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    Quote from MegaManGeoAce

    For my other vote
    maybe there should be things like deployable homes/tents, and you can build a house, but takes a certain amount of time after building it. you basically go into creative, build the house in the permmitted plot/create a plot with rope, bring the materials, and after a while, the house is built. you can always customize the interior though :P (but you need to bring the things too durp)

    That's a bad idea to let the common player into creative. When given access, people tend to take items and things of worth with it, either keeping them right out, or stashing them somewhere for safe keeping until they think they're safe from accusation. I've dealt with it on a few occasions, one of my builders on an old server tried to do just that.
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    In Game Name: Willhellm
    Age: 23
    Gender: male
    Time zone: USA eastern (-5:00)
    Have you played any Fallout games? Which one(s): Fallout 1, 3, FNV. As well as extensive fallout lore research
    Why do you want to play on this server? I’m bored, feel like making a character I’d want to play.
    Did you read the rules? Yep
    Have you read the lore? mhmm

    Name: Isaac Clarke
    Race: Ghoul
    Age: 197
    Gender: Male
    Character's signifying traits and attributes: His flesh is falling off, his age leaves him pretty knowledgeable
    (Just like in the game, you have 40 points to add to whoever categories you choose):
    RP Scenario: (Use the scenario written below)
    Time: 3:18 P.M.
    Location: 27 miles South of Columbus.
    As you're walking north along a desolate highway to a few hundred meters ahead you can see 2 large black birds circling in the sky, to the east a few miles off large thunderheads can be seen. Hopeful to avoid the storm you begin to walk a bit more briskly scanning your area to find shelter from the rain. You observe a small light grey smoke plume coming from the median of the highway only a couple hundred meters away. Before approaching the scene you take a quick look in your bag (below is a list of your items). As you approach the scene you can see that it is a Summit Trading Company Caravan that has been hit, the merchant lies dead near a slaughtered Brahman blood covers his clothing and a box of items is scattered near him. Of the two guards, one lies near a jersey barrier; empty shell casings from the cowboy repeater are scattered around the body. The other guard is struggling to pull himself upright using the one of the carts wheels, his leg has been blown off below the shin and is now nothing but a bloody mix of singed skin and asphalt.
    Bag contents:
    1x 10mm Pistol
    7x 10mm Pistol rounds
    1x bottle of dirty water
    2x mentants
    1x salisbury steak
    1x Squirrel on a stick
    1x small radio (working)
    1x stimpak
    1x Half-used first aid kit (missing supplies)
    What do you do?:

    It was hot. The kind of hot you usually only feel during the summer, thunderheads loomed threateningly to the east, causing an unusual humidity. Like stepping through a radioactive beast’s jaws. You wouldn’t think it hot in Ohio this time of year, back before the war the air would have been crisp and our minds filled with thoughts of ghosts and goblins, pumpkin pies, candies, football, maybe even starting to think about Christmas. But that was years ago, over 200 years ago now if we wanted to get into the nitty-gritty. Isaac sighed. “Oh how the years go by.” These days it was either a blistering nightmare of sun and scorched earth or a titanic radioactive blizzard, today was different. It was going to be a sultry mix of the two, hot radioactive water and violent lightning was coming. It wouldn’t be too bad on him, the water would revitalize what was left of his taunt necrotic skin, and the radioactive water would feel good, still irritating though. He continued to trudge on, flipping his hood up to try and stay a little cooler until the rain hit.

    He had heard gunfire a little while ago, not that it mattered, and rival gangs shot up each other on route 23 all the time. But as he continued towards Circleville the plume of smoke came into view judging by the coloring of the smoke the fire was beginning to dwindle. Whoever won the battle is long gone by now, probably safe to scavenge. He thought to himself noting the birds circling above.

    It was a grisly sight to behold; 2 dead, Brahmin guts everywhere. It was difficult to tell where the caravaners ended and the Brahmin began. There wasn’t much left, outside of some spent shell casings and what looked like slag from a plasma weapon. It was a shame, Isaac was running low on supplies. He sighed again, damn raiders could have at least left me something.

    As he was about to leave something coughed and sputtered to agonizing awareness, there was another man to the other side of the Brahmin. How he missed him he couldn’t even tell, the guard was splattered and caked with blood and fluids of every kind glistening the inky black of drying blood. Isaac skulked over to the guard to see what happen, the guard was in worse shape than he initially looked, one of his legs was completely gone from the knee down. “Well ­.”

