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    That is not a bug :D You need to install modules into the drone for it to be able to move

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    There are 46,913,768,005,632 different drone combinations you can create!

    Are companions with 2 legs and 2 arms too boring?
    Are you sick of having just 36 inventory slots, but TOO MANY ITEMS TO CARRY?
    Are you tired of not knowing if there are monsters around you when you are digging for 'em diamonds?
    Do you want to have A FLYING ROBOT COMPANION THAT CAN SHOOT kind-of-LASER????
    Then you need a CustomDrone!


    This mod aims to add fully functioning drones to aid the lovely players (that's you) with all kinds of stuffs, from simple tasks like collecting dropped items, carrying items around like a flying backpack, and shooting at monsters to bizarre tasks like scanning the environment for ores and monsters, picking up mobs or even picking up yourself and fly around, and maybe one day teleport like an Enderman.
    Or maybe you can start a race with your fellow friends to see who can fly a drone better and faster?
    The possibilities are almost endless with drones. In fact, it goes around 46,913,768,005,632 possible drones, down to the very specific abilities that you can install to each of your drone. And that number will continue to rise.
    So why not get yourself a drone and fly 'em



    A pretty simple showcase showing what this mod is somewhat about :D


    My drone picking me up and flying me My drone following me when I
    My drone shooting down a bad spider
    My drone picking up a cow
    My drone bringing such cow up high


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    v1.2.0 updated!


    -Mining and Protecting modules functional, obtainable in non-creative modes (because recipes available)

    -Added model and color customization using Painter and Screw

    -Added a new model: Uni-wing

    -Added color palette - use palette to recolor your whole drone, or color the drone part by part

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    Quote from soccerguy3»

    The mod needs better Docs and examples of how to ... .

    How do you break the drone ? where is the hit box ?

    how do you pick up stuff ? How do you get it to pick you up ?

    Only a level 1 drone is available in creative , can you add the other 3 ?

    So far I can fly the drone via the cross hair and I'm surprised I got the far . seriously you need a Doc page

    Indeed i am making one, it is just taking lots of time while i'm not having as much as I should have
    Please be patient
    Thanks :D

    BTW do you happen to know a good way to have a doc page? wiki or something?

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    Update 1.0.3 is out!!


    For Minecraft 1.10.2 - tested with Forge 1.10.2-
    CustomDrones 1.0.3
    For Minecraft 1.9.4 - tested with Forge 1.9.4-
    CustomDrones 1.0.3
    For Minecraft 1.8.9 - tested with Forge 1.8.9-
    CustomDrones 1.0.3


    -Fixed server crash, again!
    -Crafter now craft stuffs for free if you are in creative mode.
    -Drone size smaller, now they can fit in a block.

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    Dear lovely readers,

    This mod has gone official

    You can find the thread here


    This is a WIP forum post about my upcoming mod - CustomDrones (a more catchy name for the mod maybe? :D)

    Here there will be progress updates, asking for suggestions and public vote on what will be the best thing.

    These drones will revolutionize the way transportation, automation, and companionship is done in Minecraft!

    First let's see some screenshots of V0.1

    Fully functional wings (which means they rotate xD), awesome flying mechanism.

    Although no texture yet.

    Here comes V0.2 images and new implementations

    Drones now have gui, custom texture, custom crafting using the very basic craft bench, and basic customizability!!!!!!!

    V0.2 images

    A textured drone - Full emerald level, try to look closer as drones seem much cooler when you look closely.

    Drone GUI

    Shows a lot of information about the drone!!! maybe even too much??

    You can install mods (but they do nothing for now) and later you will also be able to repair drones using ingots and gems,...so on, lots of items to be usable for drones


    Put some engines, some casings, a chip, and a core of any level in the same matrix and you will have a customized drone. Or use the creative inventory.

    Future plans (which are being implemented right now, so actually they should be called "now plans")

    Items transportation, mobs transportation, players transportation (yes, you can fly with it), automatic path making, environment scanning (ore scan, monsters scan,...) offensive behavior (shooting monsters?), auto item storage, solar powered drones, modules,....

