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    Quote from breebre

    So what you are saying is; no one really has any right to complain about anything in Minecraft simply because you don't have to do it.

    You obviously have NO idea how analogy's work. You don't sit there for 5 days playing a single hand of poker.

    I am not being immature or self-centred. Even others in this thread have agreed that this system is utterly flawed. Do you even read these forums? The Enchanting system (and consequently the Leveling system) are not well done, and everyone who has any experience with it knows it.

    The system is flawed, but that still doesn't mean you had to sit there for 5 days grinding, only then to complain you didn't get what you want. You should have done a little more research before hand.

    The enchanting system is a good example of risk vs reward, although I do agree it could be bit more developed.
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    That's a nice mushroom you got there.

    Would be a shame if something happened to it.
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    has anyone noticed that it is almost impossible to find a rose since 1.8,all i can find are yellow flowers. is this just me or are other people not able to find roses,i want a backyard garden.

    I think this is just you. There are roses everywhere.
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