    The guard sputtered some more. “Help m- *cough*” His eyes slammed shut as the coughing spasm wracked his body with pain. “My leg, stop the *cough cough* bleeding.”

    Isaac looked at the leg, and shook his head. “Sorry pal, not much I can do for that.” Pulling a handgun from its holster. “I can’t risk it, you’ll slow me down. Hope you understand.” He said, with a lopsided rotting smile. He looked around for something to silence the shot, when he couldn’t find any he settled on the guard’s arm. The guard tried to fight back, but in his condition wasn’t a chance. Settling the gun and arm in place, Isaac made a hushing sound and pulled the trigger. The guard’s head rocked back as the bullet made its way to the brain, silencing him for good.

    Isaac looted the guard for what little he had on him, and did one last search of the raided area stripping it of whatever good might have been left, then continued on with his travels. Hey, the ends always justify the means.

    Character biography (At LEAST 2 paragraphs):

    Isaac was born before the war in 2045, he was lived a regular Joe life in his picturesque fishing town somewhere along the border of lake Eire. At a young age he took up fishing with his father, and they often took to the lake for days at a time when not at school. School was average, he did his work and left keeping mainly to himself. Isaac grew up mostly alone, it was a small town and he would rather spend his time fishing than playing with the local kids, but as he grew up and had to get a job. He ended up working for a hatchery not too far from town and met his future wife.

    When his father died it was tough on Isaac, he ended up spending a lot of time alone on his fishing boat, leaving his wife alone with a new born. Eventually he did get over the death of his father, and began the cycle anew. Things with the war began to get hairy and the threat of bombs loomed ever closer Isaac took his family aboard his fishing boat and they lived on it for several days. And then it happen, they saw the bombs drop while they were on the lake, miles away the shock waves could still be felt destroying Cleveland, even Detroit was visibly destroyed from the lake.

    The boat was both his savior and his destruction, it saved his family from being torn apart at the sub atomic level, but the fallout left them all sick, within agonizing weeks his child and wife slowly died as radiation ate away at them from the inside and out while he somehow maintained to appear to keep his health. Isaac did what he could to ease their suffering but there wasn’t much he could do. His hair began to fall out and skin blister. “This is it, I’m finally succumbing” he thought, days passed, days turned into weeks and yet he suffered, longer than the rest of his family. Eventually Isaac returned to the land, and one final trip to his home gathering what supplies he could and plodded out into the wreckage of the new world unable to stay where so many memories would haunt him.

    Decades turned into a century, some cruel twist of fate as his body decayed and yet he continued to live. Perhaps he was truly in his own hell. Throughout his life he’s done many things and met many along the way, outliving almost all of them so far, if not by skill, just by determination and luck.
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    That werewolf model is absolutely beautiful. Has anyone ever approached you with an actual werewolf mod for the player?
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    posted a message on (CLOSED) AKAVIR: The Elder Scrolls Minecraft ✧✧ {24/7}{Serious RolePlay}{MMORPG}{Nations}{Dungeons}{Player-Economy}{Land Ownersh
    IGN: Willhellm
    Age: 22

    Why us?: Looks like a well built server, and I’m looking for my next role playing venture. And Egyptian snake men.

    Have you voted for us at Planet Minecraft?: Not as of now. I prefer to know what anything is all about before I vote for it. Although in the likely event that I love what I see, I’ll definitely be voting for it.

    Define Role-Playing in your words: My escape from reality.

    Define Meta-gaming in your words: Using information outside, ill gotten, and found out of context of the game within the game to further your own goals and whims.

    Define Power-gaming in your words: One hit kills, using others characters, not allowing others to exist in your narrative, forcing the hand of others without consent, and other such things. Tl/dr: God Mode