    These drones will revolutionize the way automation is done in Minecraft!

    What you can do now with the drones?

    For now, just flying them around and hitting the cows with them xD

    Seriously, you can do that!

    There is an item that helps you control the drone. Hold the item, right click to switch between modes, and fly 'em!

    Or you can let them fly with you in creative mode, see who flies faster!

    If there are suggestions to improve the model as well as the texture and the functions of the drones, I'm eager to hear them out.

    If you want to try playing the drones for fun, here's the download

    -Tested with Forge



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    Update 1.0.1 is out!!


    For Minecraft 1.8.9 CustomDrones 1.0.1
    For Minecraft 1.9.4 CustomDrones 1.0.1

    For Minecraft 1.10.2 CustomDrones 1.0.1


    -Fixed Crafter giving 1 stack each craft instead of 1 item

    -Fixed drone's wings rotation calculation. Previously it could spin too fast that it looks like it is not spinning at all

    -Fixed being able to install modules when there is no more module slots

    -Fixed battery saving mod's screen showing wrong battery consumption when used with solar power or heat power mods

    -Removed the drone itself from scanning by Scan modules

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    Official Minegicka 3 website and dedicated server
    Detailed Minegicka 3 guides

    Minegicka 3 is the successor of Minegicka 1 and 2, but is, and will always be, bigger than both, in terms of features and performance.
    Minegicka is a mod that brings the core mechanic of Magicka - unlimited spell combination, into Minecraft along with a lot of other features exclusive to the mod.

    With 8 elements in Minegicka to start with, you can create more than a quadrillion spells, furthermore, there are magicks that are some special element combination which have unique effects that will be useful in multiple situations throughout the game. Have enough magical knowledge and you can kill the ender dragon or the wither with a single strike of magic.

    But that's not all, there are a great variety of equipment to choose from, tons of staves, stacks of hat, each has it's own effect, either defensive or offensive, some can give you resistance to lightning strikes while some can deflect arrows that shoot at you.
    Still the customization does not end there. Comes with Minegicka 3 is a Staff Enchanting System (SES for short) that allows every staff to be customized the way its owner wants. Increase power, lower mana consuming rate, boost life efficiency,... honestly even the sky is not the limit.

    Survival and PvP will never be the same, I guarantee that! Kill others with Arcane mines, light up portals with Fire sprays, or simply heal your wolf with Life beams from 100 blocks away while he constantly chases and rips monsters' butt off, Minegicka promises to bring a whole new way of life into Minecraft!

    What are you waiting for?! Let's get the mod now!


    No videos are available yet, would you be kind and make a spotlight for the mod? I'll be very grateful :D

    (Recommend Forge or higher)
    - v1.0.0 for MC 1.7.10: DOWNLOAD
    - v0.1.1 for MC 1.7.2: DOWNLOAD

    What is a(an) / are...?
    -Element: Fire or Water or Arcane or whatsoever-image-in-a-circular-frame. Each of them is an element.
    -Spell: A spell is a combination of elements, and then cast by using a staff.
    -Magick: A Magick is a special combination of elements, and then cast by pressing the "Cast Magick" button.
    -Thingy: Originally named "Magical Thing of Nothingness", is the most essential thing used to craft every other thing in Minegicka
    -Ice and Steam elements: they are 2 advanced elements, queued by combining Water and Cold or Water and Fire in the queue bar, there is no need to unlock Ice and Steam, they are "unlocked" by default

    What are the buttons to cast?
    -Right click staff to do a directional cast
    -Right click staff while sneaking to do an area cast
    -Left click staff to do a self-cast
    -Press R to cast magick
    -Press R while sneaking to clear the queued elements

    How do I get the first Thingy?
    -You kill mobs (monsters and animals), the drop chance is approximately 3% chance per killed mob to drop a thingy. Or you can find mages, they usually drop 0-4 thingys,

    What is the first thing I should make?
    -The freaking Magical Craft Station. From then on you'll hate the vanilla crafting system.

