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    Guard Requirements:

    - Active for at least a week. Check

    - Block D Or above. Check.

    - Cannot have any permanent bans on record. Check.

    Guard APP Format:

    IGN: Willthefluteboy

    Age: 29

    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (U.S.A)

    Date Joined: Oct 14

    Do you understand and agree with the Guard rules?: Indeedaroony!

    Why should we pick you: Honestly? I don't think you should. I am terrible at PVP. But I do play fair and try and make everyone have a good time!

    Are you staff on any other server?: Yes. I am an ADMIN on the ={cXn}= Clan Survival server. Have been an admin there for over a year. I am constantly on Teamspeak checking to see if people need admin help, but only really help when the server is transitioning.

    Attach a photo of your current rank from ingame:

    What makes you different than other applicants? (Include the hidden word in this section): To be honest? I try and make everyone's time on a server enjoyable as well as fair. However I don't personally think that this is any different then the majority of members. But honestly, if your going to pizza when you should HURRICANE you are going to have a bad time!

    [By Applying for the guard position you will not request an admin to look at your app]

    Again, why would anyone pizza when they should scissor! It makes no since and they will have a bad time!

    Edit: For coolness. <3
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    We are all thinking of you McBritish. If you need an ear to listen I am here for ya!
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