    Name: Sobk Uad
    Nickname: (Optional)
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Race: Tsaesci (Proper Cast)
    Appearance: Sobk stands at 6’1”. His scales gleam darkly in the light, with direct sunlight displaying several colors in the spectrum of light as if they were made of black opal, moving towards his belly they grow lighter and softer, taking on the yellowish white of aged bone. Both his face and cowl are adorned with scars, ritual markings, and piercings of gold, bones, and other such objects (often trophies from kills, a finger bone or talon, signet rings, and crests).
    He wears a pair of lightly armored leather and steel vembraces decorated with an ouroboros on each arm. As well as a pair of shoulder guards connected by leather harnesses that criss-cross his chest and back, hidden beneath a linen collar. His Shotel (Scimitar if need be) lay at his left hip, while various caltrops and throwing weapons lay across the harness like a bandolier. His lower torso is covered with dark linen drapery. Leather greaves and thongs on his shins and feet. Over all of this, Sobk wears a thick black hooded cloak to hide his lineage. As long as no one scrutinizes him for too long, Sobk is able to pass for a dark skinned Argonian.
    Personality: He is very much a hunter, as he is a sadist. Which is hidden barely contained behind his emotionless snake face. While he remains civil within the confines of society Sobk will be among the first to offer death and torture to resolve disputes. One of Sobk’s favorite pastimes is to stalk his prey for hours or even days at a time, toying with them, leaving them “gifts”, psychological warfare tactics. Sobk is extremely proud, and cunning, quick of mind. Preferring the flank to front lines, as he deals with battle, so does he remain aloof in most social situations, though fiercely loyal to a select few.

    In-game RP Fight example: (Include dialog)
    Twilight, the sun waned over the canopies speckling the ground with beams of golden light. Twilight under the trees is serene, crickets chirping to one another, as the local stream babbles to itself. Sounds of heavy breathing and pounding footsteps shatter the silence, as a man sprints for his life through the underbrush. He was running, sweat dripping from his brow and stinging his eyes. Those frantic eyes, searching for everything, anything that could give him an edge – a rusted old blade, a low lying branch, sheer rocks to hide beneath. The man grew tired, it had been a day since he ate, and sleep was little. Stowing behind a tree and stopping to catch his breath, he doubled over coughing. He looked up, wiping the spittle from his mouth and there from the shadows was his pursuer.
    It stood there looming, a silhouette in the waning light. “What? What do you want?!” the man screamed, “You’ve been chasing me for over a day, and to what end?” He swung his arms out and around in a frenzy.
    It cocked its head to one side. “For the hunt, what else?” Drawing a long finely curved blade from its scabbard sternly proclaiming “Now defend yourself!” It stepped into the light, revealing itself as a Tsaesci, and threw another sword to the man’s feet. The Tsaesci began moving closer, blade out to the side, face breaking into a lipless smile.
    With trembling lips and hands the man picked up the sword, pointing it at the Tsaesci. “If someone’s paid you, I’ll meet their price. Please, just let me be!” He began to back away, not daring to take his eyes away from the fiend before him. “I have coin… Horses… Please?” With no response forthcoming, but a murderous glint in its eye the man gave up trying to bargain. He knew his time was up. With a small prayer to Arkay he rushed forward.
    His footing was poor and his grip weak, as the man rushed towards his doom the blade teetered as would a tree upon a windy morn. The Tsaesci sidestepped to the left allowing his quarry to rush by him quickly and stumble. A quick slash at his back and the man grimaced with pain, deep red blood shimmering in the dying light along the edged blade and dripping through his shirt. “Merely a flesh wound, I’ve such wonders to show you before we’ve concluded our game.” But even with the superficial wound the pain was unbearable for the man. He was wealthy, soft, easy pickings. He held himself up using the sword as a prop and spit.
    “No more begging? Don’t want to barter your life back? Hah!” The Tsaesci advanced on him again. “Don’t worry, you’ll still pay me. In blood.” He twirled the shotel in his hand and swung down violently. Back straining and on his knees the other man did what he could to deflect the blow but all he managed to do was direct his own sword into his arm. Warm blood gushed anew, splashing over the both of them as his heart continued to pump. The Tsaesci’s forked tongue flicked out of his mouth, landing on a droplet of blood along top of his snout. His head twitched violently for a brief moment as if a wave of ecstasy washed over him, and closed his eyes. When they opened the Tsaesci finished his gnarly task.