    How do I unlock elements?
    -Craft the essences, and "eat" them.

    How do I unlock Magicks?
    -Craft a Magickpedia, it's where you will unlock magicks and understand how they work.

    How do I cast a spell?
    -Unlock some elements
    -Queue the elements
    -Make sure you have mana
    -Hold a staff
    -Right click (normal cast), or sneak-right click (area cast), or left click (self cast)

    How do I cast an area spell?
    -Sneak why you use a staff

    How do I self-cast a spell?
    -Left click instead of right click

    How do I cast a magick?
    -You must have the magick unlocked. Queue the exact element combination and press the "Cast Magick" button, defaulted to the R key.

    What are the differences between a spell and a magick?
    -A spell is cast by right-clicking / left-clicking a staff.
    -A magick is cast by pressing the "Cast Magick" button.
    -Every element combination can be cast into a spell, but only a few can be cast into magick.
    -For example, Water + Shield cast as Magick will behave differently than Water + Shield cast as a spell. See for yourself.

    Cast magick / Clear queue?
    -Defaulted to button R. Press it to cast magick, or sneak while pressing the button to clear all the queued elements
    -This was implemented as a way to reduce button count from 11 to 9, the other button was "Area cast" button

    How do I get hats?
    -You can craft them in the crafting station, start with getting some leathers and a thingy.

    How do I enchant staves?
    -Make a Staff Enchanting Table, either use vanilla crafting or use the Magical Crafting Station.
    -Open it, select the staff, pick the ingredient combination, press Enchant, and voila!

    You can find detailed guides for Minegicka 3 here
    Getting started
    If you are new to the mod, here are the things you will want to do first.

    -Go kill some monsters, if you are lucky they will drop a Thingy, or you can go around a find some mages, strong they are, but there's a much higher chance that you will get the item.
    -Craft yourself a Magical Crafting Station, from then on you can craft any item in the mod with a single click! You'll soon hate vanilla crafting

    -Craft some more thingys, craft some sticks, craft a staff, wield it, and viola, you are a wizard now!
    -Now you need to unlock elements. Gather the materials and craft the essences, consume them, there you have unlocked your first element!
    -You don't stop there, you craft the magickpedia, unlock the magicks, craft better staves, enchant your staff, craft a wizard hat, ready your mind and let's set out to kill Eighty-eight Eight.
    Spells: here are some example of the spells available in Minegicka 3, the spells are countless, each combination of elements gives a different spell output

    Systems: magical crafting station, staff enchanting table, magickpedia,...
    With a few mouse clicks, you'll be crafting stacks of items without having to remember the exact recipe

    Staff enchanting is a powerful system that allows every staff to be as powerful as it can be

    There's no way you will remember every magick combination
    Monsters: from the inferior mage to the exquisite Eighty-eight Eight
    The stupid mage, who wanders around the land without exact direction.
    He who can use several sprays, lightning and beam spells.

    Eighty-eight Eight, 888 health, spawns at y=188 in it's tower located anywhere with (x,z) as (?888, ?888)
    Extremely powerful and dangerous, will kill every poor-prepared wizard with a single beam of arcane. Don't even dare to go up there unless you have strong teammates or are well-prepared with supreme spell-power and means of protection

    1.0.0 - 27/7/2014
    First release

    -And a whole bunch of things

    Related links
    Official Minegicka 3 website and server: http://minegicka.enjin.com/
    Our server is website is managed by me and hemmy, hemmy has been a great help since the early development of Minegicka 3, and will continue to support the mod diligently. Any where you see hemmy's word, it's either correct or something we discussed about before actually putting into the mod.
    My patreon link, I'll be glad if you can support me there: http://www.patreon.com/williamle

    Minegicka 3 is owned by WilliamLe(me) only.
    Honestly there's no easy way that I can do to force you guys not to use my mod in your mod pack, private or public, but you are not allowed to distribute modified version of the mod and you must distribute the download links from this site or distribute no download link at all, unless given permission by me.
    Only this thread on minecraftforum.net and minegicka.enjin.com are the places that officially support the promotion of Minegicka 3. Watch out for fake links and sites.

