you may ask? To those of you who have played Minecraft since its early days, you may have noticed a serious lack of variation in the new generator. Instead of asking "what awesome landscape will I find that way?", you now ask "What biome is over there?" Any gameplay features that are hindered or damaged by this generator will have a workaround - be it with admin shops, a public End portal or otherwise. It is worth noting there are four ranks on this server. There is the default player, which is fairly self-explanatory. Next is the Wonderbolts. Wonderbolts are currently players well-known and trusted by admins, and receive extra privileges. Eventually a donate button may be set up, and donors will receive the Wonderbolt rank. Royal Guards are our moderators, in charge of keeping peace and order to our server. They can kick and ban you, so be careful! And lastly are the Alicorns. These are our admins who can regulate the server and its plugins.


    In the wilderness, stealing and griefing is allowed. However, massive damage to the environment and obscene builds are strictly forbidden.

    Keep the chat as PG as possible, however it is okay if the occasional swearword slips out in moderation - just don't make it a habit.

    Be respectful and civilized to other players. If you come on the server and start complaining about how terrible, homosexual, evil, perverted, etc. bronies are, you will be instantly banned. If you aren't actually a brony but you still plan to play seriously, that's completely fine with me - you probably shouldn't tell anyone, though.

    This rule really shouldn't need saying, but we've already had an issue with it. No hack clients, xray mods, infinisprints, or any of that crap. If it gives you an unfair advantage over anyone else, just remove it. We will ban you if we discover your usage of it.

    How the plugins work

    There are several important plugins which the player should understand how to use.

    JOBS - http://dev.bukkit.or...rver-mods/jobs/
    Say "/jobs browse" to see the available jobs, and "/jobs join JobName" to join it. "/jobs info JobName" will give you information about the job specified. All other commands can be seen with "/jobs".

    CRAFTCONOMY3 - http://dev.bukkit.or...ds/craftconomy/
    Say "/money" to see your current balance of bits. "/money pay PlayerName Amount" will directly pay the specified player the specified amount of money. Shops are operated via left- and right-clicking.

    LWC - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/lwc/
    LWC will only function in plots of land which you own. Use "/cprotect" to lock a container or doorway so that only you can access it. "/cmodify PlayerName" will add a player to the list of allowed players, and "/cpassword Password" will lock it with the specified password.

    SIGNSHOP - http://dev.bukkit.or...-mods/signshop/
    To create a shop, first you must create a chest. Inside the chest is the exact items you want to sell, and the exact amount you wish to be sold at a time (putting in a stack of dirt will result in stacks being sold at a time, while only one block of dirt will only sell one at a time). Now, create a sign, which can be anywhere. The top row of the sign must be "[Buy]" or "[Sell]", and the very bottom row is the exact price in bits the item(s) will cost. The second and third rows can be whatever you want (I recommend the name of the item sold). Now, hold redstone dust in your hand. First left-click the chest containing the item(s) to be sold, now click the sign the items will be sold from. A chat message will appear confirming your link. If you put the shop in a protected plot like a smart person, LWC should have automatically locked the sign. This actually prevents the shop from being used, so use the "/cremove" command and punch the sign. You may now fill the chest with the remaining items you wish to sell.

    (Tutorial coming soon - see http://dev.bukkit.or...ds/magicspells/ for instructions)

    REGIONFORSALE - http://dev.bukkit.or...s/regionforsale
    If you find a plot you like that is for sale and you have the money for it, right-click the sign. Notice where it says "Region name". To buy the region, use the command "//region buy RegionName" - notice the TWO slashes. This will buy the plot.

    When you attack or are attacked by a mob or player, you are now "In combat." Each time you attack or are attacked, the timer resets to 10 seconds. If you log out before this 10 seconds is over, you will die.

    Other plugins used can be seen with the "/pl" command.

    Important Knowledge

    You may start your own town or settlement if you wish. However, for it to be protected like other towns, you must follow the Town Creation Guidelines. Ask a Moderator or Alicorn about them!

    Need assistance? The authorities are here to help! Anyone with the Royal Guard or Alicorn tags may be able to answer your questions.

    Like the server? Recommend it to your friends and tell us how you like it on this thread! Any and all suggestions are welcome.

    Notice a problem, bug, or exploit? Notify an admin as soon as possible!

    We are NOT aiming to be the server with the most amazing builds in all of Equestria. Our world and progress as a server is going to be extremely player-driven, giving players the freedom they've always wanted. Want to make a faction of assassins? Go ahead! Want to give diamonds to all the new players? That's fine! We're not boasting our building skills. That's not the point of this server. If YOU want to boast about YOUR building skills, I would recommend doing that in a protected plot of land.

    We need more moderators and admins! Please contact WinCamXP if you would like to apply.

    Closing Words

    We look forward to seeing you on our server. If you have read everything on this forum post, feel free to join at IP!
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    Quote from Quanni123X

    Maybe someone found an exploit in it. Remember the Internet Explorer exploit?

    Which one? There's about fifty million.
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    Quote from TheCorpseDoctor

    Ok, big post. Here we go.

    Agreed! Whoever thought of that stupid thing should be fired.

