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    posted a message on [1.7.2] [No Whitelist] [Semi-RP] ENITCraft - A simpler Factions experience
    Huge thanks to frash23 for purchasing us a domain name! A website will be constructed relatively soon.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] [No Whitelist] [Semi-RP] ENITCraft - A simpler Factions experience
    A video has been made featuring a new plugin addition to our server. This plugin was not made with the intention of changing the gameplay experience or requiring the players engage in any activity they had not already done, it is merely for entertainment value and hopefully will assist the economy in some way. There is no obligation to use it in any way.

    Meanwhile, we have finally fixed the constant server crashes and resulting world rollbacks, and overall lag has been greatly reduced as well. More communities have been formed and our playerbase is expanding quickly. As always, the server is still beta, and new aspects of gameplay are being changed and added constantly. Thanks for playing!

    And remember that you may always leave feedback and ask questions. That's what the admins are for!
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] [No Whitelist] [Semi-RP] ENITCraft - A simpler Factions experience
    We now have fully operational shops, further bugfixes regarding overall plugins and performance, and the economy has been fully configured.

    As always, the server is still beta and unexpected events may occur. We're not done adding features yet, but we will always make sure to stay true to our goal by keeping the gameplay simple and effective.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] [No Whitelist] [Semi-RP] ENITCraft - A simpler Factions experience
    Day one of operation was fairly successful. One player joined and stayed for quite a while, and we were able to fix the last issues remaining with the plugins. Things were changed and added from a serverside standpoint to enhance the gameplay experience for others, and players are finally getting their feet in to the world. We await more survivors in the hopes we may grow and expand not only as a server, but as a community.

    As always, the server is still in "beta". Problems may arise despite our extensive efforts to prevent them, and reboots and crashes may be possible. Thanks for checking us out!
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] [No Whitelist] [Semi-RP] ENITCraft - A simpler Factions experience
    Because every other name was taken.

    What is ENITCraft?

    ENITCraft is a simpler implementation of the factions system we know and love. We don't strive for an enormous complex of plugins, servers, multiworld, or any of that stuff. We're not trying to stand out in a horde of servers all grasping for the "unique" title, only to end as another server among the crowd. ENITCraft is, to put it simply, true to its name.

    What do you do on the server?

    Gameplay is true to vanilla Minecraft gameplay, however based around the idea of player-run factions. Factions can be created, along with a rudimentary economy and job system. The world is finite, however should provide plenty of space and will be expanded if necessary. Money will be rather slow to accumulate, to increase the longevity and difficulty of the ENITCraft experience.

    There IS a roleplay aspect. Roleplay is not on the same level as, say, DnD roleplay, but it does play some importance to the gameplay experience. Alliances, enemies, political relations, and other such faction-related interaction will be roleplayed to some extent. The point of doing this is to immerse yourself into the gameplay without actually changing or interfering with the experience, and we hope this will only benefit gameplay.

    What does "ENIT" stand for?

    We're not sure, but as far as we're concerned, every name is taken.

    Who are the admins?

    Myself and CaptainIreland co-own the server with several others appointed as moderators. There will be a clear indication of status before the player's username in the chat log.

    What will happen if this server gets big?

    Only time will tell. We will need donations to keep the server running, especially if our playerbase expands. We can afford what we have now, but money doesn't grow like Minecraft watermelons.

    Things seem a bit... empty.

    This is partially intentional, although another reason is because ENITCraft is still in a sort of "beta" stage. The server has only just barely started, and we haven't tested the plugins against a larger amount of players. It is "ready" for public usage, however we cannot guarantee everything will be flawless. In addition, maintenance may be more frequent during this period of the server's lifetime. Expect occasional restarts and temporary shutdowns. Keep this in mind as we strive to be the best we can be while still staying true to our goal.

    I understand everything. What are the rules? Anything I should know?

    As per the usual with factions servers, the wilderness is lawless. Anything goes from a gameplay standpoint. The plugins are easy and simple to use, and signs around the spawn will clearly explain how to use them. Admins are always here to help when needed.

    However, we do have a few simple rules that exist purely to keep the server and its community running smoothly.

    First of all, do not deface public landscape. "Defacing" meaning anything that could be considered "ugly" or "offensive", such as swastikas, large amounts of misplaced blocks, and other things of that nature. You may do this inside the home or territory of another player/faction, but not in a public landscape.

    And second, avoid unnecessary arguments and conflicts with other players, and don't be a ****. Being rivals is not a problem, and a disagreement in a roleplay context is completely fine, but starting an argument over what was "fair", why you got killed, why you dislike someone, or anything of that nature is not. And just... be nice. Don't complain or criticize people, if you don't like something or someone, just ignore it or feel free to leave the server.

    We reserve the right to mute, kick or ban you for whatever amount of time we see fit. Please, be a cooperative player and the server will be more fun for everybody. These are currently the only rules we have, more will be added in the event they are needed, but as of now, there are no other rules.