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    Quote from BadBoy6767
    I am a big fan of Magicka, and this made me fangirl :D,

    also, is there a way to install this on a mcforge server, if so how do i do it? (i managed to install it for the client)

    You can use Cauldron, if you want both forge mods and plugin, which is what our server is using for Minegicka 3 server
    Get it here
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    Latest version: Minegicka 3
    For all you who don't know, Minegicka is a mod that brings the elements of Magicka, a game created by Paradox, also with many non-Magicka-but-magical stuffs into the world of Minecraft. Craft staves, conjure spells, cast magicks, and so much more that you can do with this mod. Minegicka has been complete rewritten from scratch into a whole new Minegicka II for Minecraft 1.6. So wait no longer, get your staff ready and let's SPELL THEM ALL MONSTERS!Even though Minegicka II is out of it's beta stage, it's still in early stages and there is an endless list of things that i will add to the mod.Also, Minegicka is by no means trying to compete with other magic mods. They can just simply work together, flawlessly.

    Feel free to do your own spotlight :DDownloadMinegicka II 1.4.3for MC1.6.4: DownloadMinegicka II 1.4.3for MC1.5.2: Download
    Minegicka II 1.4.2for MC1.6.4: DownloadMinegicka II 1.4.2for MC1.5.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.4.1for MC1.6.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.4.1for MC1.5.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.4.0for MC1.6.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.4.0for MC1.5.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.3.0for MC1.6.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.3.0for MC1.5.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.2.3for MC1.6.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.2.3for MC1.5.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.2.2for MC1.6.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.2.2for MC1.5.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.2.1for MC1.6.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.2.1for MC1.5.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.2.0for MC1.6.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.2.0for MC1.5.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.1.1for MC1.6.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.1.0for MC1.6.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.0.1for MC1.6.2: DownloadMinegicka II 1.0.0 for MC1.6.2: DownloadMinegicka II beta9 for MC1.5.2 : Download
    1.4.3:-Fixed not being able to place a chest above generator to collect dusts-Fixed blocks next to catcher being rendered wrongly-Fixed nether star recipe not being nerfed-Increase transportal mana cost, not you need a staff that has a MCR of at most 0.66 to be able to cast the magick1.4.2:-When crafting a nether star, 98% there will be an explosion and nothing will come out-Add Generator Catcher - additional to Dust Generator-Generators can now be deactivated with redstone signal-To make a generator work, there has to be a Generator Catcher within 64 blocks above the generator, the higher the Catcher, the faster the generating speed. And there has to be nothing between the 2 blocks or the beam will be disrupted and no generating progress could be done-Add 4 more magicks-Fix key config not saved-Fix generators doesnt have texture-Fix steam not extinguishing fire-Fix cold feet ability replacing some non-solid blocks-Fix beam not causing damage1.4.1-Fixed mod not usable with dedicated servers-Fixed sounds not working1.4.0-Added sound, not guaranteed to work with 1.5.2 versions-Fixed crash with MCPC server, need confirmation-Fixed lightning staff crashes servers-Sprays now will also interact with untouchable blocks (like fire) when passing through them-Nerfed fire spray1.3.0+Improve beams and lightning attacking proc.+Add mana staff and power staff+Add star dust, used to craft mana staff, power staff and nether star+Add finding orb, explosion, mass explosion, balance health, defuse, shoot, deleaf magicks1.2.3+Fixed sprays, projectile bugs+Fixed Vec3 related bug, again+Fixed teleport crashes the game1.2.2+Fixed staff out of hand - bug+Fixed sprays crashing for MC1.5.2+Fixed shields not disappearing - still need further confirmation from users+Fixed flying staff crashes servers - also need confirmation1.2.1+Fixed spells not cast-able+Spells won't get casted if the caster doesn't have enough mana, just like Magicks1.2.0+Fixed teleport magick bug+Added growth, arrow rampage magick+Buffed shield staff to deflect/reflect projectiles more efficiently+Magicks now won't get casted if you don't have enough mana point1.1.1:+Fixed server lightning crash+Fixed server opening magik book crash+Added some more magicks: Invisibility, Teleport, Vortex1.1.0:+Epic staff just got more EPIC, with 6 spell queue slots!!!+Works with dedicated servers now!+Fixed water spray not really pushing entities+Fixed area lightning does not disappear when player stop casting+Fixed life spells doesn't show particle+Fixed beams bounding box glitch where you have to aim low+Tweaked sprays and projectile bounding boxes+Area lightning now properly shows as area cast when there's no target1.0.1: fixed magik book crashes the game when open1.0.0: first revival official release
    1. Get Minecraft 1.6.22. Install Minecraft Forge for Minecraft (recommended version suggested)(Optional) (3. Let Minecraft run once for bug checking)4. Drop Minegicka II x.x.x.zip into mods folder5. SPELLS AND MAGICKS!!!!!!