    Background: Sobk was born in the crumbling ruins of the Tsaesci underground, and the hunt has been a part of him since birth. As a child he was caught throwing stones at birds, with a 7:10 hit rate. From there his life took a turn and he wound up in hunting parties learning the ways of the hunt. There he learned the way of the bow and continued to pursue the use of ranged hand to hand with knives hatchets and other such caltrops. When he became old enough Sobk was also trained in the art of the blade where he found his love of the shotel; the way it could reach around shields and side into the weak spots of armor left him enamored.
    As he learned to fight with a blade he also learned of Alchemy, the use poisons became an important function in his life. Everything was thrust upon him at an early age as was with all Tsaesci young, to weed out the weak, allowing the strong to rise.
    Sobk became a part of the raiding parties sent out for food and supplies, where he got the first taste of combat. Strike from the shadows, be quick or be left behind to rot. The later happened, lost assumed dead, dishonored and refusing to return home, Sobk lived off the land. Occasionally he would hear things of a group called the Sons of Sithis, and would marvel at their abilities to kill. He sought them out for years, but one does not find the Sons of Sithis- they find you. Word eventually made it that the majority of his kin have been killed off. With this understanding, knowing that for the most part his kind is viewed with disdain he began to wear heavy cloaks when nearing cities.

    … Oh, and Skooma Kills.
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    posted a message on Pixelmon Legacy! (Serious RP) (Pixelmon) (Whitelist) (Kanto/Johto)
    IGN: Willhellm

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Roleplay Experience: D&D, Warhammer 40k, Black Crusade, Have DM'd, several MC role plays, have played on Gyldorym, Was a mod on Fallout:WNC, previously co-admin on Fallout: Old World Blues.

    Pokemon/Pixelmon Experience: As a child, watched anime daily, have played both Red/Blue, Some experience with Pixelmon have played on Alpine PMMC. Girlfriend is veritable encyclopedia of pokemon knowledge.


    Character Name: Isaac Asimov

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Backstory (please keep it in Kanto/Johto, and be sure your backstory concludes with your character arriving at Pallet Town. Also in no circumstances are you to include characters from the Anime and or Manga in your backstory. Also note that you get one starter pokemon when you join the server, so if you decide to give yourself a party of 6 OP pokemon in your backstory you probably won't be accepted.):

    Growing up in Lavender town, Isaac has a morbid fascination with darker things; death, ghosts, the arcane, and other such things. As a child he would play in the cemeteries and as he grew began to take solace in them with their strange calming peace. He believes that ghost pokemon are truely souls of particularly spirited pokemon, and that death does not part the most powerful of bonds. He spent much of his time with his father who took him camping out often over the long summers, where he learned a majority of the survival skills needed to make it out in the world as a traveling pokemon trainer.

    Forced to stay behind due to family responsibilities until he became of age, Isaac finally united with his charmander Skeksis not long before the catastrophic events. He had gotten lost along rout 17 searching for particular pokemon, unable to find what he searched for, or find the road again. Isaac traveled through the forests, somehow stumbling upon Pallet town. He stayed at the local hotel to regain his strength living once more in some semblance of civilization when catastrophy struck.

    Character Responses: (fill these out in character. These are to test your RP abilities. This is not the biggest decision maker, but can drastically help your application if you are good.)

    You are running as fast as you can to get to the pokemon center, your sick meowth pants heavily in your arms. You know if you do not make it soon the poor thing may not make it. At that moment, you hear a shriek. Turning to your right you see a small girl, overshadowed by a menacing Arbok. You have no pokemon that are fit for battle, but if you don't do something, the child will almost certainly be lunch. You give a worried glance down at your meowth, and then back at the scene unfolding before you.... you have a choice to make, and you have to make it now.

    Dashing through the forests Meowth limp in his arms Isaac heard the terrified scream of a young girl. He stopped for a moment, indecicive of what to do. He looked down to the pokemon in his arms and appologized to it. "You know what I have to do." He took a breath and laid it down. Always carrying a small arrangement of survival tools, a knife and hatchet included he dropped his pack to the dirt beside the meowth. Unsheathing the hatchet from about his waist Isaac looked to the Arbok once more. Knowing no fear, Isaac would lunge towards the Arbok hatchet in hand in his best attempts to decapitate the pokemon.

    You grunt with frustration as you return your beaten and bruised beedrill to its pokeball. How in the world your opponents sandslash is that powerful, you have no idea. You only have two pokemon remaining. Your starter, who is only in it's second form, and your pidgeotto, who has already had a hard day of battles. Who do you go with now?

