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    posted a message on WildSurf SMP Raiding & Griefing {1.16.5}

    Server address: my.wildsurf.net

    {Always latest version}

    Discord: https://discord.gg/u4gJ8WPmk4


    Rules: Don't hack, Don’t Swear

    We're vanilla SMP with some features:

    • Balanced economy
    • Set a home with /sethome
    • Use /tpa to teleport to someone
    • Item and Block shops
    • Custom Casino
    • Voting rewards – Diamond Block, key for a crate and $7000

    We support raiding and griefing because that's half the fun!

    -No chest protections

    -No player block protection

    Have you stumbled on someone's base? Grief it !

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    posted a message on ip: my.wildsurf.net Survival server / never reset

    ip: my.wildsurf.net Is a vanilla survival server with helpful commands (/home,/tpa). We have protected spawn and Community Events. LASTLY, WE NEVER EVER RESET

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