    FeaturesMust read - FAQI will ignore every reply saying "blablabla......minecraft crashes" without the crash log.
    Quote from »
    Q: Why doesn't my catcher work?A:-To make a generator work, there has to be a Generator Catcher within 64 blocks above the generator, the higher the Catcher, the faster the generating speed. And there has to be nothing between the 2 blocks or the beam will be disrupted and no generating progress could be doneQ: May I use Minegicka II in my mod pack?A: For public mod packs, you can only have Minegicka II beta versions in it, and no monetizing.A: For private packs, well, they're private, like i'll ever get to know them xDQ: My game crashed.... and i don't know why.....HELP!!!!!A: Though I am the mighty creator of this mod, i need the crash log to work with, upload it.Q: What do I do first?A: Kill monsters, get dust, make a Magik Book, and read it. READ IT ALL.Q: I haven't played Magicka, how do i start? how do i cast spells? how to make staves????A: Read. The. Magik. Book. and also this thread.Q: Why is the drop rate for magik dust soooooo damn lowA: Because things are hard at first. Get enough dust to make a generator and 1 more to be the "fuel", that'll be your main way to get dusts.Q: How do I cast Magicks? (the combinations you see in the Magik book)A: Queue the correct combination, then press F (configurable in the game's button config screen)Q: How do I cast area spells?A: Queue elements as usual, then hold R while casting (also configurable)Q: Why is the Epic staff so expensive?A: It's EPIC! That's why.Q: I have finished reading the FAQ, what do I do next?A: Check out the story, spells, staves and most important, the basics. Then play the game.Story
    From 1.4.2."To make a generator work, there has to be a Generator Catcher within 64 blocks above the generator, the higher the Catcher, the faster the generating speed. And there has to be nothing between the 2 blocks or the beam will be disrupted and no generating progress could be done"
    Since 1.4.2 there's only 2% chance of successfully craft a nether star, the other 98% will cause an explosion where the crafter is 1.4.2 new recipe for Catcher1.3.0 new recipes1.0.0 recipes
    -Will spawn occasionally when an altar disappear-On hit will have a chance to drop itself-Fly randomly, it takes lots of training to be able to capture one, or lots of luck
    Staves' unique abilities
    "A:" this means ACTIVE"P:" this means PASSIVEStaves' unique active ability will be casted when there's no element queued in the queue bar and the player uses the staff. If not in creative mode, cooldown is applied.Passive ability will always happen when player holds the staff-Fire staff: shoot fireball ; fire immunity-Water staff: transform moving water into still water ; water breathing-Cold staff: cause nearby entities to have slower moving speed ; slowness immunity to-Steam staff: push entities away ; slower falling speed, no fall damage, just like chicken-Life staff: heal nearby entities excluding the caster ; holder has health generating-Ice staff: freeze water ; set snow on the block the holder is walking on-Shield staff: target projectiles back to its shooter ; deflect projectiles-Lightning staff: cast lightning ; randomly damage a wet entity nearby-Arcane staff: choose 1 random entity nearby, including the holder, and deal massive damage ; randomly damage a nearby entity-Earth staff: pull flying entities downward ; gives damage resistance
    Cast Magicks by pressing F when you see the magick's name appear.-Haste : increase moving speed - speed and duration increase with staff's power-Confuse : cause nearby mobs to target random each other (including animals, non-hostile mobs,...) - range increase with staff's power-Rain : rain-Nulify : remove weather, delete nearby shields, mines, walls, storms, lightning, remove nearby entities' potion effects, fire and fall damage - range increase with staff's power-Thunderbolt : cast "lightning bolt" where the caster is looking at - range increase with staff's power-Tractor pull : pull nearby entities toward caster - range increase with staff's power-Uber thunder : cast "lightning bolt" on nearby entities - range increase with staff's power-Teleport : teleport - max range increase with staff's power-Invisbility : invisibility - duration increase with staff's power-Vortex : creates a vortex that'll suck all nearby blocks and entities - sucking radius increase with staff's power-Growth : cast the bone-mean-effect on all nearby blocks - radius increase with staff's power-Arrow Rampage : shoot arrow toward nearby entities, and to the sky - radius and arrows' speed increase with staff's power-Transportal : teleport caster and nearby living entities to nether if is on surface, and to surface if is in any other dimension - radius increase with staff's power-Finding Orbs : spawn orbs that would fly to nearby ores - grey color, animals - green color, monsters - red color and other players - blue color, orbs' searching range increase with staff's power-Explosion : cast explosion where the caster is looking - reach and power increase with staff's power-Mass Explosion : cast explosions around the caster - range and power increase with staff's power-Shoot : shoot entities nearby toward caster's looking direction - speed increases with staff's power-Defuse : disable nearby triggered TNT, with a chance of turning them back to TNT block - chance and range increase with staff's power-Deleaf : cause nearby leaves to instantly decay - range increase with staff's power-Balance Health : equalize the caster's health with the entity he's looking at - reach increases with staff's power-Extinguishing : extinguish nearby fire-Flame-on : set nearby blocks on fire-Ice Field : freeze nearby water and nearby leaves-Dirt Field : turn nearby grass into dirt and dirt into tilted farmland
    To-do list
    http://www.minecraft...0#entry26860210-Add hats, lots of wearable hats, with effects/buffs/boost-Fix allllllll bugs-Add monsters, boss, dimension (yes that's why we have a story)-Add more staves-Add more magicks-Add sounds-Make player shout when cast spells
    Unfixed bugs
    -Altar generation sometimes conflict with other mods' dimensions

