About Me

The official wiki manager of the Betweenlands mod.

The evil of the Nether did not corrupt my soul...entirely.

Before the horror began to sweep through the land, I was one of the scholars of my people, dedicating my time greatly to the discovery of new information and the exploration of history. But hardly had I heard of a true realm of chaos, much less of one that could be turned to good. I believed that Revil o' Elcanrab and his followers were wasting their time trying to find it. All of us were undoubtedly power-hungry, I cannot deny, but I believed one could find power without going off of superstitious tales of different dimensions.

My beliefs failed me. Before I could realize it, I found the land darkening, its plants rotting and mutating, my people being transformed into wispy shadows of their former selves. I tried to run, but there was no outrunning evil. But as I felt it seep into my soul, my mind, I felt it struggle. With all of the knowledge built around me, my mind was resilient to its damage. Instead, my knowledge seemed to have altered its very nature, changing the colors it displayed in my transformation and causing it to remain dormant and inactive within me. With that, it failed to overpower my mind, a gift of sorts - but as I see it, it is more of a burden.

Now, I walk what is known as the 'Betweenlands' in shame and misery. Knowing what has come, what is in the present, and perhaps a glimpse of the future, my pitiful existence is more painful than that of my now twisted brothers, who continue to live on oblivious of their true existence, seething only with anger. I weep, just like them, but not of hatred. I weep because of them, because all hope of destroying evil has been lost.

I am the Wight of Shadows. What brave soul now enters this dimension and dares confront me, the keeper of knowledge?

IRL: I used to lurk in the shadows of the Minecraft community back in good ol' 2011. Many other things have touched me, and although I have somewhat lost interest in the game it will always hold a place in my heart for really changing my life.


Terraria is a cool game that should not be compared to Minecraft or vice versa. Also, for those that think the game is a ripoff, you might be surprised.

The Betweenlands mod. Seriously, check it out. I used to check every day back in 2012/13 on the previous version of this mod for updates. Now that it's been revived I am more than happy to support it once again.

Firestar was a noble cat.