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    Well, if the witch was throwing regen potions it would be helping you because you would be regened and undead mobs take damage from healing stuff. No support, I'm fine with stuff on how it is now.

    Actually, no. Undead mobs do not take damage from REGENERATION. They take damage from healing; they are unaffected from regen.
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    Emerald stuff is over suggested, wishlist, and why would the endermen attack you? Also we have had enough people asking for daggers, and this is also very vague
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    Watch SethBling's latest Zelda Bomb video.
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    /effect @e clear. Put NBT tags.
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    Quote from DarkStar634

    Seems like a nice idea, and some of this is quite nice, but I don't like some other components. I would definitely support Zombie Sieges and some sorts of invasions. Some would also be hell to code.

    Partial support!

    Technically I'm not too sure. Personally, I have NO experience in coding, but Minecraft already has major coding break throughout. I think this includes:

    - Skeletons and Zombies knowing how to find shade and water
    - Mobs actually tracking the player
    - Mobs tracking other mobs
    - Mobs detecting long drops

    Quote from Arsnicthegreat

    Ok, No support for several reasons. First, mobs wearing capes? Teamed up? You have to remember that zombies are stupid by nature, i mean, they're mindless undead creatures. Most of these would make the game more difficult yes, but usually would just be a nuisance. I want a more difficult game that seems fun, while challenging. Plus, it would make regular jockeys redundant since now, apparently with this ideas, spiders just think "Oh, I'm gonna help ole' mister skele here." It's like you're making a justice league made up of evil mobs. I'd like an AI update, ad possibly more interactions between mobs, but this is just the wrong way to go about it. A 'Cape'? geez...

    You need to realize, how weird it would look in a minecraft world at night, there would be random mobs everywhere, and then a clump of random mobs in capes strutting toward the player's house. It doesn't fit.

    *Also, the second question in the poll is one sided. Add a "Sorry, I don't like any of the suggestions!" options, so you can get real feedback.

    Well, I feel that mobs feel a little singular. I do realize the cape idea is stupid, so I'll remove that. Anyway, I kind of wanted to make them be more, like sieges. And I don't feel it will make Spider Jockeys redundant, because the Skeleton will get off the Spider immediately after it gets to the top. If this idea seems to be going off course, I sort of can see. I also completely missed the one-sided thing. I'll change the post tomorrow or the day after when I have time.

    As for the suggestion, MUSHROOMSOCK, I think the Enderman creating barricades seems cool.

    Maybe the severity of the teamwork is based upon the set difficulty. I definitely feel this should be in Hardcore, though.
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    Support! What advantages will it provide over the wood door other than aesthetics?
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    Support! Simple, but cool idea. Every small change bring us closer to good Hoppers.
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    Really??? It is incredibly easy using the recipe data tags. Just copy and paste and add in the data values. No support.

    I cannot stress enough though. I realize the point of this idea is to make custom trading easier for people who aren't doing the mcedit or /summon short cut. But whoever doesn't use any of those paths definitely should NOT be creating an adventure map.
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    Yeah. Even though it may seem spammy, you'll need to do 1 topic per mob (I think that merging the two mummy ideas is okay, right?)

    Mummies seem redundant, though.
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    Well, I kind of wanted the idea to make sure the player knew which mobs were part of a team. I didn't really expect all the mobs in the world to do stuff, just in your surrounding chunks or so. Maybe a coat of arms? It's not needed, really.

    Although I would get pretty jealous if a Creeper has a cape and I don't because MineCon is in USA and Europe and etc.
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    Mob Teamwork
    Once you've beat the Ender Dragon and have 1 or 2 Beacons, the game is pretty much over. What you really want to do is make some huge aesthetic creation or Redstone device. You may even want to create an automated farm for everything (Enderman farm, Mushroom farm, Records farm, etc.)! However, the problem is that at this point in the game, there isn't much to stand in your way. So, I present this idea. Not everyone might like it, but I think it will bring back the mob challenge. New players may or may not find this good, but once you've killed the boss mobs, regular mobs just don't become a problem anymore, because your Sharpness V Diamond Sword just slices through them.
    So, I present this idea. Read the following paragraph and think about it.
    You come back from a mining spree with a stack of Iron Ore. You go back to your house and start smelting it. Then, you hear a Zombie banging on your front Iron Door. You see a Creeper pushing the Zombie away to try to get in. You stand directly on the other side of the door. You're SO close to the Creeper, but the Creeper just can't blow up because there is a door in the away. And since it's Iron, Zombies can't break it.Then you see a Witch outside your window. Then you laugh because it can't throw potions at you through the Glass Panes. And you see a Spider on your roof, trying to get through that 1 block hole you left. But too bad, because Spiders are 2 blocks by 2 blocks.As you can see, this is pathetic. For the mobs. Most mobs can fit through that 1 by 1 hole in your roof, but they can't get up there because they can't climb. Creepers can't do a darn thing when there is a block in the way, and practically all the mobs are just trying to get to you as close as they can. Little do they know with combined powers... they can!
    So let's begin with my idea! My idea is that occasionally a group of mobs will get together and use their powers and combine them to break into your house and kill you. This should only happen to players, which I will get to later on. Note: I ONLY want these changes to be used on the teamed mobs. Normal mobs that you see every night should remain as normal.After reading MUSHROOMSOCK's post, I think that it could also be possible for teams of two or triplets instead of hordes. However, my main thought was to make mobs work together as a horde-like force, although that make seem odd. Certain mobs do work better with others. I especially like the Enderman+Skeleton one, where Endermen can build barricades for their Skeleton counterparts. The idea of pairs or triplets seems plausible.