    [quote]Description: Exception getting block type in worldjava.lang.NullPointerExceptionat willeze.minegicka.managings.WorldGenerator.setBlockAndSaveOldBlock(WorldGenerator.java:103)

    -Lightning strike entities occasionally will cause crash

    java.lang.NullPointerExceptionat net.minecraft.util.EntityDamageSource.func_76360_b(SourceFile:32)at net.minecraft.util.CombatTracker.func_94546_b(SourceFile:91)at net.minecraft.entity.player.EntityPlayerMP.func_70645_a(EntityPlayerMP.java:387)at net.minecraft.entity.EntityLivingBase.func_70097_a(EntityLivingBase.java:951)at net.minecraft.entity.player.EntityPlayer.func_70097_a(EntityPlayer.java:1129)at net.minecraft.entity.player.EntityPlayerMP.func_70097_a(EntityPlayerMP.java:466)at willeze.minegicka.stuffs.spellentities.EntityLightning.lightningAt(EntityLightning.java:255)

    No more copyright for Minegicka 2. Anyone can use it, distribute it, modify it at will.

    SupportThank you all supporters in the WIP section for supporting this mod through it's beta rewriting stage. Without you guys, Magick will never be reborn in the world of Steve.Especially, thank you StormPaladin for the amazing story.I'd love to be able to receive donation from you guys :D That really helps me to be able to keep my full interest and time into this mod, also, by any chance, i might host a minecraft server with that money, with minegicka being the main mod.
    FatsackTony - 5$
    Support Minegicka by using this banner and link to this page. Cheers![represent]
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