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    posted a message on Let Comparators Detect Armor Stands
    Okay, so just a small simple suggestions. Allow redstone comparators (which normally can detect the amount of contents or absence of contents in a container block) to sense how much armor would be on an Armor Stand. It makes sense. Chests, hoppers, trapped chests, all give off signals. Heck, even Jukeboxes give off signals! Even more heck, Item Frames and chest minecarts even do! That means this could work since, as already proven, this idea works for entities (I'm no coder, correct me if wrong).

    Basically, it should be so that the redstone comparator has to face outwards from the block the Armor Stand is standing on. With no armor, the signal strength would be 0. With full armor, the signal strength will go to 15, just like a full container block…

    0 Pieces of Armor = 0 (umm.... that's obvious)
    1 Piece of Armor = 4
    2 Pieces of Armor = 8
    3 Pieces of Armor = 12
    4 (all) Pieces of Armor = 15

    This isn't very divisible.... but a lot of rounding and cutting happens in other container block signals, especially chests who have lots of storage slots.

    Now, I am aware that you can use ShowArms (for mapmaking/creative mode) to allow them to hold a sword. Honestly, I’m not too sure whether or not it having a Sword should just not do anything, or decrease the signal strength of a full armor stand overall and make it so that you can only get 15 strength with the ShowArms NBT tag. I think the second method is more feasible, as it allows good use for both creative and survival, as you can just put a repeater at the end of your redstone line at the correct distance to achieve full power with just 4 pieces of armor in survival mode (that sounds complicated).

    Chart with arms as another signal giver:

    0 Pieces of Armor = 0
    1 Piece of Armor = 3
    2 Pieces of Armor = 6
    3 Pieces of Armor = 9
    4 (all) Pieces of Armor = 12
    4 (all) Pieces of Armor with weapon = 15
    0 Pieces of Armor, just weapon = 3

    As you can see, that idea with the weapon slot, is also fully equal and mathematically correct.

    In the comments, others have suggested (although I hinted about it at first) that different types/tiers of armor/weapons should give off higher/lower signal strengths. I thought about it, and realized that the Armor bar on your HUD goes up to 8 units, or 16 half-units. It really bothers me, though, because the signal strength only goes off to 15, so we're like SOO close to being equal and mathematically correct, without any remainders. But, as stated earlier in this post, not all chests and containers detected by comparators are fully mathematically correct without any remainders, so, yeah, it's fine.

    The following list/chart is optional, this may/may not be included if this main suggestion is implemented, and is just another feature that I thought was cool. It was not really part of the original idea.

    Leather Helmet: 1 signal strength
    Leather Chestplate: 3 signal strength
    Leather Leggings: 2 signal strength
    Leather Boots: 1 signal strength

    Golden Helmet: 2 signal strength
    Golden Chestplate: 5 signal strength
    Golden Leggings: 3 signal strength
    Golden Boots: 1 signal strength

    Chain Helmet: 2 signal strength
    Chain Chestplate: 5 signal strength
    Chain Leggings: 4 signal strength
    Chain Boots: 1 signal strength

    Iron Helmet: 2 signal strength
    Iron Chestplate: 6 signal strength
    Iron Leggings: 5 signal strength
    Iron Boots: 2 signal strength

    Diamond Helmet: 3 signal strength
    Diamond Chestplate: 8 signal strength
    Diamond Leggings: 6 signal strength
    Diamond Boots: 3 signal strength

    The flaw in this calculation (which is almost 100% correct and flawless and just plain lucky) is that armor points go to 16, but the maximum redstone strength is only 15. So, if you have a full diamond armor stand, it will go over by 1 signal strength. Every thing else is fine. Later I will be adding the calculations with weapons involved.

    So, really, why is this useful at all?

    • Allows for cool detection systems
    • Allows for interesting door locks and passwords
    • Allows for armor security systems to detect if something is gone (this is cool if you want a bait armor stand and then you make the person fall down a 50-block trap)
    • Allows for armor stands to interact with other devices, such as hidden passageways

    I have a picture of how the comparator thing would look like.
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    posted a message on Lightningstrikes turning guardians into elder guardians
    Hey, it's the small details in the game that counts. I don't see anyone trying to get a witch by standing around waiting for lightning to strike.


    I support this, but I don't like the iron block electricity thing. That could be turned into a mob head farm (well, a farm that is slightly more efficient than just random waiting) in the 14w30 snapshots.

    Also, Meropo, people would do this because elder guardians have better drops.
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    posted a message on Make gaurdians lazer charge faster! give them a faster attack speed!
    I think guardian attack speed should be dependent either on Set difficulty or chunk difficulty. If you don't know what I mean go check the wiki.
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    posted a message on [1.8/14w28b] TBG (TheBuildingGame) | REDSTONE MINIGAMES (Spleef, TBG, Hide, PvP!) | NO WHITELIST | MOST-ADVANCED Vanilla Server
    Hi there, it's Willingham.

