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    Quote from Cuchaz»

    Maybe make it in Java?

    As much as I love Python, it's not standard on Windows. For every Minecraft player, you can guarantee they have a recent version of Java. The same can't be said about Python. I think that's a pretty compelling reason to make every Minecraft tool ever in Java. Plus, python-java interop is a huge pain in the ass. Sure, things like jython and jpype exist, but there's no reason to go that route if you just write it in Java instead.

    On the other hand, kudos for trying to start a package manager system!

    You should talk to theMultiMC guys. They are working on one too, last I heard.

    .py files can be packaged into standalone applications though, so you don't need it installed. Also, there isn't any (and probably won't be any) java-python interop. However, most people on here are mainly java people... It will, though, be (hopefully) very independent from MC itself, so no need for java, and I want small file sizes.

    Also: omg the creator of tall worlds said kudos to me
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    I'm just throwing an idea out here: what if we had something like the CKAN, but for mc? Modders can add their mod info to the database, and the program takes care of everything, installing mods, keeping everything up to date, preventing you from installing incompatible mods, and installing forge/liteloader/whatever when needed. And it would all be on github/bitbucket. If your favourite mod isn't on there, then you either install it yourself, or add it yourself. If a mod has a special installation process, then the mod author just writes a few rules of which files go where in a .json, and it works. Then, mod installing becomes so much easier, and barely anyone googles for mods and downloads them from bad sites anymore.

    Of course, this is the best case scenario.

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