    I googled around, and all I found about the trackedpad was it was "very responsive with easy to click buttons" which hardly is enough info to decide whether it is as good as a macbook one. Have you used that model's trackpad yourself?

    First of all, I'm not basing my judgement on just HP, I've tried out a whole bunch of PC's from different makers. I've so far seen one with build quality approximately on par with a macbook, the Vaio T I think. And that had it's own disadvantages compared to the Air, such as a lower resolution screen (1336x768 on Vaio vs 1440x900 on 13 inch Air), lack of a backlit keyboard, and a hybrid drive instead of an SSD. (Though for some people an HDD would be better due to the capacity) While you might like PC better, and it has it's own advantages, all the mindless mac hate on this thread is just really annoying and sad. Are you no better than bickering PS3 and Xbox players? Both lines have their advantages and disadvantages, get over it and grow up.

    The -MAIN REASON- we hate Macs so much is because A. They basically slap an extra $500 onto the price that has no need to be there. The hardware is VERY weak, and you're paying the price of a top-of-the-line gaming computer. The OS isn't THAT great (Linux is certainly better, and free) and while I do like the build quality and visual style, that's not enough to warrant buying one - it's just visuals. Like you don't judge a game on whether it's good or not by its graphics. The other reason is the amount of patent trolling Apple's been doing lately. They've been suing for every little thing they can pull out of their [butt] just because they can.
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    In my Algebra class, the class computer was on the logon screen (Press Ctrl - Alt - Delete to log in) and someone had opened the accessibility dialog. As we know, Windows likes to...read those things out loud, and the process in which it does that involves highlighting the text it is currently reading in an outline. There was no speaker plugged in, but it was still reading the text - and the outline box thing was advancing through each line and infinitely repeating.

    Well, my fellow classmates noticed and jumped to the conclusion that someone was hacking the computer. And, being the noisy class that was, I would have to yell for them to notice i was talking (and they were pretty much right next to me).

    I tried to explain, but nobody heard except maybe the lost soul I have trapped inside me (that isn't my own). It might be evil, I just ignore it most of the time, so i don't know for sure. If it talks again I'll tell you guys what it said.

    (Oh yeah, and this is high school. I weep for the future of humanity. I can have my moments of extreme bursts of intelligence and awareness, but even then it's not all the time. I've posted PLENTY of things on these forums in the past couple weeks I feel REALLY stupid about.)
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    posted a message on If you uninstall and reinstall PE, are your worlds saved?
    The reason I ask is I need to uninstall/reinstall PE for PocketTool to do its magic, and I need to know if this deletes the world files. If it does, where would I find them to back them up?
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    Quote from Coldplaya

    I'll say it again, because its true.

    Yes, Apple is proprietary as ****, but I want something that does what I need it to. The iPhone does just that. I don't care if it's anything super special, I just want something that is relatively easy to use, and serves as a good on-the-go companion. My iPhone 4 is great. Fast, reliable and generally well made. (Aside from the glass, which is breakable if you drop it onto a pillow) It can store all my music, and games and pictures, whilst providing an extremely well-functioning interface. Very pleased with my purchase. Probably will be getting this at christmas.

    This is probably just pouring extremely flammable fuel into an already-burning explosives factory, but...if an iPhone does "everything you need it to", so would a low-end Android like the LG optimus V/T/Whatever. Believe me now, Android has FAR, FAR more out-of-the-box functionality than iOS does, and you'd have to use both OS's extensively (like I have) to fully understand this. My old phone, the Optimus V, was far, FAR more useful for me than an iPhone ever could be. My only complaint about the entire phone was its screen size, but I learned to live with it. And now I have an Xperia PLAY, and I always make it my goal to rub the functionalities of my phone in the face of any sad soul using an iPhone. Call me an asshole, but it's the only way I can make my point across in this sad world of today.
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    posted a message on Windows 7 isn't detecting my headset
    Are you sure your Windows install knows your sound card is there? just having the drivers doesn't mean Windows is aware of its presence. Look in Device Manager and see if it shows up. Wouldn't hurt to try a different PCI-E slot if windows DOESN'T pick it up.
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    posted a message on My idiot classmates
    0: Linux
    -1: Custom-built gaming PC

    Tell them THAT.
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    posted a message on iPod touch 5g or nexus 7?
    A Samsung galaxy player has the awesomeness the Nexus 7 has, and the size of an iPod. It also doesn't lock you from doing anything useful like the iPod does (unless jailbroken).
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    If the computer is that crappy NOW, in seven years it will basically be DOS...in other words, be completely incapable of doing anything at all that the modern world requires you to do.

    (Anyway, building a computer is very easy. We've had a couple 11-year-olds do it, all you need is a screwdriver. Just ask and I can link you a very excellent tutorial - we can give you a list of the parts you need as long as you give us a budget)

    I hate it when parents don't know anything about computers (like yours), think their computer will last forever (like yours), and aren't even open for information when you try to spill the truth (like yours). That's just bad parenting if you don't even consider the words coming from your child's mouth may be true.

    Seriously, that computer is pushing the boundaries TODAY. In a year, it will be EXTREMELY obsolete. In two years, nobody in their right mind would want it. In three years, you might as well light it on fire for YouTube to watch. Any longer than that, you're insane.
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