    What plugins do you use?

    Aside from mandatory admin plugins only the server operators will use, the plugins used include:


    So where's the IP?

    Thanks to player frash23 for the domain name!

    Thanks for reading that wall of text. You may add wincam98 on Skype if you need me for anything.

    An OpenTTD (v1.3.3) server is now running on the same IP. Feel free to join us!

    Donate to help us pay server costs!
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] [BRONY] [No Whitelist] My Little Minecraft: Survival is Magic!
    Server is now updated to 1.5.2! Let us know if there's any issues with plugins.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] [BRONY] [No Whitelist] My Little Minecraft: Survival is Magic!
    Quote from Puritysan

    I'm getting a communication error. :(

    It's working fine for me and some other friends. If that happens, try restarting Minecraft.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] [BRONY] [No Whitelist] My Little Minecraft: Survival is Magic!


    Welcome to My Little Minecraft: Survival is Magic! Our server aims to be an amazingly fun yet simply used server tailored specifically for bronies. We enhance the survival experience with plugins like MagicSpells and inhabitable towns, while staying true to the survival Minecraft experience. But remember, read the rules and instructions first!

    How it works

    The main focus of this server is survival and PVP. The outside wilderness is a hostile environment where nothing is safe from other players. PVP is enabled, and nothing is protected. To protect your belongings, you must travel to one of the established towns and purchase a plot of land. Money is obtained via the Jobs plugin, selling items in shops, or directly from other players. You have the ability to protect your belongings such as chests and doors only in plots you own using LWC. Shops can be made anywhere, however it is advised to establish them in a protected plot of land as their items can be stolen otherwise. Spells can be found or purchased at shops, and enhance gameplay in many ways from combat to transportation. And last of all, our overworld uses the Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 generator. Why, you may ask? To those of you who have played Minecraft since its early days, you may have noticed a serious lack of variation in the new generator. Instead of asking "what awesome landscape will I find that way?", you now ask "What biome is over there?" Any gameplay features that are hindered or damaged by this generator will have a workaround - be it with admin shops, a public End portal or otherwise. It is worth noting there are four ranks on this server. There is the default player, which is fairly self-explanatory. Next is the Wonderbolts. Wonderbolts are currently players well-known and trusted by admins, and receive extra privileges. Eventually a donate button may be set up, and donors will receive the Wonderbolt rank. Royal Guards are our moderators, in charge of keeping peace and order to our server. They can kick and ban you, so be careful! And lastly are the Alicorns. These are our admins who can regulate the server and its plugins.


    In the wilderness, stealing and griefing is allowed. However, massive damage to the environment and obscene builds are strictly forbidden.

    Keep the chat as PG as possible, however it is okay if the occasional swearword slips out in moderation - just don't make it a habit.

    Be respectful and civilized to other players. If you come on the server and start complaining about how terrible, homosexual, evil, perverted, etc. bronies are, you will be instantly banned. If you aren't actually a brony but you still plan to play seriously, that's completely fine with me - you probably shouldn't tell anyone, though.

    This rule really shouldn't need saying, but we've already had an issue with it. No hack clients, xray mods, infinisprints, or any of that crap. If it gives you an unfair advantage over anyone else, just remove it. We will ban you if we discover your usage of it.

    How the plugins work

    There are several important plugins which the player should understand how to use.

    JOBS - http://dev.bukkit.or...rver-mods/jobs/
    Say "/jobs browse" to see the available jobs, and "/jobs join JobName" to join it. "/jobs info JobName" will give you information about the job specified. All other commands can be seen with "/jobs".

    CRAFTCONOMY3 - http://dev.bukkit.or...ds/craftconomy/
    Say "/money" to see your current balance of bits. "/money pay PlayerName Amount" will directly pay the specified player the specified amount of money. Shops are operated via left- and right-clicking.

    LWC - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/lwc/
    LWC will only function in plots of land which you own. Use "/cprotect" to lock a container or doorway so that only you can access it. "/cmodify PlayerName" will add a player to the list of allowed players, and "/cpassword Password" will lock it with the specified password.

    SIGNSHOP - http://dev.bukkit.or...-mods/signshop/
    To create a shop, first you must create a chest. Inside the chest is the exact items you want to sell, and the exact amount you wish to be sold at a time (putting in a stack of dirt will result in stacks being sold at a time, while only one block of dirt will only sell one at a time). Now, create a sign, which can be anywhere. The top row of the sign must be "[Buy]" or "[Sell]", and the very bottom row is the exact price in bits the item(s) will cost. The second and third rows can be whatever you want (I recommend the name of the item sold). Now, hold redstone dust in your hand. First left-click the chest containing the item(s) to be sold, now click the sign the items will be sold from. A chat message will appear confirming your link. If you put the shop in a protected plot like a smart person, LWC should have automatically locked the sign. This actually prevents the shop from being used, so use the "/cremove" command and punch the sign. You may now fill the chest with the remaining items you wish to sell.

