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    Why do you want to join at all? I wold like to join this server is because I love playing with other people and make a close relationship (as friends). (Not like 400 people at a time but a few like 10~20...)
    What is your skype(if you don't want to share here, send it through using the MCF-Messanger)? My skype is Kang William
    What's your age? 14
    How much time do you spend online on a daily basis? Online is about 15 hours/ Minecraft 2-3
    How did you discover, and when did you start playing Minecraft? I discovered Minecraft when I first went to middle school, and I started to play when Minecraft was about 1.4.6
    Write a few paragraph story about your most memorable Minecraft experience, be it singleplayer, multiplayer, modded or not, we'd love to read it.
    So, to start with, I love playing Minecraft. It is easy, fun and it keeps updating when ever it starts to be boring. It is one of the factors that many other games miss. And that is why I have been playing this for so long. So, for singleplayer, I like to copy what other Youtubers are doing in their own world. This brings me into a new world where I can expand my creativity. I have done many buildings and have copied some buildings from the Youtubers. For multiplayer, I usually go on big servers where Youtubers play, because if I do not know what to do on that server, I could watch the video and learn what I could do. But from now on, I would like to stay preeminently in a small server like yours and have fun while making some friends. I did use some mods but they are not one by one pieced by me. Rather, it is a mod pack that is already made for me to use. This is most of the basic things I can tell you about me and Minecraft.

    Thank you for taking time to read my application~~!
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    posted a message on [Pi's the Limit Vanilla Whitelist Server] [Season 2] [A fresh start to 1.8]

    Part 1: Eligibility:[/b]

    [/b]Do you have a mic?: Yes I do I have beats audio and a mic

    Are you over the age of 15?: Yes I am I am 17 years old

    Would you anticipate remaining active and with the community?: For sure. I am love with SMP

    Part 2: Brief[/b]

    -Preferred name: will
    -Minecraft IGN: williamthek
    -Age: 17
    -Sex: Male
    -Timezone: South Korea
    -Top 3 favourite Minecraft Youtubers: Etho, Mumbo Jumbo, (If it has to be minecraft, the diamond minecart) (If it can be anything anklespankin
    -Playstyle: I am a miner in the beginning of the season or the world, but I become a builder. The speed of my building depends on what I have for school. Such as if there is finals going on, I will come in but will be able to play for like 10 to 15 min.
    -What version you started playing( Be sure to specify if its Beta, Alpha, etc.): I have started Minecraft when it was 1.4.6 I think
    -How well you consider yourself as a builder: From a scale of 1 to 10, I think I would be around 7~8.
    -What you believe you could bring to the community: I would love and strongly believe new ideas of cool and fresh structures.
    -Interest in Casual PvP: Yes I am unless it is a sudden PvP such as when I am building. For the PvP, i would like to have the game that Etho has made on Hermitcraft. (I believe) The game goes like this. One person can press a button to get a sword that has the name of a person and it is ok to kill that person.
    -Approximate hours a week you would expect to play: A week? oh man A lot!! At the least I will be able to play 7or 8 hours every week.
    -Comfortable with skyping people?: Yeah for sure.

    Part 3: Brief paragraph of why to consider you[/b]
    I think that you should consider me as one of the members of your team or your crew because first of all I haven't been banned from any servers! on my Minecraft mutiplayer, I have more then 20 servers on, but I have not been banned at all yet. Also I am able to bring fresh air in to this server by not only the buildings but also, with redstone and such. The last thing is that I am very open minded. I like to take points from others and think gracefully. Meaning that I do not want to fight a against others, and try to take it in.
    Part 4: Some proof of concept of building:[/b]

    -Could be an Imgur collection, youtube video, of your own, showcasing build/s (please leave a link to a video showcasing builds), any way of showcasing some of the builds you are most proud of.
    -No downloads please.http://imgur.com/uPhU9C0,Hm8bJQB,fB1ACqc,YpwuWHO#3

    This was my latest house of mine. :)

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    posted a message on Vanilla Mindcrack like server
    IGN: williamthek

    Age: 23

    Skype: Do I need one?

    Youtube Channel if you plan to record: williamthek (something after like games)

    What country are you located in?: South Korea

    Favourite block in Minecraft? Glowstone
    IGN: williamthek

    Age: 23

    Skype: Pls Msg me

    Youtube Channel if you plan to record: williamthek(something after)

    What country are you located in?: South Korea

    Favourite block in Minecraft? Glowstone
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    posted a message on BoozleCraft - Map Reset [Vanilla] [Small Community] [Survival] [CLOSED]
    1. In-game name: williamthek
    2. Age: 17
    3. Time-Zone: UTC+09:00
    4. # years experience playing Minecraft: about 4 years now
    5. Specialties [Building, Redstone, etc.]: building
    6. How often will you be on the server?: I play at least once a day
    7. Have you ever been banned from another server? If so, why?: Nope
    8. Do you stream or youtube?: Not at the moment
    9. Do you agree to follow all rules? Yes
    Thank you for reading my post
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    posted a message on *Mindcrack Like* A Decade Of Statues SMP Server Accepting Applications Ages: 16+
    Want to play on a friendly, mature 24/7 server without fear of thieves or griefers? Apply now to join us!

    IGN: williamthek

    Age: 17

    How long have you been playing and whats your favorite part of Minecraft?: about when 1.4.1 came out and I love mining with building

    How often will you be able to play?: almost everyday

    Rate your building potential on a scale of One to Ten (Ten being the best): I think i am 8

    Whats your area of expertise? (ie Builder, Miner, Redstoner,etc.): I am a most of a Miner

    What kind of player are you? A loner? Community? (Theres no wrong answer): I am a community player becauseI love playing with people

    Have you ever been banned for any reason? (Yes doesnt automatically mean you wont be accepted): I have not been banned from any servers
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