    First off, Isaac is offended that you assume he own anything in the pidgey family, finding them ugly and much prefers spearow.
    The sandslash stood there, shaking off some debris from the last battle, dirst and sand falling off in clumps from its quills. Staring Isaac down with it's cold black eyes. It was unbearably strong, taking out two pokemon already. Isaac stared back at it, his stare just as icey. "I've yet to use my ace in the hole. Don't get too cocky." He managed to spit out as a hand moved to yet another pokeball, casting out Skeksis, now a Charmeleon.
    "Skeksis, use Mega punch!" His fist slams into the Sandlash who staggers but takes the hit in stride, returning with a swipe into the groud throwing a sandy mixture into the air and into Skeksis' eyes. It screams in pain as his vision is blured.
    "Flamethrower!" As the words escaped his mouth, a gout of red hot flame erupts from Skeksis. Spraying everywhere, sindgeing the fur and skin, but a quick roll of dirt and the Sandslash was fine again. Going in for a slash of its claw. With a direct hit, took Skeksis down.
    "I figured this would happen." Isaac said returning Skeksis. He threw out the last pokeball, a Pidgeotto. Whom with a little arial finesse, finished off the Sandslash.

    The trade being offered to you is more than generous. Not only is what they're offering shiny, but it is the perfect type you need to fill your party out. But... is it really worth your starter? After all you have been through, the countless adventures you have shared, will you forfeit all of that for the perfect team combination? You step up to trade machine, sweaty palms, now is the moment of truth...

    The other trainer was standing there, pokeball ready. Looking at Isaac with almost mouth watering anticipation. Isaac stood there, looking back almost indifferently, mulling it over. "No, this isnt happening. Skeksis' flesh isn't for sale. Only in death will our partnership end." With that, he turned and left.

    sorry that one sucks, just can't do this anymore. tired. Hopefully you got some kind of idea from me though. Just go ahead anad tell me it sucks, and I'll either fix it or cry somewhere alone and never come back x3


    Define Metagaming: using out of context knowledge in game to further your own goals/power/credibility/whatnot

    Define Powergaming: controlling others without consent, honestly I know this stuff, but I've been up since 4am, its currently 1:45am, I'm too tired for this ­ haha.:
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    posted a message on [Launcher] Magic Launcher 1.3.4 (mods, options, profiles, news)
    Love magic Launcher, using it for everything these days. Having a problem today though, attempted to update forge for 1.4.6 for particular mods. It gives me a IOException in red like in this screenshot.
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    posted a message on Celebrity Skins! Gaming Character? Celebs? We Do It All!{OPEN 24/7}~With 10+ Workers your skin is done!~
    I've got one that might be a bit of a challenge, or not. Who knows. Care to give this guy a shot? http://eclecticmass.net/irreverance/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/halfelf-druid.jpg
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] More Player Models
    I did and whenever I loaded it up in game I just get a cape instead of wings.

    Edit: I figured out what I was doing wrong. I had 2 pixels that were astray.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] More Player Models
    Hey I'm a little confused, trying to set up a Dragon character that isn't a dragon. Basically I want the wings and tail, but not the snout, and I can get rid of the snout easy. But the wings/tail go in the same spot it looks like? I've got to be missing something here..
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    posted a message on Pixelmon 8.1.2 (12th Nov 2020)
    By the by, this is amazing. And if there was one reason to have minecraft now, it'd be for this mod right here.
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    posted a message on ::Fallout:Old World Blues:: Spout - Serious RP - Lore - Guns - Factions - and more!

    i hope you will accept me because i the server sounds amazing. and if you want i can write a bit more about the time between when he left the camp and came to the mojave, if it can help me get accepted.

    Sorry its been taking so long, I havn't had time to talk to Broken all weekend, I've been slaving away at my job the whole time. I left him a message, hopefully he'll get to you soon. D:
    Quote from infinitystudiozz

    Source(s): bluestudioes
    Why Us?: becuase the other fallout servers where crap this one sounded good.
    RP Experience:played on other mc RP servers. larped.
    Name: Scott Peirceson
    Appearance: brown hair, green eyes, fairly skinny,wears a special armored vualt-tec hazmat suit.
    Personality: nice, but will kill when ever he needs, try's to help people in need,fairly charismatic.
    Background: -hands you off to broken as well-

    Again, I'm sorry. You haven't been missed. I'm just short on time and whatnot. As I just said I've messaged Broken about things, and hopefully he'll get to you in the very near future.
    Quote from TmynameisT