    Creeper :SSSS:
    The Creeper right now is hopeless if they can't get to you. Blocks that prevent are your walls, the door and pretty much every solid block. But that doesn't mean the Creeper can't track you down. Ever wonder why they hang around at your doors? They know you're there, but they can't get to you because there is a door in the way. If, however, the door is removed, the Creeper can explode without getting in. As long as there is an "Air block" between you and the Creeper, it can explode.What I want the Creeper's role in the team is to break the wall/door. It should allow the team's Creeper (not ordinary Creepers) to be able to blow up through the door. So, basically, if they can track you, than they will block up if you're in the radius. This prevents you from mocking them 1 block on the other side of a door. When it starts exploding, all surrounding mobs should run away from being killed in the explosion. This was partially added in the 1.8 snapshot 14w11a where Creepers would run from other flashing Creepers.

    Why this is not overpowered
    • Creepers don't do much damage to Iron Doors, and if the surrounding walls are made of easily-obtainable-with-a-diamond-pickaxe Obsidian, the mobs can only go through 1 opening, where they can be "spawn-killed".
    • Creepers SHOULD blow up from the other side of a door, because they can already track you down
    • Because there is a door in the way, the explosion would commonly cause no health damage to you
    • As long as you stay away from your front doors, which is generally what people do, it will be no problem
    • This would revive the use of piston doors; Creepers will not be able to see through the blocks in which the door is made of. And, the blocks usually have more blast resistance than Iron Doors (Iron Door: 25. Cobblestone: 30. End Stone: 45. Get it?)
    Zombies :Zombie:
    Zombies are probably the easiest mob to kill in the game. Despite their major buffs throughout 1.5 and 1.6, they are still melee, slow, lumbering mobs that try to get to you. Their main problem right now is a mob that pretty much every mob is getting, they can't get to you without getting hurt. Anyway, I think they can be improved.We all know Zombie sieges, right? They should happen on players. Not all Zombies should be like this. Just the ones that are part of the team. This could also be like a sort of "meat shield", which I imagine an unarmed zombie would be like. Zombies should be a bit more like a horde, and I think a "team" of zombies seems appropriate. Although, however, my team idea incorporates different mobs working together.

    Why this is not overpowered
    • Zombies spawning inside of houses isn't totally new, as long as players have defended a village at least once
    • Just like normal sieges, there should be a cap on the amount of zombies that can be spawned
    • Meat shields aren't always good; Skeletons won't be able to shoot, and they can push each other off ledges
    Skeleton :Skeleton:
    Skeletons don't have much to add, at least in my opinion. But, however, I think they should use blocks to their advantages. You know how in Star Wars those Storm Troops would hide and use sort of shields? Well, currently Skeletons enjoy shooting out in the open, which I think should change.What I DON'T think is necessary is having them crouch down, and then popping up to shoot. That's not exactly what I think is needed, as crawling on floors isn't exactly easy to program. What I intend to say is that they will hide behind a "barricade" and then pop out to shoot and go back in to avoid being shot themselves.

    Why this is not overpowered
    • Skeletons doing this can easily be murdered using around-the-corner tactic
    • Having friends, Iron Golems, Snow Golems and Wolves will all help make this strategy bad for Skeletons
    Witches are quite overpowered, already ya think? Well, I still kind of want to improve them. Currently, Witches can regenerate health, but even a spammed Wooden Sword can take them down. And, if you wait long enough, a couple of Steaks can be used to regenerate the poison.Ever wondered why these selfish Witches don't heal other mobs? Well, I think they should. They should be able to throw Regeneration I or II potions. I was originally thinking for them to throw Healing potions, but I realized that it would be kind of overpowered. They shouldn't be able to throw Harming potions at undead mobs, because Zombies are already respawning and becoming hordes.

    Why this is not overpowered
    • Their work is commonly undone; the Witches throwing Poison potions at you will most likely be affecting the hostilities around you
    • Regeneration takes time. The only time where it will become a real help to the baddies is if you take a break, allowing them to heal. But if you manage to get enough hits on the within a short amount of time, it won't exactly be useful to them
    • Undead mobs, mainly Zombies and Skeletons, comprise the bulk of the army, but they will not be getting the effect. This prevents the whole army from regenerating hundreds of hit points every few seconds accumulative
    Endermen, at the moment, don't have major roles in night time ambushes. They only spawn 1/10th as much as most other mobs and remain neutral. And their teleporting abilities often leave them despawning.What I think they should do is break/dismantle your walls down. It should take quite some time, but in the end, it will be quite dramatic. They should also be able to VERY slowly create stairways to the roof, although there is a drawback to their abilities. They will ONLY do this if they are hostile, you will have to provoke them.At the request of MUSHROOMSOCK, I think it would be cool for the Endermen to build barricades for the Skeletons. If you don't know what I mean, see the Skeleton section.

