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    *punches catus* i thought that was suposed to hurt me, I'm invincible!!!

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    Well to me redstone is great, has LOADS of potenctions and has the ability to keep amazining us. now it's not that i don't use them, it's just that there is not enought uses. i find myself mining around because i my head i just say: well my inventory is small, i have 2 chest worth of redstone and i'm doing absolutly nothing with it so, chuck it out. i rather use my space up on coal! now when it gets to that you need to change something up.i think there are many ideas that may help us out.

    my first idea is simple

    Redstone Block

    you will have more then enought space like these. with every 9 64 slots you have, you have 1! All you guys at Monjag have to do is make it craftable and for the design just rip off either the lapiz lupzi block or a normal iron block but recolored in red.


    now the rest of my ideas are a little differnt and mostly just for fun. these arent needed but will be nice and add some more uses to the stone because people who don't do circuits get fill with this stuff and don't use it. so here are some ideas.

    Redstone Sword

    You will now have the ability to make a redstone sword. now i know this is highly unlikly, and might be crazy overpowered but it might be cool. with the redstone sword you are now able to hit a mob like normal but when you crit (which is really likly, you should tone it down for this sword) you will shock your enemy and throw him flying like if you sprint hitted him. the sword will have a base damage of 2, like a wood sword but when it crits, 5 hp and it will sent the mob fling and on top of that shocked 2-5 seconds (will take .5 HP per second(s)). now this make this sword EXTREMLY overpowered, so let make it so it's only used at dangerouse situations. it will be exatly 75 uses, it take 2 uses everytime it crits. now i know with swords there is already a Mouse 2 function but this one is special. It will take 2 uses (much like the crit) but instead it will electify the enemy on your crosshair. it will be only a 2 second electificaton, extremly useless but it can be helpful when your fighting a long range like target. it does have a 15 block limit but it can travel thought trasperent blocks such as glass, fence, stairs, water, ect.

    Redstone Armor

    Aww yes, cliche everyone is talking about. well i do intend to switch it up a bit thought. it will be very much useless, but it's armor. it'll last the amount chainmail armor would but it has catches. when wairing full armor, you will change all redstone cirtuits on if they are off or off if they are on. but you will lose your armor if you hit water or lava. it'll just wash away and turn to dust. also redstone armor has the ability to charge, seeing as you cant have (underwater) breath bubbles it will replace that part of your HUD and turn into little lightning bolts. you can charge it by staning on a presure plate surrounded by redstone (only on the 4 sides, not the corners) and having repeaters on the end of each dust trail (only has to be 1 dust long, more is optional, limit is 3) and then standing as it charges. it take 1 second per .5 thunder bolt to rise. when your suit is charged you can have:

    -limited flying (until it ends, so i suggest being close to the ground)
    -high crit chances (would change to more like a 75% chance)
    -Faster sprint (which would add to the sprint jump just .5 block lenght)
    -no falling damage (when falling you will have the redstone ore effect and be falling a lower speed)
    -and finally no hunger consuption rate (consumed food will be reset to a full block so no .5, and in such situation will decrease rather then increase)

    now your electricity can fly away pretty quickly so it'll be best if you bring the stuff you need or set electicity charging fields around your worlds. it will consume .5 for every 5 seconds when not consumed and 1 every second it is consumed. it is considered consumed when: your flying, hitting, sprinting, or falling. this is good in combination with the redstone sword, considering that a charged redstone gear and a sword would make a deadly combination.

    Redstone Ingots

    Now all this stuff is much too easy to craft, specially with all this damn dust falling from 1 ore and all this stuff is really nifty so making it should be more expensive. now if all these ideas do come to life it would be great to have Ingots. the way redstone ingots are made however maybe a long process. first craft the redstone to a block, then take the blocks and make a checker board pattern, with stone. you will then have a ore that can be smelted to a ingot:

    (just imagine the apple is a redstone dust, and a red wool would be the block)

    Making a block:

    :-( ): :-( ): :-( ):
    :-( ): :-( ): :-( ):
    :-( ): :-( ): :-( ):

    Now making the Ore:

    :cobblestone: :Red: :cobblestone:
    :Red: :cobblestone: :Red:
    :cobblestone: :Red: :cobblestone:

    Finally making a Ingot:

    :Furnace: > :VV: = :iapprove: Ingot!!

    This way these over powered tools are only made when nessesary or when you have enought redstone to waste.

    My Last redstone related idea is:


    Prob the best idea since adding zombies to the game. flares would work kinda like both a torch and a weapon. a flare can be used by hitting in hand like a sword but instead would light enemies on fire. it is dangerous though, you might burn yourself, ALWAYS BE CARFULL WITH FLARES. it has a extremly limited uses of 10. but it can make a farly useful item when in the middle of a fight. flares can also be put on the ground (once again, 10 burn/uses only) and as soon as an enemy walks into it, they burn up. when an enemy is lite on fire it will last till their death (unless it's a player or if they land on water). it is extemly dangerous to use near anything flamable or next to you as you might lite yourself on fire. it is crafted using redstone as such: (once again apple for Rs dust)

    :: :-( ): ::
    :: :-( ): ::
    :: :-( ): ::

    now my last idea has nothing to do with redstone but more with the space problem:


    It's probably the life saver of every adventurer! it'll be made of leather and will add 18 additionally inventory spaces. you inventory will work with a scrolling bar like a webpage, you are only allowed to amplify your bag space 4 times (thats 72 slots, 3 times more then your regular 36 slots!) althought this sound a bit redundent you can make it so it's more balenced notch. when you start out, all your inventory could be the 9 bars you have at the start, then after you get your first bag (if you do this, make the bag limmit 6) you will get your first 18 slots. making you EARN your inventory space. all existing minecrafts will just already have these first 2 bags added and their limit will be 4. it would be crafted like so:

    (pretend the Chest armor is a peice of leather)

    :LA: :: :LA:
    :LA: :chestfront: :LA:
    :LA: :: :LA:
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