    Ok, well because its been almost 2 days and no one has asked or said anything about it, Im going to-
    Why is the server down?
    Several reasons really. Like Broken, Phantom, and myself are extremely busy men, Sundays are unavailable for Broken to even get online. And I work 35 hours over the weekend usually. Phantom, I can't speak for, but he's his own life as well to my knowledge he had people over yesterday. That and it is pre release still. Which means it is a beta release and things are subject to changes and downtime and blablabla I'm sure you know the idea behind it. Sundays are usually a hit or miss day and everyone's kinda sorta got that idea by now I had hoped. Sorry for the displeasure.
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    posted a message on ::Fallout:Old World Blues:: Spout - Serious RP - Lore - Guns - Factions - and more!
    Quote from scargod

    Source(s):i justfound it
    Why Us?:i love fallout rpgs and guns
    RP Experience:alot
    Appearance:blonde hair green eyes
    Personality:ready to fight great at stealth
    Background:used to work in the military until the germans bombed the base i fled tryng to find food then the bomb went off i found shelter in time and when i got out i found myself in a strange place............

    you're kidding right?

    ign: christian9977

    source: google

    why us: this server sounds amazing and i have wanted for a long time to play on a rp server

    RP Experience: i have't played on a rp server before because i couldn't find any that looks good. But i have played the elder scrolls, fallout and diablo

    name: chris Howard
    age: 24:
    gender: male
    Appearance: 1.74 m, black hair, brown eyes, Caucasian skin, scar across the left eye which cussed his left eye to go blind, wears a dirty brown leather duster over a harden leather armor.
    personalty: Chris is more of a lone wolf but doesn't have anything against some company he also tends to trust almost anyone he meets on his travels that looks like a nice person but put his hand on the revolver when he spot someone, he's kind most of the time but ain't afraid to kill if he need to

    background: -Old Ghoul eye-

    I'll ask Broken what he thinks of your app, if we come to an agreement, you'll get an answer for it. I'm torn currently.
    Quote from kylre121

    Why Us?:because i love to RP and i love fallout
    RP Experience:I used to play fallout 3 every day and i recently finished fallout new vegas
    Appearance:tall, white, brown hair, blue eyes.
    Personality:mysterious, looks out for others, will do anything to survive
    Background:i dont remember my background at all, all i remember is waking up in vault 7 to my sisters dead body hanging from the ceiling ever since then i've been hunting for whoever killed her.

    Well you've got more of an app to read than that first guy, but it's still laughably short. I'd suggest looking at the application below yours and taking the hint from that. It's what I want to see structurally.
    Quote from lyycann

    IGN: saadie
    Source(s): wild wasteland; wolfie_seekar, as surprising as that might be due to our past.... indifferences....
    Why Us?: I was Ava on the server, but she got caught in cross-fire and I am here to make a new character.
    RP Experience: 10+ years of paragraph roleplay and a couple months of minecraft rp! Plus the time that I spent on the server as Ava.

    Name: Victoria York
    Age: 19
    Gender: Lady
    Appearance: Still rather pale, Victoria is noticeably lighter than most wasters. She has a pretty face with a pair of bright blue eyes, her face is slightly diamond-shaped and surrounded by light blonde hair that she usually tries to keep to her jaw. The tresses are thicky and naturally in loose curls. She wears a vault 91 jumpsuit, a pair of combat boots, and her pipboy 3000.
    Personality: Victoria, in most cases, comes off as a complete ***** at first. In the nicest way possible, she is a feisty young woman. Victoria's always been known to bite off more than she can chew, though there are times where she'd managed to pull back from getting too in over her head. She is fairly materialistic and enjoys spending a good portion of her freetime exploring and scavanging, occasionally stooping down to cat burglary or pickpocketing when she can get away with it. Despite this, she's definitely clever and surprisingly quite intelligent at times. Definitely a 'carpe diem' sort of girl.
    Background: -Sounds like a ***** to me-
    Accepted again. feel free to play Victoria on the server.
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    posted a message on ::Fallout:Old World Blues:: Spout - Serious RP - Lore - Guns - Factions - and more!
    Quote from JRyno

    Not whitelisted D:
    Thats my bad, sorry. I forgot about adding you after the server went up. YOu're listed now.
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    posted a message on ::Fallout:Old World Blues:: Spout - Serious RP - Lore - Guns - Factions - and more!
    Quote from JRyno

    Thank you. I will add some to the backstory. Newly added parts will be red.
    IGN: Naked_Cake
    Source(s): I found it by looking at Zeze's posts seeing what server he is on.
    WhyUs?: I read it and I am squealing at the lore. It looks amazing.
    RP Experience: Several other servers such as The Vault RP and Wild Wasteland

    Name: Kane
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He is wearing much of his old tribal outfit but made it less revealing. Addiding a shirt under it and such. He has a large amount of tattoos.
    Personality: Very respecting, but also very obsessed with power. He has alot of patience for stupidity.