    (Tutorial coming soon - see http://dev.bukkit.or...ds/magicspells/ for instructions)

    REGIONFORSALE - http://dev.bukkit.or...s/regionforsale
    If you find a plot you like that is for sale and you have the money for it, right-click the sign. Notice where it says "Region name". To buy the region, use the command "//region buy RegionName" - notice the TWO slashes. This will buy the plot.

    When you attack or are attacked by a mob or player, you are now "In combat." Each time you attack or are attacked, the timer resets to 10 seconds. If you log out before this 10 seconds is over, you will die.

    Other plugins used can be seen with the "/pl" command.

    Important Knowledge

    You may start your own town or settlement if you wish. However, for it to be protected like other towns, you must follow the Town Creation Guidelines. Ask a Moderator or Alicorn about them!

    Need assistance? The authorities are here to help! Anyone with the Royal Guard or Alicorn tags may be able to answer your questions.

    Like the server? Recommend it to your friends and tell us how you like it on this thread! Any and all suggestions are welcome.

    Notice a problem, bug, or exploit? Notify an admin as soon as possible!

    We are NOT aiming to be the server with the most amazing builds in all of Equestria. Our world and progress as a server is going to be extremely player-driven, giving players the freedom they've always wanted. Want to make a faction of assassins? Go ahead! Want to give diamonds to all the new players? That's fine! We're not boasting our building skills. That's not the point of this server. If YOU want to boast about YOUR building skills, I would recommend doing that in a protected plot of land.

    We need more moderators and admins! Please contact WinCamXP if you would like to apply.

    Closing Words

    We look forward to seeing you on our server. If you have read everything on this forum post, feel free to join at IP!
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    posted a message on Please help me test my Android BlockLauncher addon (new: sprinting!)
    I'm having the same problem - 404 for the sprint mod. That is EXACTLY what I was looking for earlier, and it just popped up! Please fix.
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    posted a message on Would this be a DECENT pre-built?
    Not only is the hardware terrible, but it's HP (a horrendously bad, bad, evil brand), and refurbished. Give us the maximum amount of money you can spend and we can help you find something good for the price.
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    posted a message on MP3 Player
    the super-cheapo Sansa Clip may look crappy, but if you install the custom firmware thing ROCKBOX it becomes the best crappy MP3 player you can get. It's TIIIIINY, but Rockbox lets it support pretty much every audio format, comes with a gameboy color emulator, built-in radio, playlists, etc. and other awesome features. Not sure what sizes it comes in, but I ahve a red one from my mom. Never use it because I have a phone I keep al my music on, but it's very nice knowing such a small device can do so much. You can put music on it like it's a flashdrive, like you wanted, or you can use Winamp (a very, very nice media player for Windows and Android) to sync your songs if you decide you want to.

    I had another Sansa thing that's bigger and had a microSD slot, but the charge cord thing is nowhere to be seen so I can't Rockboxify that one, even though it's supported.
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    posted a message on WTSrv.exe taking up RAM?
    My personal experience:

    Buys hardware that came out in the last week
    Installs driver from CD
    Already two years outdated

    Always install from the website...
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    posted a message on What Did You Buy Black Friday/Plan To Buy Cyber Monday?
    Quote from CodofMC

    A week or two ago they had the i5 2500k on sale for only $100. As you can imagine they sold out pretty quick since a lot of people bought at least 2.

    My birthday is on the 27th so I'm not getting anything for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but I got a Galaxy SIII for my birthday. Now I just need to figure out how to root it to get rid of the Touchwiz look and boost performance a bit.

    If I remember correctly, Touchwiz is just the launcher. You can geta a new launcher without rooting (I suggest GO Launcher EX), as well as a keyboard (I suggest Hacker's Keyboard) or web browser (Dolphin Browser HD). None of this requires root to replace.

    You can delete the preloaded bloatware only if you have root, though - with some phones, that's almost essential *glares at old Optimus V*

    I didn't buy anything, but my Canadian friend Ethan got a 7950, 8GB of RAM, a nice 650w PSU, and a new mobo to sort of rebuild his prebuilt ASUS. Thread's still on page 1 if you wanna see the parts he got. The price graph on PCPartPicker was ridiculous due to BF...
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    posted a message on My friend is using parts from his ASUS Essentio CM6830 to build a new computer.
    Quote from jppk1

    The 7950 isn't that much faster:
    I'd grab a bit better motherboard and be done with it: https://pcpartpicker...rboard-h77mag43 . Up to you to decide.

    I added the better motherboard to the build with the 7950. That's the final build I suppose, since he had $600 and we pretty much fully utilized all of it. Feel free to post if there's any final changes that should be made, but it looks to me like this will be the build.
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