    Why this is not overpowered
    • ​You will have to aggravate the Enderman first, and that can be hard if you are inside your house
    • As I have said at the beginning of this post, this team-up should only happen if you are quite advanced into the game. Therefore, advanced players will be building houses (most commonly) out of Stone-, Wood-, Hardened Clay-, Obsidian-, Quartz-, Sandstone- and Brick-type blocks. None of these blocks are movable by Endermen. Also, most new players don't make houses out of TNT, Melons, Pumpkins, or other blocks movable by Endermen. I'm just afraid that they make houses out of Dirt, because those blocks are movable
    • Many players on SMP servers I play on don't have explicate balconies for the Endermen to build staircases to. Also, I expect that by the time they make a stairway to the roof, it would be day, and all the undead mobs who went up will have to get down to seek shade or water
    • The blocks the staircases are made out of are generally shovel-destroying blocks, because those are the only blocks Endermen can move. Destroying them will be relatively easy
    Spiders currently have 1 huge disadvantage; the are 2x2 in size. Well, this limits them from going down chimneys (Spider-claus!), through doors and up tunnels. However, they are the only mobs who can climb. Say you had a hole on the top of your house. Normal mobs can go through, but normal mobs can't get up there. Spiders can't go through, but spiders can get up there.I think Spiders should give themselves as a free mount to Skeletons. This won't create an authentic Spider Jockey, just a temporary one to transport the Skeleton up onto the roof. Then, the Skeleton would get off and the process would repeat. Normal Spider Jockeys should not dismount.

    Why this is not overpowered
    • Having Skeletons on the roof isn't always good for them, they will have to burn up there or seek shade to survive in daytime. To get off the roof, they will probably take fall damage
    • Most players don't have 1x1 holes in their roofs
    • Overhangs will still work
    When will this happen?
    If you don't know, Minecraft has 3 difficulty factors. Regional difficulty, set difficulty and moon phase difficulty. Go on the Minecraft Wiki if you don't know what these are. I don't think this should be based upon set difficulty (by choosing difficulty), rather it should be based on Regional difficulty or Moon phase, or both! Tell me what you think it should be based on. It should take time, given that new players won't last long when teamed upon.The amount of mobs that attack may be defined by the set difficulty.
    Well, thanks for reading! Have a nice day! :steve_joyous:

    Note: Sometimes the editing thing messes stuff up, so if you see the post having odd spoilers, please excuse me.
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    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but the problem is that comparator clocks are just lagging the game WAY too much. So I've created this PvP map sort of thing, where I needed a comparator clock (the one that pulses 10 times a second, second fastest clock in the game) to activate something. But for some reason, I started it and it lagged my game A LOT. Each frame took almost 6 or 7 seconds (1 Mississippi... 2 Mississippi... etc) and every time I try to fly towards the comparator clock to turn it off, which takes a LONG time, the game goes non-responsive. So I just save and quit to title or close the game. There is absolutely no way I could stop it. I haven't been able to reach the comparator clock now.

    What I don't understand is that usually I'm a 60 fps person, and before 14w11 snapshots came out, I was able to run a few of these at the same time without any problem.

    Any help? :(
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    Redstone itself looks limited, but that's the point. We don't need a "BUD" block, we make a BUD switch. Redstone isn't for tree punchers. It's for people who try. Now I'm not saying you don't try or you're bad at Redstone, but these ideas don't have as much potential for being useful as anything else. Basically, if you need a double-sided repeater.... Then just don't use a regular repeater! Make one yourself! SethBling showed off an idea for a double-sided repeater.

    If you feel Redstone is limited, then I'm guessing you're not exactly the best at logic computing. We don't need specific blocks to help us out. The point is the function of the machine, like the NOT Gate. Input is not what output is. We don't need a NOT Gate block. And when you combine NOT Gates and AND Gates and clock circuits and RSNOR Latches and BUD switches you get something that, well, explodes in awesomeness, depending on what you want to do.
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    posted a message on New gamerules: itemDurability and armorDurability
    I definitely agree with DarkStar. If you are too lazy to write an extra few lines of code for every /give command, then you definitely should NOT be making an adventure map for whatever that's used for.

    If you are just mad because they'll see the Unbreakable tag in the attributes when you hover over an item in your inventory, set HideFlags to 1. Note that HideFlags is a 1.8 snapshot NBT Tag, but 1.8 also introduced a bunch of more useful things for mapmaking, so start there.
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    posted a message on Iron Gates - What Iron Bars Have Been Missing All Along.
    Actually, I think that it should be 2 or 3 blocks tall, allows for some great cemetry-looking places or haunted houses.

    Definitely support.
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