    Background: -trriiiiibals-

    I changed the story a bit. To make more sense to my character. I like this version better to be honest.

    Hey, I hope I can see you on the server if I get accepted :P

    Much better, makes a lot more sense now. Don't go getting overwhelmed in the big city now.
    Quote from qwerty19951999

    If it annoys you THAT much, heres a tiny edit...:
    She vaguely spoke of exploring the Wastes, maybe starting a Caravan. He wished her luck and off she went.
    My apologies. That was pretty much a culmination of hate for every single application that did this. Its been a very long few weeks for me, that decided to get me going. So that being said, I've re-read your application and I'm able to give you actual feedback. Again, I apologize for the mini rant before.

    Okay so how long have they lived away from the hustle and horrible that is freeside? The Plants and the VRE are a relatively new situation, only occurring maybe a year or two ago. Possibly earlier even than that. And how old are his sisters opposed to him, and the event of his mother dying? Because by that point, she wouldn't really have to be taking care of them. That being said, sound's like your guy has a shitty life.
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    posted a message on ::Fallout:Old World Blues:: Spout - Serious RP - Lore - Guns - Factions - and more!
    Quote from JamesLBarnes

    IGN: nnnooosssooo
    Source(s): myself
    Why Us?: Because.
    RP Experience: Alot.
    Name: Syruse Pontiac.
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male.
    Appearance: He's tall, Relatively skinny. He has small eyes long legs. When he looks at you rather then looking at you he stares at your eyes, as if trying to figure out what sort of person you are, are you a threat? Or maybe an aid? This all gives him a rather un-nerving build.
    Personality: He has a very short temperament, He's smart however, smart enough to quickly climb the ranks of Caesars legion and gain the trust of several officers, He's constantly looking for oppurtunities he is willing to do whatever it takes tp accomplish his own goals. He personally is responsible for the death of hundreds. Soldiers, innocents, slaves, It's all the same to him.
    Background: Syruse's father was a member of one of the first tribes Caesar conquered his father quickly rose to the rank of Centurian, after which taking several slaves as his wives. His father had several sons Syruse being the eldest, and i his eyes the most likely to succeed. At a young age Syruse was noted to have a much greater Cranial ability then most young Legionaires, this quickly attracted the attention of the man known as "Vulpes Inculta" Which lead to him being inducted into the Frumenatarii at the age of 18.
    With the Frumentarii Syruse learnt alot, Eventually aiding in the usurpation of several large tribes. He is extremely Loyal to the legion, in his eyes, all others were filthy savages. He has accumulated some renown within the legion, he hopes now to aid in the conquest in New Vegas, and eventually, the entire New Californian Republic.
    Not accepting nor denying right now. Going to consult with Broken before I do.
    Quote from JRyno

    IGN: Naked_Cake
    Source(s): I found it by looking at Zeze's posts seeing what server he is on.
    WhyUs?: I read it and I am squealing at the lore. It looks amazing.
    RP Experience: Several other servers such as The Vault RP and Wild Wasteland

    Name: Kane
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He is wearing much of his old tribal outfit but made it less revealing. Addiding a shirt under it and such. He has a large amount of tattoos.
    Personality: Very respecting, but also very obsessed with power. He has alot of patience for stupidity.

    Background: Kane lived in Utah, in a large bustling town known as the Red Valley Settlement, but most travelers, traders, and mormon missionaries called it RVT. It was run by an insane man known has Joel. He was awful. Causing wars and such. Apart from the leader the town was great, except most people avoided it after they have heard of Joel, causing a decline in trade. Some people visited, but it was usually people seeing if the town was real.
    A large clan known as the Gunderson Clan formed a rebellian to overthrow Joel. The rebellian has taken over half the town before Kane noticed a dip in fighters and rebels.. he would find his friends dead in the streets and the guards are being highly suspicious. Several murder attempts later Kane gathered his friends in his home (the body of a crashed airplane) and they all agreed to split up and leave in a different direction. Kane unwittingly wound up in the Mojave, and started another chapter of his life there. He would soon get involved with the massive amounts of politics and the growing tension there.