    I just wanted to say that this server has really upped a lot of my downtimes, when I was at a builder's block in my singleplayer projects. I first noticed I couldn't connect to the server yesterday, and saw this thread today. Honestly, my was struck. It was a really good fun server, with brilliant minigames and marks everywhere that show a lot of work has been put into it. I'm really sad now, that the server where we were all happy to play on just closed. Worse, we were permanently closed...

    What I want to say is thanks for setting up this server in the first place, and putting the effort in doing so, regardless of how much bumps were along the road. If I were old enough to get my own credit card, I would gladly donate, perhaps even $100 and more if you need so. However, my parents oversee my bank account, and I know I speak for many others out there, just like the posts above me. They were already not so happy in paying for Minecraft accouts in the first place. It's really sad that you can't put it back up anymore, without the doubts of going through more financial-related problems.

    Nonetheless, I had an awesome time while it lasted. This was one of the few servers with a responsible crew, e.g., Minihilly, ARN64 and Toby, and a great community. I've enjoyed playing with many other people (shoutout to MDJ101) in all the games. Each game was greatly different from the next one, and playing rounds and rounds on end never went boring. I even remember smacking my head on a piano and getting it bloody after laughing so hard in TBG. Anyway, the skills of the builders of this server are genial, they've created games that have highly complicated things that are only possible with good people. I've shared laughs and conversations with many people on this server, and played and had epic moments in many of the games. This server has inspired me and helped me in my very on redstone-ing. This is one of the few good servers out there, with varied styles of (sometimes non-PvP related) minigames, with a responsible crew and mature community.

    Thank you for bringing a great group of people together, being extremely responsible, creating brilliantly-themed games which matched just what I always wanted and especially thank you all for making this server friendly and a homely place. I've seen all the time that newcomers have found this server amazing within minutes, and I know it's a good server if I have the top of my head bloody, in real life, while still laughing and having fun playing Minecraft without even getting a tissue to clean it.

    Rest in peace, TBG Server. I hope one day we can all get up a new server, and continue where we left off. I feel guilty of not coming for the last day that it was up.
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    posted a message on nerf fire resist potions
    No support!

    Definitely none!

    First off, let's get back to the original topic. Who IS going to want an obsolete half-resistance potion? If it's going to damage your armour like wet paper and prevent you from going too far into a lava lake, no one is really going to need it. So, much of your argument is that "Fire Resist Potions are OP, so nerf them" isn't supporting your main post. Are you giving a semi-good alternative that is reasonable and useful? Ask many players, you're not. Say, with this potion, you take 1 hit point of damage every few seconds. You would assume it's okay to walk around with half a heart left, but what if you get hit by a Blaze, or Ghast? If you DO get killed because your armour's durability wore off or you lost lots of health from the lava and the ensuing fire afterwards, lots of your stuff might get incinerated when you die.

    Do you really think people like the every-so-often jitter coming from a simple hit point lost because their potion sucked, or lost all their hunger for the same reason. There isn't much one can do with 3 minutes of fire resistance. Honestly, for many people, it takes over 3 minutes to fall "accidentally" into a pit of lava. And, will Fire Resistance prevent you from dying of fall damage if you hit Netherrack and potential item lost because you fell to far from the shore? I don't think so! Anyway, what if you DO get to your fortress and get cornered by a Blaze. Eventually, during your killing spree, your effect will run out. Afterwards, you'll have to get another short potion, drink while being tracked by blazes, Ghasts and wither skellies and get back in your fight.

    Secondly, how does it make you invincible in Nether Fortresses? How would a fire resistance potion protect from a wither-inducing skeleton? Or explosive Ghast? Sure, those who are noobs and haven't made their fortress a bit safer will find it useful, but you tend to not see lava or fire unless it somehow flooded the bridges or halls. In that case, you could use blocks to pass it, and that's the common instinct of most Minecrafters. Sure, Blazes are rendered helpless, but their Melee attack is still there, and other mobs still pose a threat.

    Lastly, we're assuming it's terribly easy to get Magma Cream. Admittedly, it is easy for me, due to my magma cube farms. But who would go through the trouble of making one for practical use? Surely it's much less time consuming and resource consuming to just find a Magma Cube, right? Magma Cubes are pretty rare, and your idea would only give us a few trips of resistance, and I've already explained why having that resistance isn't all that useful. Heck, even Nether mobs have that anyway! So what large advantage are you getting by punching a Pigman into lava?

    As for Slimeballs, many players (not me) are searching everywhere for Slimeballs. One might say you can get half a stack from a couple nights of swamp exploring, but there are those who need Sticky Pistons (and leads) for many builds! Ironically, I used up so many sticky pistons in my magma cube farm.

    In conclusion, fire resistance potions are fine the way they are.
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    posted a message on More Gamerules! [Over 300 supporters!]

    Honestly, 1.8 is the PERFECT time to put this in. This is one of the best mapmaking ideas around.
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    posted a message on Glass Door!
    Support! What advantages will it provide over the wood door other than aesthetics?
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