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    Quote from InuYasha86000»

    agreed, I tried using lite loader profiles and it won't recognize them, and I also tried using lite loader in the mods section and it didn't work at all.

    There's a way to use liteloader with magic launcher actually. When it tells you there is no .jar in the 1.8-liteloader1.8 folder just go up and go into the 1.8 version folder and select that .jar and it SHOULD work. I did a lot of tinkering to figure that out. After combining files like an idiot for days I found that's all it takes. For forge do the same. Have it on the liteloader profile then select the forge minecraft.jar. In the .minecraft/versions folder. Again just add what external/internal mods you want and it should work. The .LITEMOD files DO NOT appear in the external mods section but it will boot up once you have placed it in your mods folder.
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    I'm asking anyone who can mod & anyone who is a fan of Knight Rider to come together and make a Knight Rider Mod. I have been aching for one and I've come to the forums for help.

    What I'd Like to see in the Mod:
    • KITT (Obviously) w/ all of his abilities from the show
    • The Knight Industries Trailer
    • Maybe AI characters like Bonnie, Devon, RC, etc.
    • Add in KARR as a boss or mob
    • Add the "molecular bondage shell" material that as part of a crafting recipe.
    • Add in KITT's Voice and a custom GUI/HUD that allows you to activate his abilities
    • Mobs could include Garth Knight w/ his Cane, and KARR
    • Auto Cruise on KITT & KARR
    • Michael Knight's Clothes and wrist communicator
    • KITT can and will attempt to attack you when an system error occurs.
    • Any other ideas suggested by the community.
    Thanks to everyone who wants to help! ^_^
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    UPDATE: So I've had trouble finding modmakers of the standards to make a car, like KITT with some of the abilities. I'm working on getting the mod to 1.5.2 or maybe 1.6


    P.S. I'm making this specifically for die-hard fans of the show who want a good Knight Rider mod and want to have an experience as well as not have to go crazy hoping for a mod.
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