    I'd like more from this. It has potential.
    Quote from qwerty19951999

    IGN: qwerty19951999.
    Source(s): Zeze's post.
    Why us?: I love Fallout. And Minecraft.
    RP Experience: Fallout: Wild Wasteland, WNC, And a small bit of Vault RP a while ago.

    Name: Alex Mason.
    Age: 27.
    Gender: Male.
    Appearance: Average sized man, not much muscle. Pale face, leather armor. (Leather armor skin) Blue eyes.
    Personality: Witty and Intelligent. Doesnt speak unless he has to. Prefers putting up a fight rather then giving up, Kind.
    Back-round: Born in the Mojave, Alex never had it easy, fighting mutants by day, protecting his family by night. He had a ***** mother, who took care of him when he was younger, and his dad had just left him, never even trying to help. When he was older, his mother had 2 sisters, who were called Alexia (After Alex) and the other Trish. Soon after that she was kicked out of the casino for getting in a fight with one of the chairmen, she went to live in Freeside with her children.
    Once she saw the plants, though, she left and moved to a shack near Hoover Dam. She was, by then, too old to take care of 3 children on her own, and so Alex helped her, looking for food by day, protecting the shack from Raiders by night. He only got 3 hours sleep every day, and so was tired most of the time. But after a 2 months of peace, his mother died of a heart attack, and Trish, not being able to handle nearly anything, jumped off of Hoover Dam. Alexia decided soon after that it was best to leave, only speaking vaguely of a place called The Capitol Wasteland. Alex tried to stop her, but knew he couldent change her life as much as he could change his. After, he destroyed the shack, hoping to leave his past behind him...

    You know what my biggest pet peeve is when it comes to applications and back stories for the server? The Capital wasteland. How do they know about it? There is no contact with it. Especially the name, for the most part if someone was going to reference the east coast, they'd probably just say "Washington D.C." or "Pennsylvania" or any other state/city/territory/whatsithaveyou. Because as far as about 99% of the mojave and the west coast knows, the east coast doesn't exist anymore.

    Quote from no_name_bob

    IGN: no_name_bob
    Source(s): This AWESOME forum thread
    Why Us?: I was looking for a unique server that didn't go crazy with permissions and has an RPG feel. I just scrolled along the servers list and one qord caught my eye, Spout, I am a very big fan of spout and a public server that used it seemed very fun, I hope very much my application gets accepted.
    RP Experience: I've played a few RPG jail servers before and one fantasy RPG server, thts just in minecraft though, I do play Dungeons and Dragons as well as some other RPG games.

    Name: James
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Brown Hair, extremly large bright blue eyes, very tall, always wears a dark jacket and is not usualy seen with people.
    Personality: Sad, intelligent Seclusive, Angry at the life he lives, hates killing but must more often then not,can handle himself in a fight, and knows lots of stuff about randpm things.
    Background: James woke up in a dark room with no memory of who he is. All he can remember from his formal life is a fuzzy face that says onw word, freedom. As he looks around he see's he is in a jail cell in some sort of undergriund lair. Thats all he can see, he wishes that somehow it was broghter of he could see more, suddenly everything flashes and he can see perfectly, he is a mutant, days past and James gets more and more frustrated, he seems to have little need for food or hunger, one day, in a fit of anger, he punches a wall, when the dust cleared, the wall was no more, using his newfound super streagth he starts to dig away at the dirt behind the wall, after several more days he reaches the surface, in the middle of some sort of crowded place, he hears someone scream, "MUTANT" and people begin to open fire of him, he is hardly damgs at all but is forced to kill the people to escape, now he roams the land searching for who he was before the dungeon, he has very few people he can trust on account of him being a mutant, he will not stop unti he finds out who he is.

    WAT? I'm sorry, how much fallout knowledge do you have? And do you have a spell check that you can use? It helps for formalities like this. You seem to be alluding to a super mutant, but I feel like it doesn't work that way. What caused his mutation, things like that, and not all mutants are evil in the mojave, they're moderately tolerated as well.
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